"Fern!" came Deeks' groan just as she fired off a shot at the lunging junior agent.

Kensi instantly spun towards the sound of her partner's voice. "Deeks," she said in relief.

Deeks held Kensi's eyes for a few moments, his eyes unreadable even to his partner, before he turned his gaze towards the other occupants in the room. He skimmed over the doctors before going to Callen and Sam, his gaze immediately diverted back towards the doctors when he noticed they were being held at gunpoint. A groan coming from the ground drew his attention and he looked down to see the writhing junior doctor who Kensi had just shot. His gaze flicked back to Kensi before he greeted the others in the room.

"Sam. Callen. Killer-Doctors Inc."

"We are not killers," came the indignant reply of one of the doctors. "If they are any killers in here it's your fellow thug friends," he continued cautiously gesturing towards the agents in the room.

"Thugs? We aren't the ones trying to commit crimes against my partner and I," was Kensi's mockingly indignant reply.

"We aren't the ones pointing guns."

"Okay, okay. Thugs and Killer-Doctors," Deeks croaked before LAPD burst onto the scene.

"Thank God you're here," began Dr. John before he was cut off by the LAPD guns also being trained at them.

Lieutenant Gaskin enters assessing the situation, his eyes falling on the bed's occupant who is apparently at the centre of the effected standoff in the room.



"What seems to be the problem?" he asks to the room at large.

"These thugs pointed guns at us when we came to check on the patient," was Dr. John's reply.

"Thugs, huh?" the lieutenant asks before glancing at Callen. He wasn't interested in crashing an NCIS undercover operation. Receiving a subtle shake of the head from the mysterious G. Callen which was accompanied by a snort from the bed, the lieutenant continued this time addressing the still silent NCIS leader. "How do you want to handle this?"

"We'd like to press charges," stated Dr. John whose vocal cords were apparently returning.

This response earned another snort, this time from Kensi and a smirk from Callen, who finally decided to speak. "Cuff them and we'll take it from there."

An incredulous burst of laughter came from across the room. "Cuff us? Who the hell do you thin you are ordering LAPD to arrest us?"

"We are the keepers of the law. You know, the guys who catch the bad guys and put them in jail," Sam replied.

"The keepers of which law, certainly not that of this country."

"Oh, where are our manners?" Deeks semi-croaked with a smirk, "allow us to introduce ourselves." He paused to take sip of the water which Kensi handed him. "I'm . . .who am I ?" he asked Kensi.

Kensi shook her head before answering with a smirk. "You're still you."

"I'm Detective Marty Deeks. This is Special Agent Sam Hanna, his partner Senior Special Agent G. Callen and my partner, Junior Special Agent Kensi Blye," Deeks introduced indicating each person.

The doctors began sputtering after Deeks had finished his introductions.

"Oh, this is Lieutenant Gaskin and those are members of the LAPD," Deeks continued gesturing towards the others in the room as they moved to cuff the doctors, the one who had been shot grunting in pain, before they were led out.

After the doctor's had been led out and the guns holstered, Kensi, Sam and Callen turned to Deeks.

"Welcome back," Callen said

"Good to be back even if it was a little bit over the top,"

"When have you ever done anything that wasn't over top, Shaggy,"

"I'm a very low-key person unlike Kiki over here who shot a doctor." There was a slight pause before he continued, "why exactly were you pointing guns at the KDs?"


"Yea, Killer-Doctors but that is too much to keep saying."

Kensi shook her head at her partner before telling what had happen. When she was finished theories began bouncing around the room with the most outrageous ones being from Deeks. By the time Deeks had been examined by Hetty's neurologist and other doctor who had been screened and closely monitored Sam and Callen's departure Deeks was getting tired although he was fighting it.

His gaze landed on Kensi whose eyes were continually landing on him and then skittering away. He knew she was worriedly over thinking something which had to do with him, maybe about the same thing that was currently plaguing his thoughts. He wanted to talk to her but he wasn't sure this was the time to approach her. He wasn't even sure how he felt towards her at the moment or what he wanted to say. So he shut his eyes and let sleep take over him as she sat in the chair her eyes roaming his form and skittering away.