Tales of the Nomads

Just a collection of One-shots that I'm going to write about the Nomad Charter. No, I am not going to have it disband and this story can be considered AU.

Yes, there are going to be a lot of OC's in this story, however there will be the occasional appearance of Happy, and maybe some of the SAMCRO guys.

Summary: Tales from the Special Forces Unit of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, the Nomad Charter. AU. Rated T for now.

Disclaimer: This is a Blanket Disclaimer. I don't own anything.

Chapter 1

1982, Summer Time

"All in favor of Quinn Thomas patching into this charter?" asked Lee Hancock as he sat on his bike, with about 12 other men sitting around in a circle. The barely 8 year old Charter didn't have a place for Church, and only attended whenever they might've been in a town with a Charter.

All other times, the Nomad Charter held their meetings like this, in a circle of bikes. It was probably the only way any business could get done with the Nomads.

As all 13 men said, "Yay", Lee smiled. The Founder of the Charter had taken a liking to the 27 year old Former Marine from SAMCRO. At 6'5", and over 200 pounds, the Vietnam Vet was a man not to be fucked with.

As Quinn smiled at the decision, Lee then said, "Welcome to the Nomads Quinn."

"No problem Brother." he replied, before scratching his beard as Lee walked up to him and gave him a Manly Hug.

5 Months Later

Lee was solemn as he called the meeting into Order once again. His Vice President and Best Friend ever since the Nomads had started, Wild Bill, had been murdered in cold blood 5 days ago. Yeah, they had taken care of business and killed the man responsible, but nobody could replace the friendship Lee had had with Wild Bill.

But still, the Nomads needed a VP. And he knew just the man for the Job.

"As we all know, Wild Bill was killed a few days ago. We've all to live with it. But we need a VP. And I've asked Quinn to be Bill's Replacement."

Every man there knew that Quinn was the man for the Job. He had done nothing but help the Nomads out ever since he'd Patched in. As all 20 of the Nomads raised their Hands in approval of the choice, Troll, the Nomads' Resident Bail bondsman and asshole, finally said, "Congrats, VP."

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed it. Any suggestion as to what their next adventure might be is welcome and if I choose to use it, I will be sure to credit the one who suggested it.