A/N: Happy 2013 to everyone! And since we have a new PR and Sentai seasons, I decided to write this story. I was originally going to have KR Wizard in this story too, but since that would be a three-way crossover, I decided to do this instead. Oh, and the words in bold are for when the characters are speaking Japanese. So I hope you all enjoy this!

Warning: Seeing as I'm a fan of Kyoryuger and I don't really like Megaforce, so I'll be a little more in favor of the Kyoryugers. But I will be fair to both shows and will write them as I see them. So I apologize if any offense is taken.

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It was a fair day in Tokyo, the home of Tokusatsu, and a huge crowd of Toku fans gathered inside and around a gigantic athletic dome. Inside the dome there was a large game field and in the middle of the field was a raised-up podium with six judges who were sitting near it.

Finally, at 11 in the morning, some of the currently airing Toku heroes entered the dome. All of the fans went wild while some of the others were puzzled. "Where's Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast?" The Kamen Rider fans chorused in unison.

That's when the first judge stood up and walked over to the podium. And a lot of the fans cheered enthusiastically as the man began to speak, "Ladies and gentlemen, all Tokusatsu fans, we are sorry to say this, but due to a series of Phantom attacks, Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast will not be able to take part in today's events." The first judge known as Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider Ichigo, announced sadly. And that's when all the Rider fans frowned in disappointment.

Then the second judge who is known as Dr. Tommy Oliver, the Legendary Power Ranger, approached the podium, "However, the Power Rangers Megaforce and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger are still participating and are here before us now!" Tommy announced with a grand wave of his hand and the crowd began to cheer.

"Hmph! Finally those dumb fans noticed us!" The Yellow Megaforce Ranger said with a superior air.

After she said that, Tommy just shook his head as he left the podium and the third judge, who is known as Tsuyoshi Kaijo/Akarenger the very first red Sentai leader, began to address the fans and teams. "Everyone, we are here today to discover which of the currently airing programs is the best! The Power Rangers Megaforce or the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger? Through these games, we shall see." At this moment, the fans on both sides began to shout the names of the ones they thought was the best.

That's when the fourth judge who's known as Katherine Hillard, the second Pink Ranger, spoke to the crowd, "Today's contestants representing the Power Rangers are: Troy Burrows, the Red Megaforce Ranger. Emma Goodall, the Pink Megaforce Ranger. Jake Holling, the Black Megaforce Ranger. Gia Moran, the Yellow Megaforce Ranger. And Noah Carver, the Blue Megaforce Ranger." She announced in an attempt at sounding prideful.

At the same time, some of the fans were trying to understand why the Megaforce Rangers looked like the Tensou Sentai Gosieger.

"That's because Power Rangers are American adaptions of Super Sentai." One Sentai fan said to his sister, who was a hardcore Goseiger fan.

"Oh, but they don't resemble the Gosei Tenshi at all!" His sister answered unhappily.

"What I want to know is why they are trying to call themselves Megarangers? I think they're trying to steal it from the real Megarangers." Another Sentai fan remarked to a Power Rangers fan, who was sitting next to him. And she had to agree that is was stolen from Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Hearing all the confusion, Gia crossed her arms over her chest in disgust, "Why are they comparing us to those Angels? We're nothing like them!" She commented; and Jake nodded in agreement, "Yeah, we have nothing in common with them." He echoed rather stupidly.

That's when Kyoryu Black replied, "Well that's for certain!" And that's when Gia glared furiously at the womanizer.

By this time, all the fans calmed down as the fifth judge Eri/Gosei Pink started to speak, "And the contestants representing Super Sentai are: Kiryu Daigo/Kyoryu Red, Ian Yorkland/Kyoryu Black, Udo Nobuharu/Kyoryu Blue, Rippukan Souji/Kyoryu Green, and Amy Yuuzuki/Kyoryu Pink." She announced in a cheerful tone, then she added in English, "Good luck."

Then the crowd roared with applause as Eri left the podium and waved to the fans. However Emma watched Eri with disgust, "How could people like her better than me!" She said with surprise, "I'm a thousand times better than her!" As soon as she said that, the whole stadium fell silent as all eyes were on her. Then she blushed when she realized that she wasn't acting as sweet as she was supposed to be, "OOPS!" She said with nervousness as she moved closer to Troy.

Then finally the sixth judge walked up to the podium; and everyone in the crowd knew who he was too. He was one of the most famous Riders in history, Tsukasa Kadoya, Kamen Rider Decade. "And now that we got the introductions out of the way, let the games begin!" As soon as he said that, the crowd roared with enthusiastic cheers.

"C'mon guys, let's show those dorks that we're the best!" Jake shouted arrogantly.

"YEAH!" The other rangers called out in agreement.

Then Noah nodded stiffly, "Yep, let's get this over with." He added a bit worriedly as he watched Souji cautiously.

But all Kyoryu Green didn't look the least bit interested in the Megaforce Rangers, "Agreed." Was all he said in an indifferent tone, then he followed his comrades to their part of the dome.

That's when Jake shook his head in disbelief, "What a jerk! At least he could've been a little nicer to us." He said wihout giving a thought to how they were acting, and not knowing that Souji was actually a really serious person.

Then Gia piped up, "And why does he know English when we barely know Japanese?"

Meanwhile the Kyoryugers made it to the other side of the field, "What do you think of those Megarangers?" Amy asked Nobuharu as they waited to see what event would come first.

"I don't know, but the seem pretty mean." He answered her kindly.

Then Souji, who was normally silent, spoke up, "They seem overconfident for those who just started being heroes four weeks ago." He remarked sadly, apparently very disappointed that their opponents weren't more honorable.

Ian nodded in agreement, "And those girls are nowhere as beautiful as you." He said as he looked right at Amy.

Amy just gave him a sour look, "Back off!" She told him with a warning look in her eyes.

Then finally Daigo spoke up, "Since we don't know much about them, let's do our best to get along with everyone and, if we win, let's do our best to be great winners!" He spoke cheerfully as he tried to coax his teammates.

The other Kyoryugers looked reluctant at first (because they weren't sure if they could get along with the Megarangers), but then they all nodded, "Agreed."

Well that's the 1st chapter! Stay tuned to see who wins the individual hero rounds! And tell me in a review who you think will win. So tune in next time for Chpater 2: Emma VS Amy. Arigato for reading!