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Inner Moka looked triumphant, but now that she had won, she didn't feel the victory. If she had been honest with herself, she would have realized she felt sad, perhaps disappointed too. Instead she had assumed her wayward feelings were caused by her outer self being so miserable. She would need to try to find a way to make it up to her. She knew Tsukune wouldn't be cruel to her outer self, and would still remain her friend, so that would help.

As she starts making further plans on how to make it up to her, Tsukune, having rubbed the back of his head nervously, adds with a nervous chuckle, "I guess I am an idiot.."

'Wait, what? What had 'that boy' just said?'

But before she can actually form the question, he continues, "..but I love Moka-san."

Both inner and outer Moka are stunned. Inner Moka barely manages to stop herself from repeating what her counterpart said inside the Rosario: "..no way.."

Tsukune smiles warmly at her. Yet she is still not fully processing what he had said. She doesn't realize what that warm feeling inside of her is, how it is effortlessly vanquishing the sadness. She does feel herself blush and becomes desperate to regain control. 'Damn that natural ladies man, how could he say such things so easily?' She raises an eyebrow and asks in a neutral voice, "..huh. You love her that much?" It is something, not exactly her greatest line, but she needs to say something, instead of just staring at him. Unconsciously trying to shift her shock into intellectual bewilderment is the best she came up with in such short notice.

Nonetheless, she's annoyed at her shock. She realizes she needs to form an actual plan, and regain the initiative. But she is also considering her outer self's emotions now that her previous plan had backfired. How could she make this work, anyway? Some sort of exchange rate, to keep her pride? Maybe one kick for a kiss, she pondered? That thought amuses her, and further helps her regain her composure.

Just as she turns to face him again with renewed purpose, he nervously corrects her, "..I realize I'm probably going to get very kicked for this.." — he takes a deep breath again — "..but no, I love Moka-san, all of Moka-san, inner Moka is very special to me too."

It is a lie. At least that's what her rational mind screams. 'Let's look at the facts. For starters, is he really human? Maybe his grandparents were an incubus and or a succubus? How else can he make me feel.. — wait — no. No!' She harshly kicks that thought away and focuses on the lie instead. Maybe he is more cunning than he lets on! Had she not told him sarcastically not that long ago that he would need to seduce her too if he wanted to be with her outer self? She scrutinizes him as she quietly states, "Don't lie to me Tsukune, I would never forgive you if you did. I can forgive the kiss, but if you lie to me now.." She doesn't finish her sentence.

She doesn't have to, he knows what she means, and he can read the obvious on her face: she doesn't believe him. This was getting to be dangerous again. Then again, she had stated as much earlier, had she not? Even going to the mall or training with her was very dangerous. Why should this be any different? The fine print of trying to date a super powerful, proud vampire, he contemplates with detached bemusement.

His amusement and detachment increases as he ponders ways to prove he is being truthful, each 'solution' getting him more killed than the last. Start spouting off poetry? Good plan, if he were a poet. Next. Rush in and kiss her? Hahaha – No. Sweep her of her feet, press her against the wall and tell her how much he desired her? Funny! N-O. While he is busy rejecting nonsensical ideas, a thought is forming in the back of his mind. Realizing he is running out of time, he begins: "I.. have never lied to you Moka-san. I.. sometimes.. have not told you how I felt, because I didn't want to worry you, or because I simply couldn't, but.. I wouldn't lie to you.." he begins. She looks uncertain, but nods before he proceeds to hurriedly say, "..the thing is, please don't kill me OK?" At this she growls impatiently, so he just carries on after some hesitation, blurting out, "..I dreamt of you."

She looks shocked. He looks terrified. He keeps berating himself about how he had delivered that bit of news. Couldn't he had done a much better job of explaining it? 'Stupid stupid stupid', he keeps chastising himself. He finally gets an idea and that's what he says?

He becomes desperate to try to elaborate but she recovers faster, "You.. dreamt.. of.. me.." she states, emphasizing each word. "What, exactly, about?" she asks with a dangerous undertone, as her Youki begins to gather around her.

He panics and blurts out, "I.. dreamt we were sleeping together." Yet as soon as he says it, his mind screams at him, 'oh my god no, you just signed your death warrant.' He succumbs to the panic.

Shocked doesn't do justice to inner Moka's face. 'What did he say again?' She isn't yet angry, that would be coming in a second, but for now she is trying to come to grips with Tsukune having had fantasies about her. Her outer self is quiet too, she too is shocked into speechlessness. And then the emotions pour in as she feels her face flush. She is embarrassed, surprised, glad, shocked, speechless, intrigued, humiliated, outraged, 'Aha!' There is an emotion she likes, one she is comfortable with, and she latches on to it for dear life. She begins to feel her anger flourish, that comfortable feeling of anger that fuels her power and pushes away doubts and uncomfortable truths.

Thankfully Tsukune manages to recover from his panic a little bit faster this time, at least enough to throw caution to the wind since he was dead anyway, and hurriedly adds, "It wasn't how it sounded! We were inside a bed, and we were cuddling, and you looked at me so warmly and with such affection, that I felt happier than I had ever been. It was an amazing, wonderful dream.." - he nearly gets sidetracked rambling about the amazing dream at the start of his training, but manages to catch himself and hastily continues, "but I didn't have any right to be dreaming about you! I even punched myself, hard! I'm so sorry! I'm only mentioning it so you know that I truly do love you. Please don't kill me!" he cries out at the end.

Anger gives way to more shock. But there is something else. She feels touched. He had dreamt of her cuddling with him, and had loved it. Yet his naive self doesn't allow himself even that harmless fantasy, knowing she would disapprove. She had sensed nor seen a lie in his eyes, he had said everything with conviction and earnest, and well, obvious fear, but she believes him now. As the shock lifts, she realizes she is also deeply embarrassed. Her earlier anger forgotten, she's now desperate to regain control of the situation. She is going to turn things on him, on that damn incubus or whatever he is, she thinks with annoyance.

Following her plan, she begins to walk up to him slowly, and smiles when she sees him squirm, looking around nervously. He was contemplating escape routes, she guesses correctly with a grin. For his part, Tsukune knew better than to try, and even resisted the urge to take a step back, which surprised Ura a bit. When she reaches him, she leans forward and asks in her dangerously sultry voice, "So you dream of me, huh? You then take liberties.. you kiss these lips of mine.. what do you think I should do about that, hmm?" He can smell her breath. He shivers and flushes a deep red. Seeing him squirm, seeing him a little afraid, she likes that she realizes. "Well..?" she coos again, running a fingernail across his cheek, from top to bottom, while his body shivers again. As her finger trails down towards his neck, inspiration comes to him.

Tsukune wordlessly removes his shirt, which surprises inner Moka. His chest has become much more defined, more manly, and she likes what she sees. Yet she also can't help but look at all the scars on his chest, each a painful memory of the times she hadn't been able to protect him. Leaning his head to the side, he slides a hand behind Moka, gently guiding her head towards his exposed neck. She lets herself be led there, wondering what he was up to, and rests her face against his shoulder. He whispers gently, warmly, into her ear, "..drink." After a small pause he adds, "..all my blood is yours, always." She is a bit taken aback, but his smell is intoxicating. She realizes she has never actually drank his blood in this form. 'All my blood is yours..' he had said. That seemed like an equitable trade she thought, before biting his offered neck with a growing smile.

His hand holding her head begins to caress, gently weaving through the silky strands of silver hair, while wrapping his other arm around her waist. She enjoys the touch and the attention, and finds her own hand lazily exploring his chest, following the contour of the various scars with the tips of her fingers, sometimes eliciting a shiver, sometimes a groan of pleasure. She enjoys teasing him, and so she takes to only sip his blood, and then stops, giving his neck a gentle bite, or trailing her fangs along it's length, licking at any drops of blood that try to get away, while delighting in his response. She even starts playing a game with herself, trying to see if she can predict if he would next shiver, moan, or hold his breath at her next touch.

She finally, reluctantly, pulls away, lest she drink too much, even a sip at a time. She rests her hand on his bare chest, using it as leverage when pushing back. She is quite pleased with herself, for she feels she has regained a measure of control, and eagerly wants to see his face, observe his reaction. Admittedly she had expected him to be flustered, shocked, or scared, or all of them, but instead she sees him look at her adoringly, with a warm smile and a genuinely happy expression. He looks handsome smiling like that under the moonlight, she thinks for a second before squashing the thought like a bug. While she is distracted with the wayward thought, he leans towards her ear and whispers, "I love you." Inner Moka is amazed how powerfully those simple words resonate within her. So powerfully that she doesn't react to his face brushing against hers as he pulls away slightly, nor at the pausing for a moment in front of her, before kissing her tenderly.

Tsukune was in heaven. He was convinced this was either the best dream ever, or he had simply died and been favoured by a generous god. Feeling inner Moka's playful caresses on him had made him hot and cold, terrified and excited, and everything in between, and often at the same time, but above all else, happy. Deeply, truly, happy. He did the only thing he could think of, to show her how much it meant to him. He even remembered her words, about her 'only' allowing him to kiss her, that it was as far as she would go, and found that they didn't bother him in the least. Quite the opposite in fact. He realized he could die happy if he was allowed to feel her touch, allowed to kiss her. And so he did.

Moka's eyes shoot wide open, even as her mouth moves of it's own accord. Regaining some lucidity, she still returns the kiss, perhaps a bit more hungrily than the kiss he had shared with outer Moka.

'Wait, I was supposed to be toying with him, why does my mind keep blanking out on me?!' she asks herself in annoyance.

'Omote', as she calls her outer self, chirpily offers a reply laced with amusement, "Because you like him too!" Outer Moka enjoyed the rare chance to tease 'Ura-chan', her nickname for her inner self, but she knew better than to push too far right now. The proud vampire needed time to reach her own conclusions. 'Besides, there will be other times to tease her', she grinned to herself as Ura growled in annoyance during the kiss. She finally breaks the kiss to turn away from him and hide her deepening blush.

As elated as he had been during the kiss, as much as his body had shivered at her deep guttural growl during, Tsukune can't help but feel sad when it is over. He craves her, he needs her so badly. He walks close to her from behind, and tentatively wraps his arms around her, to feel her warmth. In truth, she had missed his warmth just as much, and feels relieved when he leans against her back, so she does nothing to stop him, in spite her first instinct being to pull away.

Instead she asks neutrally, "When are you planning on telling them?" – silence. "You were planning on telling them, right?" she growls in annoyance.

He hastily replies, "Ah, well, err, see, of course, I just had not fully planned it out, yet." He adds with a nervous laugh, "err.. when do you think I should? Now? Wait for the morning?"

"He was likely more concerned with remaining alive, you know. Besides, why the hurry in breaking our friends hearts after they went through so much recently?" Omote teases playfully, but she ignores it.

Instead she sighs before replying, "No.. these days have been too emotional, and people are in good spirits. I suppose we can wait a week before we tell them." This surprises Tsukune, he had expected her to demand he raise the entire household right now and declare himself off-limits. Instead she just adds, "We should get some sleep..." before leaning back into his embrace. He nods, agreeing, but nobody makes a move anywhere.

She needs time to think about everything that just happened, and about how she feels. His embrace is just the right balance for her, it is comforting, and only somewhat embarrassing, so she's content with the compromise as her thoughts wander. For his part, Tsukune is happy to hold her and feel her warmth against his chest.

Eventually she decides she'll need to sleep on it, and after wishing him a good night, she puts her Rosary back on. She doesn't kiss him goodnight, but grants him a small smile, and that's enough to make him happy. He puts his shirt back on and goes sit down with Moka in his arms while she recovers from the switch, and rests her on his lap. She's sleeping peacefully, with her own warm smile gracing her lips, and Tsukune leans back, enjoying his own private midnight paradise.

Outer Moka eventually wakes up, but realizing she's on his lap, she just stays there contently. She nuzzles up to him, but doesn't say a word, and instead enjoys the gentle breeze that mixes with his sweet scent, the soothing, rhythmic beating of his heart mixing with crashing waves in the distance, the breathtaking landscape with his attractive looks, but above all, she enjoys the feeling of belonging.

Before they know it, early dawn begins to crawl over horizon, and only when the rays of the nascent sun won't be denied anymore, do they reluctantly part. She turns to gaze at him one more time and impulsively pushes forward and gives him a peck on the lips before chirping, "I'll see you later, OK?" He just nods with his own happy smile permanently etched on his face.


That same morning the bus came to pick them up to return them to Youkai Academy. For a moment Tsukune thought they would make it back to the Academy without incident, but that was before Marin asked him cheerfully about his being a human in an academy full of monsters, and all for the sake of love! She likely thought it was very romantic. He thought his death would be quite unromantic if all the other girls assaulted him at the same time, so he tried to feign ignorance. Unfortunately for him, she had seen him and Moka that night being very 'friendly' and she said as much. "You looked so cute!" she even said to him quietly.

"No, wait, that was..." he can't come up with anything, not that he was given a chance to explain. The murderous glares of everyone except Moka cut him short. Claws extended, Kurumu demands the identity of whomever Marin was referring to, as well as asking about what exactly he had been doing. Mizore cut to the chase by asking him threateningly if he had been with another woman. There's only one solution to this conundrum, so he lamely says, "No, no, that was just so she could suck my blood.."

"So it was Moka!", they yell in unison and turn to face a blushing, pink-haired vampire. She sticks her tongue at them playfully, to disguise the reason for her blush.

After additional farewells, and a touching scene which culminated with Marin and Sun holding up a sign inviting them to come again, they all feel better about the future of ayashi and humans living together, and ride back to the academy. Moka is happiest, but even so dark clouds begin to form in her mind tempering her joy. After gazing at her friends fighting for a spot next to Tsukune, she can't help but wonder if her friends will still be her friends at the end of the week. Glancing down at her Rosario, she is quite certain: she has never been this happy, but this love of hers was going to bring many complications..


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