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At last, peace and quiet. Tsukune is glad the conflict was finally over and they had spent a few days goofing off after saving Sun and Marin. The stress of his training and his being unable to meet inner Moka's expectations had nearly gotten to him to the point where he would quit, so he was grateful for the downtime. But now everything felt different, better. Still, not being able to sleep, he puts his clothes back on and goes for a stroll to sooth his mind. To his surprise, Moka is there as well.

"Ahh, you couldn't sleep either Moka-san? Is something wrong?", he gently asks her.

"Tsukune.. I.. am glad we came here. First I was kidnapped by the Yakuza, then the issues with Marin-san's Inn about to close and such, it's taught me a lot about how hard it is for an ayashi to live in the human world..." - As she explains, he's about to start feeling crestfallen at the realization, but he stops when he sees her warm expression, the light blush on her face as her voice gains that same warmth, "...seeing Sun-sempai and Marin-san in such joy, that's blown everything else away."

Moka carries on about the warm feelings in her heart, and Tsukune is content to just listen to her voice. He loves the sound of her voice. He loves the way she smiles. The way she acts. Everything about her, he mused. Turning back to gaze at her, he couldn't help but think about how beautiful she is, how the silvery moon-light highlights her long pink hair, how her large emerald eyes shine happily. Her graceful silhouette against the moonlight, she literally took his breath away. Yet above all else, he never wanted to see her stop smiling.

As he watches her, a soft blush slowly develops on his own features, and not just because he occasionally forgets to breathe. She remembered his words during the last fight, about ayashi and human hearts understanding each other, and they apparently had touched her own heart. As she merrily carried on about having made the right decision to try to stay together as ayashi and human, his mind drifted to pleasant thoughts surrounding her. Suddenly, she paused and turned to look at him, blushing, before she hesitantly started to ask, "say... Tsukune..."

He gulped. Was she thinking the same thing he was? Was she about to tell him she liked him? He could feel his heart start to beat faster and time slow down to a crawl for those precious moments. Suddenly she asks bashfully if she can suck his blood, and he nearly falls down in a disappointed shock. "ehehe, it's just I'm feeling all excited..", she offers as an embarrassed explanation. He can never deny her when she makes those puppy eyes at him, so he instead shakes his head in amusement before relenting. Moka was adorable, and there was a part of him that liked it when she was close to him drinking his blood.

Still, when he pulls her closer to allow her to drink, he wonders out loud what will happen when they become adults too, like Sun and Marin. Moka pauses and with her blush deepening, she replies, "We should smile when that time comes. We will be in wonderful happiness just like Sun-sempai." She gently caresses his face. His heart starts to beat faster, and he suddenly has trouble breathing. Her touch is soothing and maddening at the same time. His own blush deepens as he manages to exhale "Moka-san" as a reply, the one word containing the myriad of emotions, hopes and dreams of his young existence. He doesn't want that touch to end. He really wishes he could say all that is in his heart, but it seems that Moka understands and the one word was enough.

She leans closer, slowly, so so slowly, until, turning her face slightly their noses are side by side, and he can almost taste her breath as she exhales her reply, "Tsukune..", with her lips but an inch apart from his. Those simple words also carrying deep emotions, her own hopes and dreams for a happy future. The moment seems to last forever, as he looks at her lips, and as his own feelings surge wildly, he can't help but wonder at how differently things were now when compared to the start of the summer vacation. First he experiences crushing despair when the woman he loves gets kidnapped, and now he – he pauses in mid-thought.

He senses her own surprise, her shock even, and it's only a second or two after that he realizes why, realizes what he has done. His lips are touching hers, ever so gently. His chest feels warm, as if it were about to burst when he finally realizes what he has known for a long time but never before fully admitted to himself. She doesn't push him away, instead continues the light kiss trying to make sense of her own emotions that start to surge forth. He closes his eyes and relishes on this feeling, as a timid kiss evolves into a constant caress of the lips.

She doesn't push him away! The new realization hits him like a brick, and almost makes him stagger. Regaining a measure of composure, he very reluctantly finishes the kiss and gently guides the stunned vampire's face towards his neck before wrapping his arms around her in a warm embrace. She wordlessly bites him almost on instinct, but softly, he could have sworn it felt like a kiss and not the usual bite. Then again, he muses, he wasn't thinking or feeling all that much, all he could do was recall those incredible moments.. her touch.. her lips.. the way she felt.. the way they kissed. He leans his head into her neck as she feeds, and pulls her closer. He's not even sure how or when, or why, or really what he was thinking, but he whispers to her ear what his heart has been screaming to him since she touched his face. No, since a long, long time before that he realized belatedly. "I love you."

Moka was stunned. She didn't know what to say. The taste of his lips was incredible. The fact he had kissed her was even more incredible. She had just been thinking about growing up to be together and that was overwhelming enough, but this, it took her own breath away. She wasn't completely aware of what she was doing when she returned the kiss. It all happened so fast, and yet, it seemed to also last forever. Her thoughts simply stopped during the kiss, she thought. Even now her thoughts were slowed by the maelstrom of emotions overwhelming her, even as she went back and recalled the kiss in detail: the taste, his soft lips, his hot breath, the shiver that ran through her as if she were freezing, the warmth that immediately followed and engulfed her before settling in her chest. She was content to let him guide her face to his neck, and barely noticed when she bit him. But his taste was unreal, much better than anything she had tasted before.

She was so enraptured in his taste and in her own memories and emotions, she nearly missed it when he said it. Nearly. Her heart stopped. She suddenly realized what all those emotions raging against her mind were. She loved him too. The warmth in her chest intensified, and a deep ache within her began to be sated. She wondered why she never noticed it before, since now with hindsight, it was always there. It was like failing to notice a gaping maw next to you, all your life. But she was aware now, completely awake from her stupor. How clearly she could recall how his kiss tasted, how it felt, her soft touch against his face, how he tasted just now. Unfortunately, she suddenly was aware of a lot more; things she had been too enthralled to listen to earlier, and a shiver ran down her spine..

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