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New York was a beautiful city, at least to the 25-year-old Finn Hudson. Finn truly was one lucky guy because he was born into New York's high society. From his stepfather Burt, he had inherited the IT company "Hummel Industries". Actually, his stepbrother Kurt (Burt's son) should have inherited the company but after graduation he moved to L.A. and lived there, together with his boyfriend Blaine.

Finn sat in the living room of his huge apartment (which, in his opinion, was way too big for one single person but his mother had insisted that he should live in a "proper" apartment and well, there he was), drank a beer and stared out of the window. The skyline of Manhattan looked beautiful but Finn felt lonely. He imagined how life would be if he had a wife and maybe two or three kids. He had always wanted a family of his own. But when it came to women, Finn was a total failure. He didn't know how to act around women in general, let alone be attractive or something, and his last girlfriend Rebecca had cheated on him. She was pregnant and told him the baby was his but in reality it was from another guy she had slept with. It still made Finn sick and uncomfortable whenever he thought about it. Suddenly his phone rang.

"Hey, Hudson, you in? Movie night at my place?" said a familiar voice at the other end of the line. The voice belonged to Finn's best friend Puck.

"Sure. When?" Finn replied. He was happy that he had an excuse to leave the lonely apartment and something which prevented him from too much thinking how life could be.

"About an hour? Santana and Brittany are coming over too" Puck answered, then the line went dead.

An hour later, Finn stood on the front porch of the Puckerman household. Puck's wife Quinn opened the door and pulled him in for a quick hug. Quinn and Finn knew each other since High School and were pretty good friends as well.

"Hi Finn. Good to see you. Puck's already waiting" Quinn said and ushered him inside. In the living room of the Puckerman's, everything looked prepared and ready for a good movie night. On the table were crisps, chocolate, beer, wine, coke and a bunch of good movies. Finn grinned and fist bumped with Puck.

"Hey dude" Puck greeted and patted his shoulder. Then Finn greeted the two other women and the room, a fairly tall Latina, Santana, and a blonde, Brittany. They were Quinn's friends and a lesbian couple. Finn went with them to High School as well and back then, they weren't exactly friendly with each other but over the years, they had formed some kind of friendship as well. Santana gave him and unreadable look.

"So, Finnocence, still a virgin?" she asked in a slightly provocative tone. That was one thing, Finn certainly didn't like about Santana. She always had to bring up his virginity. Truth was, he wasn't a virgin anymore but nobody, aside from his family, knew that Rebecca had ever existed. As far as his friends knew, he was still a virgin and never had had a girlfriend. He himself didn't know why he never told them about Rebecca.

"Santana!" Quinn grumbled but Santana just shrugged.

"What? I know you all are dying to know it as well but none of you has the balls to actually ask so stop pretending you don't want to know it" Santana snapped.

"Umm…well…" Finn stammered.

"So, who's up for a movie?" Quinn asked and saved him. He gave her a thankful look.

"I am" Brittany exclaimed.

"Next time, Hudson, next time" Santana growled.

Halfway through the fourth movie Finn got tired and bored. Santana and Brittany left over an hour ago, Quinn went to bed and Puck was too drunk to recognize anything. Finn yawned and looked at his watch. It was 2 am in the morning. Finn noticed that Puck was asleep and he stood up from the sofa carefully not to wake him. Puck turned to the other side and mumbled something in his sleep. The whole apartment smelled like alcohol and a wave of nausea hit him. He turned off the tv, grabbed his stuff and left the apartment as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Finn's apartment was only two blocks away from Puck's but suddenly, he didn't feel like going home anymore so he kept on walking for a little while and finally arrived at Central Park. At night, the park looked peacefully. You could see the reflection of the moon on the surface of a little pond and the old oak trees swayed on the wind. The leaves rustled slightly. It was September and this night was quite chilly. Finn shuddered but walked on until he reached a small bench. He said down and looked up into the sky. He tried to see some stars but he couldn't because the city lights were too bright. He looked and then he saw the other side of Central Park which was a big contrast compared to the seemingly peaceful atmosphere. Well hidden, in the shadows of the shrubbery, there sat or slept some homeless people and a few drug addicted junkies said on a few benches. Finn frowned. This place sure was a twilight zone. Finn closed his eyes and enjoyed the silence but then, a shrill yell ripped the air apart.

"No! No!" somebody yelled in the darkness. It was a high voice, the voice of a child.

"Come here, bastard" a deep male voice slurred back and Finn listened closely. He got up from the bench and followed the voices.

"No, please, let me go" the child's voice yelled again and it sounded desperately. Finn followed them and when he turned around a corner, he was shocked. A little girl, maybe four or five years old, laid on the grass and an apparently drunk man kneeled beside her and pushed her down.

"Hands off of this girl right now" Finn said firmly and the man got up.

"Mind your own business" he slurred and stumbled backwards. The girl stood up and hid behind Finn's legs.

"Help me, please" she pleaded and Finn looked into her beautiful big green eyes. The girl had light brown hair which curled around her shoulders softly and a perfect little nose. She was extremely skinny and her dress and tights looked dirty and were torn. She looked horribly helpless and vulnerable. Finn just had to help her. The drunk man made a second attempt to grab the girl but Finn was faster.

"Don't get any closer to her" he said in a low voice.

"Little bastard here wanted to steal my wallet" the man growled.

"Is that true?" Finn asked. The girl nodded sheepishly and pulled a brown wallet out of the pocket of her dress.

"I'm sorry" she whispered and handed the wallet back to the man. He took it, turned on his heel and stumbled away. Suddenly, Finn heard a tiny sob next to him. A little tear rolled down the cheek of the girl.

"Hey, it's ok. Everything's ok" Finn whispered and hugged the girl protectively.

"Th..Thank you" she whispered and sobbed again. Fin took the girl into his arms and rocked her back and forth until her crying stopped.

"What's your name, by the way?" Finn asked.

"Amalthea. Amalthea Lola Berry. But call me Amy" said the girl with a sense of pride in her voice.

"Hi Amy. I'm Finn Hudson" Finn said and smiled. Amy giggled.

"Hudson? Like the river?" she asked and chuckled again.

"Like the river" Finn confirmed. But then, Amy's face fell again and she looked sad. Finn started to wonder where this girl came from and what she has been doing out here, in the middle of the night, alone.

"Amy? Where do you live? I'm going to walk you home" Finn offered. New tears formed in Amy's eyes.

"Nowhere" she whispered and sobbed again.

"Shh" Finn cooed and hugged her once more.

"I don't know where my mommy is. We don't have a home. Sometimes we sleep here, in the park, sometimes out on the street" she gasped and Finn's heart broke for that girl. She was a homeless child. Finn whispered some words of comfort to her.

"We'll find your mom" Finn promised.

"How? I don't know where she is. I ran away and now I don't know where she is" Amy cried.

"Why did you run away?" Finn asked and Amy swallowed a few times thickly.

"Mommy cried the whole evening because today was a bad day and she didn't have any food for me and she just cried and cried. I wanted to help so I ran away when she was asleep and tried to steal the wallet" Amy explained in a sad voice. She looked so tired and Finn doubted that they would find her mother now, in the middle of the night.

"Amy, you could stay the night at my place and tomorrow we'll look for your mom, ok?" Finn offered. Amy just collapsed into his arms. He picked her up and carried her to his apartment.

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