Earlier today, at school, I randomly thought of these. Also, I've seen other people do something similar to it, so I thought I'd come up with a list of my own. Anyways, here it is...

Disclaimer: I don't own Les Miserables or any of the characters.

Things that Shouldn't Be Said or Done to the Mizzies

Buy Marius a puppy and then make him watch as you set it on fire

Steal from Thenardier

Buy Enjolras a parrot and teach it to talk over top of him whenever he's giving an inspirational speech

Tell Enjolras that his revolution will fail and then laugh when he says otherwise

Steal Eponine's hat

Treat Gavroche like a 5 year old

Set Marius' hair on fire

Set Eponine's hair on fire

Set Enjolras' hair on fire

Set ANYONE's hair on fire

Stalk Enjolras, even though I know that we all want to

Follow Fantine around all day singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"

Tell Javert that he needs to get a life. I mean, seriously, it's been over 10 years and he still hasn't caught Valjean. I think he should move on...

Constantly call Valjean "9430"

Tell Enjolras that he reminds you of Ramin Karimloo

Tell Marius that he reminds you of Ramin Karimloo

Tell Valjean that he reminds you of Ramin Karimloo

Tell Javert all about number 55 Rue Plumet

Start a conversation with Valjean and then randomly cut off in the middle of your sentence and say "Oh, hello Inspector Javert!"

Cut off Cosette's hair, make it into a scarf, and then give it to Marius

Tell Javert that you set his stars on fire

Lock Eponine and Marius in a closet together

Hide all of Grantaire's alcohol. All of it.

Inform Gavroche that he's too short to fight at the barricade, try again next year bud

Rewrite Les Mis so that Eponine ends up with Marius... OH WAIT

Convince them that Victor Hugo is God

Set Cosette on fire... Unfortunately, she wouldn't like that very much

Tell Javert that Cosette is Valjean in disguise

Remind Javert constantly that he was born in a jail

Ask Javert if he eats souls

Keep going on about Javert eating souls even when he insists that he doesn't

Ask Javert what souls taste like

Tell Marius that Eponine is in love with him

Tell Eponine that Marius is in love with her

Throw rocks at Cosette

Tell Enjolras that, no, I can't hear the people sing

Insult Marius' love for Cosette

Set all of Cosette's pretty dresses on fire...

Set the dress Cosette is wearing on fire... while she's still wearing it

Set the barricade on fire

Steal all of Gavroche's lines

Tell Cosette that you set fire to her castle on a cloud... Hey, if Adele can set fire to the rain, then I can set fire to a cloud... so there...

Sell Cosette to a pimp

Ask them all why they have British accents if they live in France

But Cosette a broom for her birthday

Kidnap Cosette and then give her to the Thenardiers

Mimic everything that Javert does

Capture Valjean and then say to Javert "See? It wasn't that hard."

Casually stroke Marius' hair like he's a dog

Hide all of Marius' law books

Cough on Joly

Laugh whenever Javert talks about justice

Convince Marius that Grantaire is in love with him

Steal Javert's uniform

Contradict everything that Enjolras says. EVERYTHING!

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed... I like fire

Everyone: WE'VE NOTICED!

Anyway, if ya have more, send 'em in a review ;)