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Now onto the story! Chapter 7: Kyoryuger VS Megaforce!

As everyone gathered to hear what the judges had to say, an uneasy feeling crept over some of them. "How come I have a feeling that our headache isn't over yet?" Ian said uneasily.

Daigo nodded in agreement, "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Amy just shook her head at the two, "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing that bad!" She said in a calming tone.

And that's when Tommy addressed everyone who was gathered, "Everyone, due to the lack of judging on the duel of the Blues, we have decided to give the Power Rangers Megaforce a chance to win! This will be a tag-team event, however, this will be unlike any other tag-team before. This one will be a quiz on the knowledge of the history of the Super Sentai and the Power Rangers. You will not use your physical strength, but the knowledge of your predecessors." The Legendary Ranger announced with a bit of excitement in his voice.

Hearing this, Gia raised an eyebrow apparently very unimpressed "Oh, this'll be good!" She stated in a mocking tone.

However, Nobuharu nodded in agreement, "That sounds fair." He said quietly.

Souji just shrugged, "Indeed." He said briskly.

Tommy smiled at each of the young heroes, "You each have one hour to prepare, so please make good use of that time." He concluded with a curt nod.

During the hour of preparation, the Megaforce Rangers were hurriedly studying up on the history of both the Rangers and the Sentai. Well, at least Emma, Jake, and Noah were studying, Gia was planning on cheating off of them, and Troy was nowhere to be found.

"Man, this Ranger history sure is long!" Jake remarked as he eyed the History of the Power Rangers book which was written by Tommy.

Noah just laughed sarcastically, "Yeah, but the Sentai history is even longer" He complained unhappily from where he was sitting with his Super Sentai encyclopedia.

Gia just rolled her eyes at her teammates complaints, "Oh, come on! We've got to win this one!" She yelled at each of them unfairly.

That's when Jake looked up at her with a confused expression, "Why do we have to work so hard for?"

The Yellow Ranger just frowned furiously, "Just come on! Hurry up and finish!" She cried impatiently.

Then Emma looked over at Jake, "Gia wants to win so badly because she wants to get even with Kyoryu Green who, as you already know, embarrassed her." The Pink Ranger whispered to her friend.

"Oh." Was all Jake could say because Gia's attention quickly went back to them.

Meanwhile, the Kyoryugers were studying hard too, "So the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were rangers for almost three years, then some of them gained other powers. So, why did a lot of the first rangers get to be rangers for almost five years, and most of the other rangers had their powers for about a year?" Amy asked her teammates in hopes they might have an answer.

Most of the others shrugged in confusion. But that's when Daigo spoke up, "Maybe it's because their enemies hung around longer than most of the others." He suggested thoughtfully.

"Maybe." She slowly responded with a nod.

Ian, who was sitting next to Amy, just shook his head, "Man, there's so many names for people, mecha, and powers! It'll be a miracle if I can keep them straight." Kyoryu Black complained tiredly.

Souji simply shrugged after hearing this, then he looked to the giant clock that the judges had set out so that everybody can see how much time was left, "We've got about fifteen minutes left." He informed the others.

The other Kyoryugers simply nodded to this, then they went back to studying.

Finally it time for the trivia tag-team, it was simple! It's starts with one member from both teams, who starts answering the trivia. Then they answer at least ten questions, then they can tag another of their teammates, and then they continue in the same method.

"This'll be easy." Gia commented not very enthusiastically,

Then it was time! The first two were Gia and Amy, and the referee/questioner was Kat Hillard, who gracefully started the trivia.

"Now remember, whoever wins this trivia quiz, wins the whole competition." Kat warned carefully, then she started with the first question, "When the first Power Rangers were chosen, what title were they referred to as?"

Then, before Amy could even get a chance to raise her head, Gia shot her hand right into the air, "Teenagers with attitude." She answered in a mean tone.

Kat nodded, "Correct." Then she asked the next question, "By the time of the Space Rangers, what was the name of the head villain, who looked exactly like the monster that the Turbo Rangers defeated, Maligore."

That's when Amy hurried and raised her hand, "Dark Specter." She said with a hint of unease.

Kat nodded again, "Correct." Then she continued, "As we all know, the golden coins that the Might Morphin Power Rangers used to transform were called Power Coins, but the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger also used similar looking coins. What did the Zyurangers call those coins?"

Amy then raised her hand while Gia looked pretty stumped, "Dino Buckler."

Kat just nodded, "Correct. Now, when five Sentai heroes returned to assist the GoGo Sentai Boukenger, what were the five Sentai spirits these heroes possessed?"

Hearing this one, Gia really was stumped, Those idiots! Why didn't they study this one? She thought angrily.

Then Amy cautiously raised her hand, "Um, Friendship, Passion, Justice, Courage, and Love." She answered a bit hesitantly.

But Kat just smiled as she nodded, "Correct." Then she asked the fifth question, "When Thrax, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, damaged the morphing grid which kept the Overdrive Rangers from morphing. Who restored the ranger powers of Adam, Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander?"

Gia just laughed in an unimpressed way as she raised her hand, "It's the knight guy...uh...The Sentinal Knight, I think." She said a bit uncertainly.

Kat nodded, "Correct." And it kept on like this until Kat got to question 10, that's when Amy tagged Ian, but Gia didn't tag any of her team. And they were two questions behind as well!

By the time they got to question 22, Ian tagged Daigo, who then took over, but Gia still didn't tag out. And now they were behind four questions!

"I don't get it! Why isn't Gia tagging any of us for?" Jake said in an exasperated voice.

Emma nodded solemnly, "It looks like she thinks that she can do it by herself."

Jake just shook his head in frustration, "Well, if she keeps this up, then we definitely won't win!" He said with finality.

While the rangers were thinking this, Kat and Tommy quickly exchanged a look, then Tommy spoke to the stone-cold Yellow, "Gia, are you sure that you don't want to tag one of your teammates?" He asked her gently.

Gia, with an unipressed glance, just rolled her eyes, "I don't need to." She answered coldly.

So, by the time the Kyoryugers had tagged their last member Souji, the Rangers were eight questions behind.

"Hey Gia! Why won't you give us a chance?" Jake called to her in frustration.

But Gia didn't answer. And, well, sadly enough for her, she didn't make it!

"So, as we can all tell, the Megaforce Rangers lose!" Tommy announced to the crowd, then he smiled at the Kyoryuger team, "Congratulations, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger!"

"YES!" The Kyoryugers cried out in joy and relief.

"Hmph!" Gia huffed very unhappily while some of the other rangers frowned in disappointment.

After the Kyoryugers received their awards and the title The Greatest Tokusastu of 2013, Amy quietly approached Emma, "Hi." She gently said.

Emma gave her a sideways look, "What do you want?" She asked coolly.

Amy just smiled warmly at the other girl, "Despite what all happened today, I think you did very well." She said in an attempt to befriend the other pink.

Emma just shrugged, "Yeah...and congrats on winning!" Then she hurried away before Amy could respond.

So Kyoryu Pink rejoined her teammates, "Amy, where'd you run off to?" Ian playfully asked her.

Amy just shrugged slightly, "I just went to check on something." Then she quickly changed the subject, "C'mon guys, let's get ready to go home." She said with a smile.

As the Kyoryugers prepared to leave, Souji approached Amy casually, "I don't think you'll ever become friends with that girl." He said to her, already knowing what she'd been doing.

Amy just sighed, "You're probably right." But she still hoped that one day things between her and Emma would change and they could be friends.

Meanwhile, the Megaforce Rangers were moping angrily, "Why did this have to happen?!" Gia whined miserably.

Jake just shrugged, "Maybe it's because our teamwork was off." He suggested quietly.

Hearing this, Gia just rolled her eyes, "Really? Don't make me laugh!" And with that, she stormed off somewhere.

Seeing this, Emma just sighed, "I really wish Gia would understand." She said ratherly sadly.

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