It is 01.30 AM and I heard him opening our bedroom door. His tall, weary frame stumbled through the threshold. He smelled of some expensive wine. With my half closed lid I saw him opening his shirt and placing his cell phone on the table. His drunken feet approached me and I shut my eyes tightly. I could feel him looking at my fake sleeping form. Then he was gone. I did not open my eyes but I heard the bed creak and felt him sliding up the bed and lie down at the farthest side of the king size bed. When I heard him snoring, I opened my eyes. The mirror opposite our bed reflected my worn out face, which I had started to hate. My cold and dry eyes caught and held my attention. I looked into my own eyes, in a vain effort to search myself and regain my identity.

We no more fight. I had ceased to shout at him. He stopped giving excuses. Now we lived in peace. A cold, silent peace representing mutual avoidance. There is no mutual understanding. We lived like two strangers chained together.

Once we loved each other madly. Even blindly. We got married, when I was just 18 and he, 24. But our Love was like the Rose plant, when winter came the Roses died, keeping the thorns behind. Now the only love we have in our hearts was for our only 15-year-old daughter, Reneesme.

Though the winter had passed long ago but the spring never came. Edward and I were living in a void.