Sorry, It's been a year or so, but I will be happy to say my writing skill is better now…

I actually forgot I had a fan fiction account. Sorry. Well here it is. Next chapter in 2015! (I'm joking, I hope…) Since this was rushed, it was rushed, therefore in this one, no fancy dialogue for France. France: boo.

"England! England! Look at me! I'm going to be a strong country one day!" Chibi America shouted with all his gusto. "Yes, yes, you would make a fine country indeed." England replied. "You really think so?" Chibi America questionably looked at England. England walked over to America and picked him up. "I know so."

England rudely had his nap interrupted by that FROG and started to complain "Bloody hell… What are yo-"Was all England could say before France cut him off. "Turns out that it was a small one that couldn't do any actual damage just a gigantic storm." The frog croaked. "Plus we wouldn't be able to fly in such weather, so mistake in my part. Ohonhonhon…" England was furious, but seeing America awake captured his attention. "So the git is finally awakes up." America gave England a glare and said "The same could go for you. Seems France and you didn't get your degrees in meteorology." England was going to have a snarky comeback, but the coughs took more importance over his words and he started to have a fit of them too. "England, are you okay?" France said in a rush. "Two people sick, that's beautiful." America stated. "Since when did you learn to be an ass?" France shouted at America. "I was raised by Britain." America nonchalantly replied. 'buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn' America though in his head while England flipped him off. "Let's go back to my place." America stated dully.

England had forgotten what it was like to have America sick. He was more of an ass and less stupid. 'I'm not sure which one I prefer…' England thought. "England, next time don't give up your coat, and DON'T put it on me." America demanded. 'I prefer normal America.' England confirmed in his head. England decided to have a risky conversation with America as France drove the car back to America's house. "So, how did you get sick?" "I don't know, how did you?" America snapped back. "Well, giving you my jacket, refusing to change clothes and walking in the rain with wet clothes. Now back to you, why are YOU sick?" England stated his comeback. He wished he wasn't nice to America earlier, because now he wants to strangle him. "Hey France, are you sick?" "Quit trying to avoid the question." "Fine. I don't know. Everything has been pretty much normal…" America replied reluctantly. "Everybody, we are back to America's~!" France sang. Everyone reluctantly got out of the car and went inside.


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Also I hated when I had the theme of Sandy, because It wasn't that big or anything like that… plus logic. You don't go on a plane when there is a hurricane. 1 year makes a difference