The monsters come out of nowhere, seeming to be creating a division of hellhounds in front and dracenas I in the back .

The bird kids and Quinn, Luna, and I made a run for it.

That's when Quinn told us to link hands and say where we want to go. When we did link hands I yelled, " camp half blood!"


$& 58/#:&(: (_: (_:#/;

We all ended up in a strawberry patch. Demigods scrambled back in fright.

When they saw it was me they came up yelling Percy! But this frightened the bird kids and their wings popped out in a flurry of feathers.

Nice job blowing our cover.

Then I realized that they had gotten across the border and they were demigods .

The signs of their claim started then. Quinn being a daughter of Iris,whose cabin cheered loudly at the sight of her hair.

Jesper and Jack ended up being twins of Hermes, when Trent and Dillon went over, prepared to steal, Jesper opened her jacket to reveal several gold watches,cellphones,and iPods. They backed up from her slowly.

Luna was claimed by Hades, which was a shock, and Evvie was claimed by Poseidon.

Then there was a a scream/yell, of ,"Percy!" I turned around to see my girlfriend running toward me and I embraced her in a hug. "I thought you were dead." She said sadly. Line break...4 hours later...

We were at dinner and everyone was at their respective tables. I worried about being away from the twins to long. But I looked over to see them talking to the Hermes cabin about which pair of twins were cooler.

Evvie was silent as usual. she was quiet for a long time until finally she asked me, " where's our cabin? " " it's the one with a three on it." She stood up and left.