Paul Pov.

I walked into a room full of laughter. A young man was sleeping on his desk, drool sliding down the corner of his mouth. Some other students were attempting to have a competition of how many pencils one could put in their nose. The ultimate persona of mature. I started taking steps closer to see if I could stop the non-sense taking place in my classroom. Once I took a closer look, I noticed Percy was the sleeping figure. He was struggling in his sleep with tears coming out of his eyes, and looking like he was about to explode. He was mumbling, "NO LUKE! STOP!" and "ANNABETH, NO!" Slipping into the chair next to him, I shook his shoulder, attempting to awake him from his fitful slumber. He didn't stir. Damn it! Concentrating in this room is like an act of congress. I need to call Annabeth. She is the only one who can wake him at a time like this. it should be safe to call her cell-phone, because she should be perfectly safe in camp. Thank gods she's coming to school here soon. Someone can help needs to help keep an eye on Percy.

"Students! Please sit down in your assigned seats!" I call out to the class. "Turn your text-books to page 429 and read the poem. Then, continue on to answering the questions on the worksheets you all should have picked up at the beginning of class." After a ton of grumbling, a few moving to the front to retrieve the said papers, the class managed to calm down.

I quickly walk out of the room to call Annabeth. "Hello?" I hear a female voice on the other end. There was a ton of banging sounds in the back-ground. "Hey Annabeth? We have a kind of code one emergency happening over her at Goode. Can you hurry over here?" From the other end there were a couple of panicky gasps, as if she was leaving a very crucial situation.

"Coming! I'm going to grab Blackjack. I'll be there in about 10 minutes." With that she hung up.

About five minutes later she walked into my classroom. All of the students shifted in their seats, staring at the 'strange new-comer'. Immediately she went to Percy, whose face was beaded with sweat. She started mumbling in Percy's ear and rubbing his back gently. His face relaxed into a more comfortable position. Suddenly, his face cringed. He woke up suddenly, and pulled his special pen-sword thing out of his pocket. He uncapped it with a startled appearance.

Percy Pov.

I was having the worst dream yet. Grover, Annabeth, and I were in the throne room in Olympus. I saw myself handing Luke the knife that was supposed to be his downfall, but there were significant detail changes. Once he got the knife in his grip, he began furiously puncturing himself in his gut, blood pouring from his puncture wounds, despite the curse of Achilles."NO LUKE! STOP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I don't want the image replaying in my head, over and over again. Then the world dissolved like glittery stars. The dream shifted and Annabeth was standing back to back with me fighting off monsters, on the bridge with Kronos. Ethan Nakamura came down with his poisonous blade, and instead of just injuring arm, he stabbed Annabeth right in the chest. "ANNABETH, NO!" She fell to the ground, shivering despite the warmth of the afternoon. Lying with her limbs sprawling, she whispered, so soft I can barely hear her, "Leave me, I can see the gates of Hades." She smiles, and then goes limp in my arms; her pale face smiling at me-mocking me.

I never got to tell her how I feel. I couldn't save her. The world shifted once again. I was in a dark pit with Annabeth. A.K.A Tartarus. There were monsters all around us, closing in faster than I wished. I've slayed most of these monsters before. Killing them was now coming back to haunt me. Annabeth, who had a broken ankle, was attacked first. She went down as fast as lightning. I could picture her scream, and it filled me with horror. A solid weight slammed into my side, I felt the life drain out of me. I could see the bright light, just like in the movies, and the way people dreamt about their final passing.

That's when it hit me. It's all just a dream. Annabeth's alive and I am too. Temporary joy filled me, but that doesn't mean I wasn't startled when I discovered someone was touching the small of my back, and the former place of my Achilles Heel. It turns out it was Annabeth. She was staring at me with sympathy, not some monster that wanted my organs in a display case. I kissed her not thinking about where I was, relieved it was all just a dream. Passion filled me and I never wanted to separate from her again, just like I knew when we fell into that pit of hell together. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and hers ended up around my neck. A bomb could've dropped, and we wouldn't have known a thing. Paul cleared his throat, with noticeable tension and awkwardness. We stopped and both of our faces blushed, tomatoes practically forming on our faces. I was beginning to think about the class staring at Annabeth and I. "Hey, um, Paul. Do you mind if we step into the hall for a second?" I grabbed Annabeth's hand, and tugging her towards the door without waiting for approval.

Wrapping her in a bone snapping embrace, I whispered, stuttering, "I-I had a dream where you got hurt. I couldn't stand it." My eyes were beginning to get warm, and liquids pooling into the corners of my eyes. I looked at Paul through the door window, asking the silent question of whether or not she could stay. He nodded, and after class, Annabeth and I gripped each other's hands, and walked towards the principle's office to ask if she can shadow for the day.