You guys seem to enjoy this, so here are some more! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Disclaimer: I don't own Les Mis or the characters


Send Grantaire a fake love letter from Enjolras

Take all of Grantaire's alcohol...even his secret stash

Pour the liquor into the Seine

Blame it on Lesgles

Play "Sausage Hunt" with Feuilly's kielbasa.

Tell Joly that the Plague is back and then start coughing

Tell Courfeyrac that there's a potato shortage

Tell Enjolras that there's a meet-n-greet with survivors of the French Revolution when there really isn't

Tell Enjolras that you're sending him a copy of Robespierre's memoirs... when you won't

When he confronts you about it, tell him that you were going to send it, but then Javert ate it

Tell Javert that he's going to hell

Introduce Eponine to the song 'I'm Not That Girl' from Wicked

Crash Marius and Cosette's wedding

Shave Javert's sideburns

Keep trying to set Marius up with Eponine

Hiss loudly whenever Enjolras finishes a speech

Introduce the Mizzies to the world of Slash-Fiction

Accidentally set Cosette on fire

Insist that setting Cosette on fire was an accident

When asked how setting someone on fire is an accident, insist that Joly forced you to

Sell Marius' lonely soul

Dress up as the grim reaper and follow Valjean everywhere he goes

Introduce Cosette to the world of DEATH

So in other words, kill Cosette

Even though most of us want to...

Write Cosette death threats

Blame the Bishop of Digne

Even if he's already dead

Especially if he's already dead

Replace Grantaire's wine with that weird sparkling grape juice stuff that only kinda tastes like wine

Steal Enjolras' vest

Blame it on Cosette

Replace Enjolras as leader of Les Amis de l'ABC

Tell Enjolras that Grantaire writes better speeches than him

Break everything in Marius' apartment

Blame it on Enjolras

Ask Lesgles why he had so many freaking nicknames?

Inform Enjolras that you now own his soul

When he denies it, insist that you do and if he doesn't stop pestering you then you will set his soul on fire

When he asks why you're under the impression that you now own his soul, assure him that you do, in fact, own his soul, and tell him that it's because you said so

Eat Cosette's soul

Then constantly remind Cosette that she has no soul

Because you ate it

When he's sleeping, draw the British flag on Javert's forehead

Then laugh at him when you see him the next day

Refuse to explain why you're laughing at him

When he finally realises that he has a British flag on his forehead, blame it on Valjean

Buy Lesgles an eagle

Insist that you thought they were related

Constantly ask the Mizzies if they are miserable

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