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Two years back, things were not going smoothly between us. We were walking on a rough road. Financial crisis and work stress was taking a toll on our relationship. With every passing day Edward seemed to drift apart from me and I had a hunch that money was not the main reason behind this.

People say that all couples go through mid-life crisis and during this time only, one understands the strength of their love. But we were only married for 15 years and I was barely 33. Seems mid-life had settled early.

Lack of communication was the main problem we were facing; then again lack of communication is the main reason behind every problem. Edward did not have even a second for me. From last few months, his answers to all my questions were curt. I knew he was going through a financial problem but he was not alone in that. Everyone in the family was having a tough time, developing the family business. But Jasper never lashed out at Alice because of that. If I be honest Edward had not lashed out me either. He was just brisk with me.

One day when I asked him about the current situation of his company he replied in a cold voice, "Nothing you need to know or worry about dear."

Even his word of endearment was cold and dead.

Rosalie (Edward's step sister), Edward and Alice were business partners. They together ran C.C.P.L. (Cullen Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.)

I cornered Alice and asked about the problem . She informed me that their currently launched Skin rejuvenating cream "Forever Young", failed miserably. That was the reason behind all his worries.

She also suggested throwing a party to cheer Edward up.

"Is not your anniversary next month?" Alice asked me over phone.


"Well, I have a brilliant plan to cheer you both up. You should throw a party." She said enthusiastically.

"You know Alice I am not a party person." I really didn't believe a party would cheer him up.

"Trust me, a little fun is what you both need. You need to show him how much you care and love him."

Why should I always show that? What was the need of showing? Could not he see how much I truly care for him? And how throwing a surprise party would make him appreciate me all of a sudden?

Alice broke my internal monologue, "It is your 15th anniversary. Surely you should celebrate…" She went on and on. After a lot of coxing from her side, I said, "Okay, okay, fine. We will celebrate and you can start your arrangement for the party… Sure I will keep my mouth shut about the party. I know, I know it will be a surprise." When I disconnected the phone, my lips stretched into a smile and a bit of hope swelled in me. Alice's enthusiasm always made me optimistic. May be celebrating the best day of our life together would bridge the developing gap between us. But, little did I know.