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An old fashioned cinema screen appeared in-front of them. It showed the old fashioned countdown from 5-1. When it reached the number 1, it disappeared with a 'pop!' The darkness enveloped them once more, but that only lasted a second before it abruptly changed to a scene outside a monastery where father Fujimoto was talking to a young girl and her parents,

'Thank you, father Fujimoto!' The mother of the girl said while bowing respectfully.

'Oh, it was nothing. Don't worry about it.' He said, 'And one other thing…' he crouched down to look at the girl. He held out a small amulet pouch 'Take this four-leaf clover amulet. It'll keep away evil spirits.'

Rin stepped out of the monastery just as Father Fujimoto was waving them off, a big grin plastered on his face.

'Driving away imaginary demons again? All you did was listen to her problems.' Came Rin's voice.

'Idiot. Demons exist. In our hearts.' Fujimoto said turning round to face Rin. 'What's with the suit?' He asked

'Oh, uh…' Rin answered 'I thought I'd go to that interview… so I borrowed it.' He was looking embarrassed. 'It's not my style, but at least I look respectable, don't I?' he continued while gripping the lapels of his suit and attempting what he thought was a respectable look.

'uh… sure' Fujimoto smirked with one eyebrow raised as he looked at Rin. 'Where's your tie?' he asked, putting his hand to his chin in a thoughtful manner. This action made Rin suddenly flustered.

'Oh, um…' Rin said trying to think up some excuse quickly, too embarrassed to say that he wasn't able to tie it. 'I'm going casual. Or semi-casual? Semi-formal?!' He quickly blurted out very unconvincingly.

Fujimoto just laughed at this while motioning for Rin to come closer. 'Liar. You just don't know how to tie it. Allow me.' He told him, completely seeing through Rin's ruse. Rin looked at him confused (probably because he'd never seen him wear a tie. 'Actually all I ever wear these days is a cassock.' Fujimoto confessed, before commanding Rin to put up his collar and to do his top button.

After he'd tied it, he ruffled Rin's hair and told him. 'If my teasing frustrates you… then show me you've grown up.' Rin held his hand to his head as a gust of wind blew by. Fujimoto took no notice of it, and, while raising an eyebrow and smirking, asked Rin, 'How about it?'

Rin was a little pissed off at Fujimoto and this was shown clearly as he angrily answered, 'Stop looking down on me! Don't lump me in with people who come to you for advice! Dumb-ass!' Rin pauses and points his finger at Fujimoto before continuing, 'I will show you! So dig the wax out of your eyes, you old fart!'

Fujimoto stifles his laughter and, while grinning, asks Rin in a pretentious questioning voice, 'Wax? In my eyes?'

'Blah blah blah! Just DIE!' He shouted before angrily stomping away with a big, angry frown on his face, growling. 'Just you watch…' he muttered mostly to himself.

A coal tar floated past his face, he glanced at it curiously before carrying on. Fujimoto saw this and his face quickly became one of shock and worry. It became evident to the exwires that this was bad as Fujimoto's face became grim and crushed the coal tar in his fist as it lazily floated past. 'Rin…'

What the… hell? Came Rin's thoughts as he walked down the Southern Cross Road. There were coal tars EVERYWHERE! What're all these black things flying around? Bugs? Why doesn't anyone notice? Is it just my imagination? Or is there something wrong with my eyes? Rin asks himself gripping the bridge of his nose and squinting.

'Okumura!' Came a shout from behind him.

'Yeah?' he answers while turning to see who'd called him. He sees a group of four guys that were obviously delinquents. A flash of recognition passes across his face. Ugh! Those pigeon killers again… The look of surprise quickly crossed his face. Bon mildly wondered as to why, but quickly saw the reason. The boy in front, who was obviously the leader and the one to call out to Rin had clearly been possessed by a demon. Man look at all those coal tars round him! And those horns and tail! If he's not possessd, I don't know who is! Bon thought to himself in mild amusement.

'Is he wearing horns and tail?! Cosplay?' came Rin's thoughts once more. This made Shima snigger. Cosplay? Really? Bon thought to himself while snorting and rolling his eyes. He knew that Rin was unaware that demons existed but still! Did the moving tail mean nothing to him? Or what about the ears and teeth?!

Bon realized that he'd missed what they were talking about, while thinking about how ridiculous Rin was. They were all standing in an empty alleyway now.

'So…' the possessed boy started, 'How much should I pay you?'

'Huh?' It was obvious that Rin had no idea as to what the guy was on about. But after he explained that it was hush money to keep any rumours from spreading round the school, Rin was a little shocked to hear that he was going to the same school as his brother as was evident by the expression on his face.

'So that's what this is about…' Rin said before proceeding to walk away 'I don't want it I won't say anything. We done? I'm busy so…' Rin said over his shoulder.

This was clearly not the answer he was looking for, and started taunting him again. But what made Rin stop, was when the possessed boy said.

'You two are so poor you can't even pay for school.'

Rin turned his head to look at him. What's with this guy?!

'So take it.' The boy continued, 'your brother Yukio Okumura studied hard to get a scholarship right?'

This taunt seemed to get to Rin. Woah! Bon thought. You don't respond to him talking shit about you, but you respond when he talks about your brother?

'That's sorta like debt. How sad. Put this toward his tuition.'


Suddenly, Rin punched him right in the face, causing him to fly back into his friends.

'Say what you want about me… BUT DON'T DISS MY BROTHER!' Rin shouted angrily.

The punch that Rin had delivered to the boy's face only seemed to make him more demonic. One of his friends then grabbed Rin and held him down against the ground. The possessed boy only became more and more demonic. He started talking shit to Rin. Man that guy is awful. Oh shit! He's pulled a knife! Bon thought alarmed. Shiemi gave a squeak of fright. Bon couldn't blame her. He was being threatened by a knife! I mean, Rin looked like the type to be the class clown and friends with everybody. Not this.

He… his face… hasn't anyone noticed?! Rin asked himself. The possessed boy punched one of his friends when they tried to get him to stop since what he was about to commit an actual crime.

No… he's a demon! He's going to kill me! Kill… Came Rin's frantic thoughts before his body suddenly erupted in blue flame. The boy's friends ran away in fright, while Rin lay there starting at his fingers in confusion.

The demon boy came towards Rin again saying 'I was right. That blue fire is none other than the flame of Satan!'

Rin looked at him. Anyone around could see that he had absolutely no idea as to what he was talking about.

'Do you know how long I have waited for this? I've been looking for you for a long time!' The demon continued. 'All right, let's go! Satan is waiting!'

'S… Satan?' Rin said shakily. From behind him came the voice of Fujimoto who was reciting the demon's fatal verse. Once the demon realised what was happening, he proceeded to attack Fujimoto, who simply grabbed his arm and exorcised the demon out of him.

Fujimoto then proceeded to explain to Rin about Assiah and Gehenna. After doing this, he grabbed Rin's arm and stared dragging him hurriedly back towards the monastery. All the while talking about Rin's awakening being spread and trying to evade being attacked by the rotting carcasses of dogs.

Rin clearly didn't really understand what was going on. 'WHAT AM I?!' he shouted confused and frightened as any normal teenager would be in such situations.

'You are… the child of a demon.' Fujimoto replied, not looking at Rin as he practically dragged him along.

'Huh?!' he asked incredulously

'Born of a woman, fathered by a demon, and not just any demon. You are the bastard child of Satan himself.' This news shocked Rin and understandably so.

Bon winced, what a way to find out! Man that's one horrible way to say it!

Upon reaching the monastery, Rin was rushed over to a dresser in Fujimoto's room where he had a bag into which was dumped spare clothes before throwing it at Rin and accidentally hitting him in the face with it. As he did this he told Rin that he had to leave immediately. No not told, commanded.

'Leave?!' Rin cried out in shock.

Seemingly ignoring him, Fujimoto pulled out a key that he had hanging from a chain around his neck which, he explained, could hide anything anywhere. He used the key to unlock one of the drawers of the chest of drawers in the room which held a sword. The exwires recognised it as the sword Rin always carried around.

Removing the sword from the drawer, Fujimoto proceeded to explain what the sword was and how it related to Rin. 'If you draw it, you will assume your demonic nature…and can never live as a human again.' This was the warning that Fujimoto gave before handing it to Rin along with the key. It was obvious by Rin's expression that he was getting more and more bewildered by the second. This was all too sudden for him, Bon could tell that he wasn't really grasping the situation and if truth be told, he wasn't sure if he would have, had he been in the same position.

Fujimoto now tossed Rin a mobile phone telling him that once he'd left the monastery, he was to use the phone to call the only number on it, 'It's for a friend of mine. He can't return your life to normal… but he will shelter you. NOW GO!' He commands.

This was all clearly too much for Rin to handle as, like a young child throwing a tantrum, he throws what he's holding in his hands onto the floor.

'I DON'T WANNA!' He shouts, 'What is this all of a sudden?! Demon this demon that… Seriously?! Is this some kind of joke?!' He exclaims before asking about Yukio.

'You were the first born of fraternal twins. Yukio was underweight and couldn't bear it. Only you inherited the power.' Fujimoto explained.

Huh, well that explains Yukio doesn't have flames then. Bon thought to himself, the other exwires were likely thinking something along the same lines if Konekomaru's sigh of relief was anything to go by.

Rin voiced the question that had been floating round Bon's head as well; 'But… why tell me now? Why didn't you say anything sooner?!' and to be fair, it was a rather reasonable question, however it was a question that wasn't answered well. Or, the answer wasn't worded correctly.

'I wanted to raise you as a normal child.' The first part was quite reasonable, however it was what followed that did more harm than good; 'And I could only raise you as long as you were human.' Bon flinched slightly as these words were spoken, they were very harsh and sounded like he only wanted Rin if he was human and now that he wasn't, Rin no longer mattered.

It seemed that this was also the message that had gotten across to Rin, as his voice turned desperate, pleading almost as he confronts his father about it. Fujimoto's answer about it being to protect Rin sounded a little odd; it was as if he were merely making excuses now. Though Bon knew that it probably was to protect Rin, however even with this in mind he couldn't help but think it sounded like an excuse. A bad one at that.

'Protect me? Your abandoning me!' Rin exclaimed, 'spare me the pretty speeches! You don't care about me!' His voice turned more emotional, less shouty with that last sentence, 'unlike Yukio, I was too much trouble for you.' To Bon it sounded like he was going to cry. Though to his surprise, Rin did not cry, but rather he changed his emotion into anger instead, with his voice rising once more into a shout, he accuses Fujimoto, 'You can't handle playing father anymore! ADMIT IT! DON'T EVER PRETEND TO BE MY FATHER AGAIN!'

Bon couldn't help but think that this exchange was a little like how he talked to his father and felt a little guilty now that he could see it from another perspective, such as Rin and his father. But before Bon could think any more on the subject, a resounding 'SLAP' echoed in the memory, Bon looked up and saw that Fujimoto had slapped Rin, hard. He wore an expression of anger on his face, Bon couldn't blame him, who wouldn't be angry if their son had told him that he wasn't a father.

'There's no time to argue. Now do as I say' he commands firmly. Rin's face is a little shocked and most definitely hurt by the fact that he was slapped. He doesn't look at Fujimoto, he hasn't moved from when he was slapped, his hair covers his eyes so it was a little hard to tell what he felt. There was a moment of silence before a quiet 'fine' was heard coming from Rin. He bent and picked up the things he'd dropped previously, as he turned to leave, Fujimoto suddenly fell on one knee, one hand on the floor while the other clutched at his chest with a groan.

'What is it?' Rin asks concerned as he turns to face his father once again. The look on Fujimoto's face was one of horror. 'oh…no!' he exclaims to himself, shaking slightly and looking at his hand. Clenching his eyes shut he mutters, 'What have I done…?'

It was then that it dawned on Bon, Fujimoto had let himself get possessed! It was probably the comment about Fujimoto not being his father. Again he felt guilty about the fights he had with his dad and resolved to sort it out with him the next time he went home.

Rin, still staying where he was, asked him once again what was wrong.

'GO!' was all Fujimoto shouted, the light bulb in the lamp overhead shattered shocking Rin.

'NOW! HURRY! GET AWAY FROM ME!' his voice was panicked now as he shouted. Rin still did not move, he was clearly extremely confused about what was happening, though to Bon it was clear as day. It was almost frustrating watching him as he did nothing to get away.

'Hey!' Rin exclaimed as Fujimoto started to rise, though he did so oddly. 'Hang on!' Rin exclaimed as he bent down to be able to look Fujimoto in the eyes. When he did so however, Fujimoto's eyes had changed. The pupil was now more slit like and was a bright red. While the iris was no longer a circle, it looked like a rounded triangle with the corners bent to the right. They were bright blue. Not only that, but they had become bloodshot as well.

'My… Dear son.' Fujimoto said, though his voice was not his. It was deeper, rougher, wilder, nothing like the calming, stern voice of the father. Looking at his mouth, you could see that his teeth had turned sharp, it was unlike anything that a human should have.

'How I have waited for this moment…' He then burst into the signature blue flames of Satan while laughing manically, the ears had elongated, the tounge was far too long and ended in a point and his nails had become longer and sharper like talons. 'Sometimes I crack myself up!' he says then continues laughing. The sudden appearance of the flames shocked Rin so much that he fell on his backside. Rin's face was that of sheer terror as he backed himself into a wall, still on his backside.

Fujimoto, or Satan really, advanced on Rin, 'Hiya, junior! How ya been? I came all the way here to greet you, my darling boy! Aren't you the least bit grateful?' Bon could conclude that Satan was definitely crazy.

To Rin's credit, he did manage to stutter out a few words, 'are y-you…a…Demon?'

'I am Satan. God of demons and your true father! But you can call me "dad".' He answered before once again laughing. Looking closer at Fujimoto, Bon could see that there was blood oozing from his eyes, his nose and his mouth. Rin must have seen it as well as his face became paler.

'Well now… as much as I'd love to prolong this emotional reunion…' Satan says looking at Fujimoto's hand. 'it looks like even this guy's body… won't hold me much longer.' He says before gripping the middle three fingers of his right hand and ripping them off. It was a ghastly thing to see and he could hear several horrified gasps around him, his own gasp was probably mixed in there somewhere. Rin's face was of wide eyed horror. He'd definitely never witnessed something of this level before.

Satan laughed lightly as he let the blood drip to the floor. Bon could see a rectangle beginning to appear on the floor, small ghastly heads with grins of sharp teeth began appearing withing as Satan started to chant in an unknown tongue.

'uh…hhh….hh…' Rin let out as he tried to press himself further into the wall in an effort to get as far away as possible from what was being created.

'I'm the only demon who can make this. The Gehenna Gate.' He states as the very elaborate entrance to the demon world appeared. 'So…let's go to Gehenna!' he continues. Rin just looks at him in fright as he attempts to get up.

'Oh right. I should destroy this.' He says as he bends down to retrieve the long discarded Koma sword. 'And release you from its damnable spell!'

'LEAVE ME ALONE!' Rin screams in desperate fright, once again revealing his blue flame.

Satan just laughs at this, 'What's that supposed to be? You wet your pants or something?' he says as he advances on Rin. 'It's time to reclaim your demonic nature!' he grabs Rin by the collar and begins to drag him away.

'L… Let me go!' Rin says desperately. 'I'm… I'm human!' Yet Just as he says this, he catches his reflection in a mirror. 'But… am I really? Is that ME?! I really AM a…' his thoughts appear once again. Bon feels a little sympathy towards him due to the fact that for his whole life he's thought of himself as human. Yet in just one night, his whole world and everything he knew has been turned upside down.

'I am a perfect being and master of many powers. But there is one drawback. Know what it is?' Satan asked as he continued to drag Rin across the floor, the Koma sword carried on his shoulder. 'No material in Assiah is equal to me! Anything I touch is corrupted!' Satan continues, not waiting for an answer, 'Like this body… and your mother! Assiah will be mine! I made you on a whim'

There is a slight pause as he throws Rin into the Gehenna gate, 'but it worked out splendidly! You existin Assiah…. But the flame of the God of Gehenna… RUNS THROUGH YOUR VEINS!'

Rin shouts in surprise when the gate starts to try and pull him through.

'I need you in order to lay claim to this world!'

'WAAAH! SOMEBODY HELP ME!' Rin shouts in desperation, he was paniing trying to claw his way out from the gate that was still trying to swallow him up. Satan started to laugh

'The cry of a newborn! For today you shall be reborn!'

'SOMEONE HELP!' Rin tried again, he was getting hysterical with fright as he was slowly being pulled deeper by the gate.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to Gehenna!' was the only reply Rin received, again with more manic laughter. Suddenly, without warning, Satan coughed up blood 'wh…what…?!' he said bewildered, looking down, his right hand had acted on its own and stabbed him through the heart with the implement Fujimoto always wore around his neck. 'wh…why you… DAMNED EXORCIST!' He screamed, outraged at the fact that Fujimoto seemed to have been able to regain some of his control.

Father Fujimoto?! It seemed that Rin had realized it too, but Bon wasn't quite sure, as he had grown up with demons all around him. Rin hadn't, so it was hard o judge what he believed and understood of what was going on around him.

It was then Fujimoto began to speak, he seemed to have regained more control, but he was struggling to keep it 'Rin is like a son to me! GIVE HIM BACK – OR ELSE!'

'Suicide?! Some priest you are! But the gate already has him. It won't let him go. So… what'll it be?' Satan said as he once again regained control, however, it didn't last long as he suddenly keeled over and fell into the gate, bringing the sword in with him.

Rin desperately made his way towards his fallen father, shouting his name and demanding thathe wake up. His voice was pleading, desperate. Once again he called for help, but was met with silence. It was then that he noticed the sword, the hilt was clear of the gate, Bon could see that Rin was looking at it, he looked conflicted as he tried to decide whether to draw it or not. Whether to stay as a human and get pulled into the gate, or to lose it forever and try to save them both.

In the end, his desire to save his father won and with a shout of 'Don't die on me!' Rin gripped the hilt and pulled the sword free.

There was a blinding blue light and Rin's features changed, his expression became more savage, it reminded Bon of the Rin he saw in the woods only a week ago. With a purely animalistic roar, Rin gripped his sword in both hands and leapt straight for the gate and sliced it. Black steam, or something like it came pouring out of the gate where Rin had cut it, it then promptly disappeared and Rin was kneeling on the floor, the sword was sheathed and father Fujimoto was lying face up on the floor next to him, Rin's face had a shocked expression upon his face. He didn't seem to quite believe he'd just done, but then seemed to catch up with him again as a broken 'father' came from Rin and tears poured from his face as he gripped the sword like a lifeline. Bon could hear one or two of the others crying, especially Shiemi. Bon's eyes were also slightly wet, but he told himself that they weren't from tears.

'WELL NOW, aren't you all feeling enlightened?' Came the sudden loud voice of Mephisto, making the others jump, his voice sounded far too happy and amused for the sombre scene they had witnessed just seconds ago.

Bon saw that they were now back in the black space, with Mephisto oonce again glowing purple. 'I think we've seen enough don't you? Ein…Zwei…Drei!'

Bon blinked and saw that they'd all been transported to their classroom, everyone was looking around while slightly dazed but when they met each other's eyes they'd look away, probably feeling slightly ashamed and guilty at having seen such private memories.

Needless to say, everyone now saw Rin in a new light.

I'm sorry about the ending, I really didn't know how I was going to finish so I sort of just let it putter out... If anyone has any suggetions on how to end this better, I'm all ears! I feel like I've kind of ruined it (seriously guys, help me!)