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Chapter 4

(Emily's POV)

We arrived at Uncle Tulio's mansion and the blonde said with a smirk, "Nice place, your uncle has got." I opened the door as I took the key under the mat and yelled, "Uncle Tulio? Auntie Eleanor?" It looked like no one was home and I said as I looked at Logan and the others, "I'll find you some clothes to wear." I looked at the blonde playing with his lighter and I said seriously, "Don't burn anything."

Logan looked at me and I knew we had to talk but I took Marie and Bobby upstairs for clothes as well as the blonde kid. Bobby asked as Marie and I went to get clothes for her, "Where can I find some clothes for myself?" I said as I pointed down the hall, "My cousin has some clothes in your size on your left." The blonde asked as he looked down the hall, "We're not gonna wear anything dorky, are we?"

I said sarcastically, "Yeah, I want you to dress like nerds." The blonde scoffed and went towards where Bobby was heading as I sighed out of annoyance. Marie giggled and asked with a smile, "Was Jayden like that?" I smiled slightly and said as we looked for clothes in my Auntie Eleanor's room, "Yeah and so was Cody." Marie asked curiously, "Cody?" I explained with a smile, "My little brother. He's the youngest of the Rose family and he's mutant powers are like Jayden's."

Marie asked curiously as I made an outfit for her, "Have you ever liked two guys?" I sighed and asked as I handed the clothes to Marie, "Is this about Bobby and Jayden?" Marie nodded her head as she changed her clothes and I asked as I sat down, "Does Bobby know this?" Marie sighed and said sadly, "I can touch Jayden but Bobby's my boyfriend and Jayden cares about me but...I don't know what to do." I said honestly as I handed her white gloves, "I'm sorry. I can't help you with this one. You have to do this on your own."

I left the room and I saw Logan downstairs and said gruffly, "We need to talk." I said quietly as I came down, "Yeah." I went into the kitchen and Logan asked a bit pissed off and gruffly, "Why the hell you didn't tell me about my past?" I explained seriously as I went to drink a beer, "Stryker experimented on mutants. I was his first and I was fourteen years old when he used me. But the rest is a blank canvas and that's how far my memories of Stryker go."

Logan sighed and pulled me in for a hug and said gruffly, "Thanks, even though you're a pain sometimes, I still love ya." I giggled and hugged Logan back as I heard my uncle's Irish voice, "Emi!" I looked to see Uncle Tulio and Auntie Eleanor with groceries in their hands. I explained with a small smile, "Uncle, Auntie, this Logan my boyfriend." My uncle sighed and said to his wife, "Eleanor, make tea for our guests."

I sighed as Marie and the others came down and looked at me worried. We went into the living room and my Uncle wasn't too happy. My uncle asked angry as he held his cane, "Might I ask what in the seven hells are you doing here? You should've called first!" I sighed and explained honestly and seriously, "Uncle, a lot has happen at the Xavier Institute." My Uncle scoffed and asked annoyed as he looked at me, "And what trouble did the great Professor X get into now?" I said honestly and seriously, "William Stryker."

I heard something break in the kitchen as my Uncle sighed and got up from his chair as he asked seriously, "A moment my niece?" I sighed and followed my Uncle as looked out the window of his study room. My uncle asked seriously as he continued to look out, "How did Stryker find you?" I explained as I looked at my Uncle, "It was by accident." My Uncle said seriously as he turned to look at me, "Nothing is by accident. Stryker came to Xavier's mansion for a reason." I asked concerned, "What would Stryker gain from the…?"

I then realized as my Uncle looked at me and I said, "Cerebro…What would Stryker want from Cerebro?" My uncle said seriously as he sat down in his chair, "That is for you to find out and stop him." I knew my uncle was a mutant, he had the ability to see possible futures and see past memories, and I asked worried, "What is my future?" My uncle sighed and said honestly, "I don't know what the future holds for you. You have two minds living in your body."

I asked curiously and worried as I looked down at him, "Mine…and Draco's?" My uncle nodded his head and said seriously, "Yes, but I fear for your friend Jean Grey." I asked concerned and confused, "What do you mean?" My uncle said seriously as he got up, "I fear your friend that she might lose herself." Before I could ask, Logan said gruffly as he came in, "We better go."

I looked at my Uncle and said with a small smile, "I'll be back." My uncle said stubbornly before I walked out, "Next time, call when you're coming over with guests."


(Jaden's POV)

I looked at the radar and sighed as I said worried, "Nobody's responding. I can't get a signal." Ororo asked with a smile, "Why don't you take a break? I'll keep trying." I sighed and said as I took off my belt and went to the back of the Blackbird, "Okay." I saw Kurt praying on a rosary and I heard the prayer in German. Kurt then stopped as he saw me and I asked curiously as I sat down, "So, what are they?" Kurt explained with a smile as he knew what I was talking about, "They're angelic symbols…passed on to mankind by the Archangel Gabriel."

I said as I looked at them, "They're amazing." I then asked curiously, "How many do you have?" Kurt explained as he sheepishly smile, "One for every sin…so quite a few." I chuckled and I knew I made a few sins myself. Kurt asked curiously, "You and the two women are schoolteachers?" I nodded and said honestly and seriously, "Yes. At a school for people like us…where we can be safe." Kurt asked curiously, "Safe from what?" I tilted my head in confusion and explained, "Everyone else."

Kurt looked down and knew what it like was to be treated horribly. Kurt said as he continued to look down and looked back up at me, "You know, outside of the circus, most people were afraid of me. But I didn't hate them. I pitied them. Do you know why?"

I shook my head and Kurt explained honestly and sadly, "Because most people will never know anything…beyond what they see with their own two eyes." I was shocked as my eyes widened at what Kurt said. As I thought of my mother on what she said back to me when my powers first activated.

My mother said with a smile, "Jaden, its okay." I said as I cried as I hold my mother, "But they called me a monster…" My mother knelled down and asked with a smile, "Do you know why?" I shook my head as I rubbed my eyes and my mother explained, "Because most people will never know anything…beyond what they see with their own two eyes." I hiccupped and asked as I looked at my mother, "What does it mean?"

My mother smiled as she held me in her arms and said, "It means I love you, my little wolf." I hugged my mother tightly and smiled.

I then sighed and said angrily as I looked away, "Well, I gave up pity a long time ago." Kurt was shocked to hear this but who could blame him, after he did believe in faith. Kurt said sadly as he saw my hands form into fists, "Someone who cares about someone they love should not be so angry." I said angrily as I got up, "Sometimes anger…can help you survive." Kurt said honestly and seriously, "So can faith."

Ororo said as Jean prepared the Blackbird for its destination, "Alpha, I found an active com device." I asked seriously as I went to them to pilot the jet, "Where?"


(Emily's POV)

I then heard a beeping noise in my pocket. It was the device I found in Summers's car and I turned it on and I asked on the line, "Hello?" I heard Jaden's voice worried and concerned, "Sis, what's happening? We tried contacting the school and no one picked up." I explained seriously as I looked back at Marie and the others, "No one's left, Jaden. Soldiers came." I then heard Jean on the line as she asked concerned, "What about the children?"

I explained to ease them down, "Some of them escaped. I'm not sure about the rest. I sent the some who escaped to my mother's side of the family. They'll be safe."

Ororo said worried on the line as I looked at Logan, "We haven't been able to reach the professor or Scott either." Jaden asked seriously, "Where are ya, Sis?" I said seriously as I sensed some people who were not welcomed here, "Boston, with Uncle Tulio and Aunt Eleanor." Jaden said seriously as I heard engines roared in the back, "Okay. We're on our way."

I asked seriously and worried, "And Bro? Make it fast."

I then looked out and heard someone was here. I said seriously, "We have to go now." Marie asked worried as she looked up at me, "Why?" I exclaimed seriously, "Now!" Marie asked worried as she and Bobby got up and the blonde looking at me, "Emi, what's wrong?" Logan unsheathed his Adamantium claws and opened the door and saw two or three police cars. I said under my breath, "Shit."

I heard the police outside asking to come out of the house. Auntie Eleanor was on the floor as I saw a tranquilizer dart on her back. Marie and the others were behind us worried as the police officer exclaimed, "Drop the knives and put your hands in the air." Logan asked seriously and curiously, "What's going on here?" I looked up at the neighbor's house and I saw a woman who covered herself and sneered at us. I said under my breath and annoyed, "Samantha."

The officer exclaimed as he warns us, "I said drop the knives." I then heard banging from the back as an officer yelled, "Open the door!" I said under my breath, "Bad mistake." Logan looked at me and I heard bodies falling to the floor. I said calmly and explained, "This is a misunderstanding." The male officer repeated himself, "Put the knives down."

Logan explained as he said annoyed, "I can't." Logan slowly sheathed as he explained, "Look." The police officer fired his round and Logan felled onto the floor as Marie screamed. I was startled and the police officer said seriously and panicked, "All right, the rest of you, on the ground now." I said quietly as the most of us did what the officer told us, "Do as he says." Marie asked scared as she and Bobby followed my lead, "How are you not scared?"

I said calmly, "It's okay, Marie. He's alive." The officer said seriously and annoyed as I looked to see the blonde kid still standing, "Look, kid, I said on the ground." The policewoman said seriously as I read her thoughts, "We don't want to hurt you, kid." I said under my breath as I looked up, "My ass."

The blonde kid asked seriously as I hope he wasn't going to do something stupid and he opened his lighter, "You know all those dangerous mutants you hear on the news?" Before I can stop the kid, he said as he begins to manipulate the fire, "I'm the worst one." The kid blew them away his manipulation with the fire as I tried to stop the fire. More police came and the kid tried to blew them up as I yelled, "Marie!" Marie knew what to do and took off her glove as she then touched the blonde kid's ankle.

The kid soon was losing his power as I manipulate the fire and turned it down and stop the flames. I heard the bullet fell as Marie let go of the blonde kid's ankle. I looked up to hear a jet as I said with a small smile, "Music to my ears." Logan got up and asked as he pulled me up, "You okay, hun?" I said with a smile as I looked at him, "Nothing I can't handle." I then looked back at the blonde kid, who made a small smile then frowned as I glared at him.

Marie and the others went on ahead to get on the jet and Logan followed them from behind. I looked up to see my uncle, who was watching over me, gave me a small smile. I smiled back and my uncle mouthed, 'Be safe.' I then went to follow the others and got on the jet.

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