The call came well into the early hours of the morning and although she wasn't asleep she took a while to answer it. The news she got from the caller left her frozen and in shock. Martin Deeks had been involved in an accident and was being taken to the hospital. It took the caller repeating her name multiple times after she was told this before she gathered her wits and asked which hospital he was being transferred to.

Kensi sped through the deserted streets on her way to the hospital, her mind spining with 'what ifs'. She was sure the caller told her what had happened but for the life of her she couldn't remember any thing that was said.

When she got to the nurses station, less than 15 minutes later, she was given forms to fill out even as she demanded answers. When she finally calmed down a bit after being reassured that everything was being done for Deeks, she became aware of what she held in her hand and with that realization came the face of Hetty.

Hetty was called and everything that Kensi could remember was relayed. Hetty promised to be there soon and to round up the team. Hetty arrived to find Kensi permanently imprinting her footprints in the waiting room's floor. She observed her agent for a while before making her presence known.

Kensi spun around to see Hetty standing about 3feet away from her. She opened her mouth to questioned Hetty but was stopped by the operations manager's words.

"Mr. Deeks has been taken up to be x-rayed and then possibly to surgery. It appears he was propelled into the air at a high velocity and hit his head when he landed, resulting in possibly a concussion or maybe even bleeding in the brain."

Kensi listened to everything hetty said but her mind was only processing one statement, 'propelled into the air at a high velocity'. If he was 'propelled into the air' then he wasn't in his car.

"He wasn't in his car," she muttered.

"It appears our Mr. Deeks was assisting a young lady with her groceries and young child as she crossed the street. The children had fallen behind and Mr. Deeks was returning for him when a speeding car suddenly appeared. It seems that he only had time to prevent one of them from being struck," stated Hetty.

"He pushed the kid out of the road," Kensi stated before asking, "what happened to the kid?"

"He's being checked out now by a doctor, he should be out soon as they don't believe he was struck only bruised a bit from being pushed."

Kensi nodded, her mind comtemplating what Deeks had done and the things she had said to him. She was jerked out of her thoughts by a small voice on her left saying a particular name.

"Is Marty going to be okay, mommy?"

Kensi looked at the little boy with mismatched eyes and realized that it was most likely the child her partner had saved. Her eyes then went to the mother who was gazing down at the child trying to find the best way to answer. Before his mother could answer, the boy spotted Hetty and ran towards her.

"Excuse me, miss, Is Marty going to be okay?"

"I'm sure the doctors are going to do everything they can to make sure Mr. Deeks is going to be okay," Hetty replied though her words were for Kensi as much as for the little boy.

The little boy screwed up his face, "who's Mr. Deeks?" He asked.

Kensi chuckled while Hetty and the boy's mother smiled. "Marty and are the same person, Brandon" his mother told him.

"Oh," Brandon replied before his eyes became fixed on Kensi. He peered at her curiously then stated, "you have eyes just like mine." After a brief pause he continued, "are you Kensi?"

Kensi stared blankly at Brandon for a heartbeat then answered, "Yes, I am."

"Marty told me that you were partners and maybe best friends. I have a best friend too, his name is Charlie and I have a dog too. His name is Max, Marty said he had a dog also but I can't remember the name."

"Monty," supplied Kensi.

"Yeah, Monty," but before he could go on another rant his mother intervened.

"Brandon, leave the lady alone!"

Kensi found herself saying that it was okay and soon found her self in conversation with Brandon who reminded her of Deeks in miniature form.

Although my original plan was to allow you the readers to put your own twist on the ending of the 1st chapter, I am glad them many of you persuaded me to continue. I hope that I write will live up to your expectations. :)

P.S It was never my intention to offend anyone with the portrayal of Kensi in the 1st chapter. If you are of the opinion that I portrayed her unfairly or psychotic or whatever, your entitled to your opinion. I will however admit that she was extremely emotionally affected by 'something'