Hey everyone! It's cariomario123 with another fan fiction! This will be in SCRIPT FORM, and I decided to make this because I thought of it while drawing my profile picture. Hee Hee Hee. I have much in store for this strange little story, so YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON READING! even though this is really short and you probably haven't started reading the story yet. Anywho, start reading!

I am such a slacker. I had to finish my book report in one night that was assigned three weeks ago. When I started it was 9:30 PM. It's funny how time goes snail-speed during boring things but flies when you don't want it to. The next time I checked my clock it was 11:45. My fingers began to get clumsy. Good thing I made an outline before because I couldn't concentrate. 1:30 AM. Now I struggled to stay awake. Man, I wished I didn't have to go to school.

I looked down at the keyboard and sat back in my chair. The sleep that hovered over me for the past three hours finally wrapped itself around me like a blanket. My mind flitted in and out of short-lived dreams that were too meaningless to be remembered.

The next thing I remember is waking up to something dripping on the back of my neck. I was flat on my face on cold hard cement somewhere that smelled very bad. When my eyes finally adjusted, I realized that I was in a sewer. Not just a cramped, smelly sewer, but there were sounds in the distance that sounded like people. However, I doubted that anyone would live down here. The rough sewer cement floor scratched my face and arms as I rolled over and looked up to find a sagged sewer pipe dripping on me. A rushing wave of anxiety washed over me like boiling water with the sudden realization that I shouldn't be here. Where was I? I decided that this was probably one of those meaningless dreams I had so I pinched my arm. Ouch.

Not a dream? Okay. I was now livid. It had to be a prank. I stood up to realize I had my backpack with me. I looked in It. It had my cell phone, a change of clothes, a bar of chocolate, and a jar of peanut butter. A jar of peanut butter? Like that could help me. I stomped around to find out who put me down here. I kicked trash across the floor, dented pipes, and mumbled insults that I was planning to say to whoever pranked me, with little avail. I decided to at least try to find my way back to the surface, but it was nighttime and everything was dark. So far I'm stuck down here. Ew.

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