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Chapter 3

(Logan's POV)

We were both asleep as I held Emily's naked body next to mine as I had one of those nightmares again. I could see my tags…and thoughts going through my mind. I need you to read my mind againI'm afraid the results will be the same as beforeHe'll be indestructibleHis entire skeletonAdamantiumSometimes the mind needs to discover things for itselfWolverineNo memory. He'll have no memory. I could see myself running with a kid running behind me as I opened the door.

I woke up as I breathed heavily and I looked down to see Emi was sleeping with her arms around me. I slowly pulled her arms off and got dressed in white working tank top and blue jeans. I hear her stirring as she asked sleepily, "Logan…? You up…?" I sighed and said before I kissed her briefly, "Get dressed and we'll have a beer."

(Emily's POV)

I stretched and got up. I put on a bra and a light blue tank top with jean shorts as I walked with Logan. I said with a seductive smile as I held him, "You are so damn good at what you do." Logan chuckled and said with a smirk as he held me against the wall, "Well we could go back in bed and I give ya another lesson." I laughed with a smile as I kissed him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I said with a smile as I broke the kiss but with our noses barely touching each other, "You are really are addictive you know that."

We then heard a kid asking "Can't sleep?" We broke the embraced and I asked curiously, "How can you tell?" The boy with the glasses answered as he flicked the TV channels with his eyes, "'Cause you're awake." Logan asked gruffly as he rubbed my right arm with his right hand, "Right. How about you?" The kid said in a dead pan tone, "I don't sleep."

Logan and I looked around and found the kitchen. I looked to find Bobby in the kitchen eating ice cream and looked like he was caught red handed. Bobby said as he put the spoon down, "Hey." I said with a smile, "Hey." Logan asked gruffly as we walked into the kitchen, "Doesn't anybody sleep around here?"

Bobby said as he continued to eat the ice cream, "Apparently not." Logan looked in the fridge as he asked, "Got any beer?" Bobby chuckled and said as he ate a spoonful of ice cream, "This is a school." I asked with a smile as I looked at the cabinet on the left, "So that's a "no"?" Bobby nodded his head and said as he got curious, "Yeah, that's a "no"."

I asked as I pointed at a cabinet, "Is that my brother's soda?" Bobby said curiously, "Yeah, but he doesn't let us near it." I smiled as I got on my tiptoes and grabbed two bottles of the so called soda. I peeled the stick off to reveal a label of beer. I chuckled and said with a smile as I tossed a bottle to Logan, "Here ya go babe." Logan caught the bottle and Bobby asked confused, "How did you know it was beer?" I said with a smile, "My brother Jaden looked more mature than me when getting the beer. So he makes soda stickers to fool dad he was buying soda instead of beer."

We both looked at our beers and handed to Bobby. The blonde blew on them and handed back to us. Logan and I opened our caps and I said with a smile and clank his beer against mine, "Cheers." Logan chuckled and he and I sat down across from Bobby as I said with a smile, "Thanks." Bobby said with a smile, "No problem." Logan asked gruffly as he drank some of the beer, "How long you been here?"

Bobby answered as he closed the lid on the ice cream container, "Couple years." I asked surprised and curiously, "And your parents just sent you off to mutant school?" Bobby explained as he dropped the spoon on the table, "Actually, my parents think this is a prep school." I sighed and said sadly, "Oh, I see." Bobby's parents don't know that their own son is a mutant. Logan said gruffly as I took a swig of my beer, "I suppose lots of prep schools have their own dorms, campuses…"

Bobby said with a raised eyebrow, "Jets." I chuckled and asked with a grin, "So you and Marie, huh?" Bobby said as he played with the spoon, "Yeah." I raised my left eyebrow and crossed my arms as he explained, "It's not what you think. I'd like it to be, but it's just…" I asked annoyed and a bit mad as I stared at him, "Just what, Iceman?"

Bobby sadly explained as I could tell he wanted to be near her, "It's just that it's not easy…when you wanna be closer to someone…but you can't." I sighed and Bobby then said what surprised me, "But she can touch your brother." Logan asked curiously and gruffly with a raised eyebrow, "How?" I explained as I could remember, "Jaden has hardened skin like diamond nothing can get in him not even needles or absorption and since Marie absorbs memories and mutant powers through skin contact…"

Logan figured it out and said gruffly, "She can't absorb his powers." I asked curiously and concerned, "Has my brother in anyway…?" Bobby said a bit jealous and a bit mad, "Yes. When she touched him and nothing happened she was happy." I smiled slightly and asked concerned, "Does he know you and Marie are…?" Bobby said mad as he gripped his spoon, "Yes and it pisses me off." I said with a small smile, "I think my brother is feeling same way about you and Marie."

Bobby went to the kitchen sink as he threw his spoon in it. I said quietly and sadly as Bobby walked away, "I'm sorry." I sighed and rested both my hands on my face and said under my breath, "Some pep talker I am." Logan rubbed my upper back and said with a grin, "Well you did set up a complicated love triangle." I laughed and as I lifted my head to look at him. Logan asked concerned as he looked at me, "What about you?"

I sighed and said as I cuddled up close to him, "After the Liberty Island incident, I keep getting headaches and flashes of images." Logan asked curiously and concerned, "And that power in you?" I sighed and said scared, "I think it's struggling to get free." My body was shaking and said gruffly as he held my held to look at him, "Look at me Emi." I looked at Logan as he said gruffly and honestly, "I'll never let anything happened to ya." I kissed Logan and held onto him as if I was gonna lose him forever. I gasped as I sensed people who weren't students and I said quietly and cautiously, "Logan, we got company." A man came into the kitchen with a gun and Logan and I fought him off until I heard a painful scream and fell onto the ground seeing the images in my head.

The fiery bird and ferrous dragon fighting on and on as it flashed into my mind. The scream stopped and Logan finished him off and picked me up as he asked, "You okay, babe?" I nodded my head and got up. We went out of the kitchen and one of the guys had Bobby. I slowly went up from behind him and knocked him out with my telepathy one by one. Logan said gruffly, "I'll handle this. You find the kids and get them out of here." Bobby looked at me and asked confused and scared, "What am I suppose to do?"

I said quietly as I left, "Improvise." I went to check on the kids and I heard other coming. I looked to see a guy carrying a little girl and I said concerned and quietly, "This way." I saw the kid with glasses on the floor and picked him up. I lead the kids to where the door was hidden behind the wall and the guy who was carrying the girl hit the wall and it opened. All of the kids went in and I said as I handed the guy to the kid with glasses, "Hey. Take him. He's stunned."

The guy said seriously and concerned, "I can help you." I said seriously as I left, "Help them. Take them to the Luna Mansion and tell them Emily sent you." I hid behind the wall and took out solider with my martial arts and said under my breath, "Here I thought things couldn't get worse." But I was wrong and I hoped Marie and the others are okay. I went downstairs and the soldiers were cornering them as I put up a telekitic shield as the darts were being repelled.

I yelled out of pain as I felt jabbed me with a rifle behind my back and fell down to the first floor. I then heard an angry yell and metallic sound as I looked up to see Logan picking me up and asked gruffly, "You okay?" I looked back to check on Marie and the others to see if they were okay and they were as I said in pain and rubbing my back, "I've been in worse scenarios."

Logan kicked down the door and a helicopter blocked our path and I said as I looked Logan and the others, "This way." Bobby opened the wall door as he said, "This is it." Marie and the other blonde kid went in and I sighed with a frown and pulled down the door as Marie exclaimed with worry, "Emily!" Logan unsheathed his Adamantium claws and I made fire around my hands as I yelled in anger, "You wanna shoot us? Shoot us!"

I then heard a man's voice yelling, "Don't shoot them!" I was shocked to hear this as the man said calmly and walked behind the soldiers, "Not yet." I couldn't see his face and he asked surprised, "Wolverine? Project Aura?" When I heard what he asked, I was frightened as he said with a calming tone, "Well, I must admit, this is certainly the last place…I'd expect to find you two."

I couldn't move and it felt my heart could stop at anytime as he asked, "How long has it been? Fifteen years?" I can tell as he looked at me and said, "Project Aura…you look so much like your mother." The guy then looked at Logan and said calmly, "You haven't changed one bit." The guy said as he came to the light with a creepy grin, "Me, on the other hand—nature." I trembled a bit and realized it was William Stryker.

(Rouge's POV)

I couldn't leave my friends behind as I yelled in concern and worry, "Wait! Wait! You guys, we gotta do something. They're gonna kill them." John said as he looked at me, "They can handle themselves. Let's go." I looked at Bobby and yelled worried, "Bobby!" Bobby looked at as I said pleading, "Please." Bobby sighed and I hoped he was going to help.

(Emily's POV)

Stryker said in amusement as he looked at Logan and me, "I didn't realize Xavier was taking in animals-even animals as unique as yourselves." Logan asked gruffly as he put himself in front of me, "Who are you?" Stryker chuckled softly and asked with a smirk, "Don't you remember?" Stryker then looked at me and asked as he continues to smirk, "Why don't you ask Project Aura? She remembers me, don't you?"

Before Logan could ask, a wall of ice was forming Logan yelled frustrated as he touched the wall, "No! No!" I was shaken up and I then gasped as I heard Marie, "Emily, Logan, come on. Let's go." I turned to look at Bobby and Marie and Bobby said seriously, "Logan. Emily." Logan gruffly as looked back at us, "Go! I'll be fine." I then rested my hand on his and I said worried and concerned, "But they won't." Logan looked at me and I pulled him to the wall door as he closed it behind us.

Bobby lead us to the garage and I said as he looked at the cars, "We need something fast." Logan looked at the blue sports car as the other blonde kid said as he opened the door, "I'm driving." Logan put him in the backseat and said gruffly as I went to the passenger door, "Hey. Maybe next time." Bobby said as we sat down, "This is Cyclops's car."

Logan asked with a smirk as he unsheathed one of his Adamantium claws to hijack, "Oh, yeah?" Logan started the car and we headed out of the garage. I rubbed my head as I looked out the window as the blonde kid asked, "What the hell was that back there?" I said softly and frightened, "Stryker. His name is Stryker." Marie asked curiously as she looked at me as did Logan, "Who is he?" I said quietly as I looked out the window, "A lifetime ago…buried in the past."

Marie dropped the necklace I gave her before I left with Logan as she said with a small smile, "Here. This is yours." Everyone was quite for a while and didn't say anything. The blonde said as he got up and said, "I don't like uncomfortable silences." The blonde turned on the radio and it was a boy band pop song. I pushed him back and turned off the radio as I asked annoyed, "What's the matter with you?" I then looked at it when something came out and Marie said curiously, "I don't think that's the CD player."

I took it and I opened it and looked like a cell phone. Logan said gruffly as he looked at the other, "Sit back." The blonde asked as lay back, "Where we going?" I explained as Logan drove, "Storm and Jean are in Boston. We'll head that way. My uncle Tulio will let us stay over there." Logan said as he drove fast, "Good." Logan looked at me and I knew I was gonna have to talk with him sooner or later, once we get to Boston.

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