Yaaaaaaay! new chappie again! This might be the last one for the week, though! I have school starting tomorrow (Boarding school :c) so I won't be able to get on until SATURDAY!


However, do not fear, I shall post again. Hopefully.

Chappie 33

(Leo's pov)

The shredder. I got in my fighting stance, but then realized that Snowy had no weapons.

Me: Snowy, here!

I threw Snowy one of my katanas. She willfully joined the fight this time, and we both attacked the Shredder at once. He was powerful, enough to hold us both off, that is.

Shredder: you are no match for me!

The shredder threw Snowy backwards and slashed at me. I fell to the ground and couldn't get up.

(Snowy's pov)

I looked at Leo on the ground and ran to him.

Me: Leo!

I shook him, and the cuts on his arm and plastron started to heal.

Leo: woah!

Me: did I do that?

Leo: I think so...

Nothing prepared us for what happened next.

(Leo's pov)

The next thing I knew, Snowy disappeared. I jumped up to see Snowy being dragged away by the shredder as the forcefield shattered into large floating chunks that disappeared before they could hit the ground.


I ran after the shredder, but he disappeared into the darkness. I didn't know what to do.

Me: Snowy! Where are you?

I fell to my knees as I shouted out in vain. For the first time, I actually had no idea what to do.