hey guys this is rainbowdash12345 and wanted to say i don't own Percy Jackson or Maximum Ride.

I sat there staring blankly at the door of the crate. I remember how I got there but not where it is. I had been on a date with Annabeth and it had been fine and dandy until these wolf like people had attacked us and stuffed me in a sack. Oh I'm to far ahead of my self but I'm Percy Jackson and I have been at the school for about two days and they are thinking about grafting DNA into me already. The only successful experiments were the flock which is a group of mutants who have wings. but right now I have restraints on my wrists that keep me from moving. But it was still a dreadful day since this would be the day that I would be DNA testing to see what the want to do. the whitecoat came in and began to roll me out of the room.

I found out quickly that it was going to be a whole lot of pain for me. I saw a tray with 12 different syringes on it. The doctor came in and immediately put in one of them. I passed out in a matter of seconds. ...time lapse...3 hours later...

I woke up with a massive headache and a itchy back which wouldn't stop itching and was driving me insane because I couldn't reach it in my situation and was getting very aggravated with it. I know what would make me happy. Some if my mom's chocolate chip cookies,straight from the oven. All warm and gooey on the inside with a scoop of blueberry ice cream on top. And a bunch of blueberry syrup... sorry way off topic there but really that's what I was craving right then. But anyways I looked up ans could see feathers stuck to my back and that was about it. I was about to lay back when my butt started twitching. " what in the world!?"