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Chapter 1

(Emily's POV)

After helping Johnny Blaze in Europe, I looked on my cell that the news that the president was attacked a blue demon my guess that a mutant wasn't too pleased with no freedom. I wondered if this was Magneto's doing, last time we saw him together was at New York. But he's supposed to be in his plastic prison where he can't hurt humanity anymore. I followed Logan behind and looked around where the Professor told us that Alkali Lake could help us find some answers.

I blew into my hands and even though I'm dressed warmly my hands were freezing cold. Logan looked back and asked gruffly, "You okay, babe?" I said shivering with my lips blue and annoyed, "It's below thirty, we're at an abandon military compound, and my toes may need to be chopped off." Logan chuckled as he held him around my waist and said with a wolfish grin, "Come on, I'll keep ya warm." I smiled and held him tightly as I tried to keep warm as I can.

When we reached the bottom, we saw a wolf at the entrance and he kept looking at us. The wolf went inside as if he was guiding us in. I looked around and it looked like everything was blown to bits. I sighed and said annoyed, "Great, someone blew it up." Logan sighed and I said sadly as I went to hug him, "I'm sorry, baby." Logan chuckled and kissed on the top of my head as he held me tightly. I sighed and looked back wondering how Marie and the others are doing…


(Jaden's POV)

My name is Jaden Rose and I'm mutant also an X-Man. My codename is Alpha because of being a top werewolf can be quite handy. I was wearing dark brown long sleeve shirt with black jeans and military combat boots. My hair is black except the tips and highlights in my hair are blonde. Plus my eyes are light blue which is on my mother's side of the family.

I came back to the Institute to teach even though I'm nineteen. I teach the students archeology like my father and my brother Cody is still at S.H.I.E.L.D. trying to make a difference in the world. Ororo and I taking the students on a field trip to the museum. I sniffed the air and went to the food court to see that Rouge, Bobby, and John were getting hassled by two major dicks.

I then intervened and said annoyed as I took the John's lighter back and tossed it back to John, "Man, I think you two are such clueless assholes I ever met." The kid who had a cigarette in his mouth said annoyed and pissed off, "I want a damn light." I said with a smartass remark a bit pissed off, "Then turn the light in your head and go find yourself a pack of matches." The guy punched my nose and I growled as I showed my yellow eyes and fangs. The kids were freaked out and everything stood still.

John waved his hand in his buddy's face and Rouge looked at me and I said as my eyes went to light blue again calmed down and my fangs went to normal teeth, "I didn't do this." I then heard Charles's voice, "No. I did." I groaned as I got up and sighed. Charles said as he came towards me, "And the next time you feel like showing off, don't."

I sighed and I knew he was right. I looked up to see that the news was on saying that the president and vice president were not harmed but they were attacked by mutants. Scott said as he looked at the Professor, "I think it's time to leave, Professor." I looked at Charles as I nodded my head and Charles said in agreement, "I think you're right." When we left and back at the Institute Charles unfroze the minds of the people in the museum.

We were discussing what happened on the news and Scott said seriously and angry, "My opinion? Magneto's behind this." Jean said concerned and seriously her sitting down with the Professor, "No. I don't think so, Scott." I said in agreement, "I'm with your girlfriend, Scott. Sure Magneto is capable doing this from his prison but for that guy it wouldn't seem right." Charles said in agreement, "Jaden is right. It would only hurt his goal for mutant prosperity."

Scott said annoyed and seriously as he sat down across from the Professor, "You mean superiority." Charles sighed and said concerned and seriously as he rolled up next to me, "You're right. If Eric had his way…" Ororo said seriously and concerned as she walked up to the Professor, "Of course, you know how the government will respond." I said seriously as I looked at the Professor, "They'll reintroduce the Registration Act." Charles said seriously as he looked at us with worry, "Or worse. The president could declare a state of emergency."

I sighed and I crossed my arms as the Professor continued, "Place every mutant in the country under arrest." Jean asked curiously and seriously as she leaned in, "Do you think the assassin was working alone?" I said as I leaned back on the couch, "Well, we'll only know if we find him before the authorities do." Charles said disappointed, "I've been trying to track him using Cerebro…but his movements are inexplicably erratic." Charles then said hopefully as I got up, "When I more exact coordinates…Storm, Jean, and Jaden, I'll need you to take the jet and try to pick him up."

I nodded and I asked concerned as the rest of the team left, "Any word from my sister?" Charles said with a grin, "She's fine. She's with someone she cares about." I smiled and said as I left, "Hope he can handle her."


Next day, I see Rouge and Bobby playing Thumb War and I hear a motorcycle coming as Bobby tried to kiss her. Rouge smiled as she got up and ran off. I went to go see where she was going and I couldn't believe who I saw.

(Emily's POV)

Logan and I came back to New York at the school. I smiled and Logan had his arm around my waist as he had his duffle bag on his right shoulder. I saw Marie smiling as she saw me. Marie then rushed towards me as said, "Emi!" I smiled as she hugged me and I hugged back. I asked as she broke the hug, "You miss me, Marie?" Marie shrugged her shoulders and said as if she didn't care, "Not really." I chuckled and I asked, "How you doing?" Marie smiled and said with a smile, "I'm okay. How are you?" Logan then asked as that blonde haired kid came up to her side, "Who's this?" Marie explained with a smile, "Oh, this is Bobby. He's my…"

Bobby then said as he looked at Logan and me, "I'm her boyfriend. Call me Iceman." Bobby shook my hand and then Logan's as Logan's hand turns to cold. I asked with my arms crossed with a smile as I looked at Marie, "Boyfriend?" Marie smiled and Logan asked as he looked at them, "So how do you guys…?" Bobby explained as he stuttered, "Well, we're still working on that." I then heard a familiar voice, "Then make a move a Bobby otherwise she'll be taken."

I looked behind them and I couldn't believe who I was seeing. It was Jaden, my little brother. Jaden said with a grin, "Hey, sis." I said with a smile as I rushed to hug my little brother, "Jaden!" Jaden laughed as did I. Logan asked as he looked at my brother and I broke the hug, "Who's this?" I explained with a smile, "Logan this is Jaden my little brother. Jaden this is…"

Jaden said with a grin as he shook hands with Logan, "Logan or Wolverine. I heard about you saving my big sister's life back at Liberty Island." Logan then said as he wrapped his arm around my waist, "I'm her boyfriend as well." Jaden then crossed his arms and said as he looked at me, "You know you need to call dad about this."

I laughed and I heard another familiar voice, "Look who's come back. Just in time." I looked up to see Ororo coming down the stairs and I asked as looked up, "For what?" Ororo explained as she finally came down the stairs, "We need a baby-sitter." Logan asked with a raised eyebrow, "Baby-sitter?" I laughed and Ororo said with a smile, "Nice to see you again, Logan. Emily."

I heard more footsteps coming down the stairs and I saw Jean said as she came down, "Hi, Emily. Logan." I said with a smile, "Hi, Doc." Ororo said with a grin, "I should go and get the jet ready." Jaden said with a grin as he left with Ororo, "I'll go with ya." Bobby said with a grin, "Yeah, well, it was good to meet the two of you." I smiled and Marie said as she left with Bobby, "Bye, Emi. Logan I'll see you later." I said with a grin, "Okay." Jean explained to Logan and I, "Storm, Alpha, and I are heading to Boston. We won't be gone long."

Jean continued to explain as I felt a headache inside my head, "The Professor wants us to track down a mutant who attacked the president." I saw flashes of a fiery bird and I asked as I looked at Jean trying to hide the pain, "So it was a mutant?" Jean said with a grin as she looked at us, "You'll both be here when we get back…unless you two plan on running off again."

I sighed and Logan then held me tightly as looked down at as he said, "Well, I can probably think of a few reasons to stick around." I smiled as I leaned against him and held him. Scott asked annoyed as he came downstairs, "Find what you were looking for, Logan? Emily?" I sighed and said annoyed, "More or less." Jean laughed and said as she left, "I'll see you boys later. See you later, Emi."

I laughed as Logan rubbed my left shoulder with his thumb and I know Scott and Logan aren't on best of terms but something tells me something was wrong. Scott kissed Jean goodbye as she left and Logan asked with a grin as Jean was gone, "Aren't you gonna welcome us home?" Scott said nothing and I said as I tossed him his motorcycle keys, "Your bike needs gas." Scott said ticked off as he tossed me back the keys, "Then fill her up."

I sighed and said as I looked at Logan and Scott left, "Same old, Same old." Logan chuckled and kissed me as I kissed back. I then wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted my right leg his rough hand to his waist. I broke the kiss and said quietly with a smile but not to break the embrace, "We need to see one more person." Logan sighed and said with a grin, "You're lucky you're so damn beautiful." I laughed with a smile and we went to see the Professor.

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