This one is for go4itgirl, who wanted to know, if a Nomad, with his unconventional life, had a conventional family life that no one was aware of. Well, hopefully this answers that question.

Chapter 3

May, 2006

Groundhog parked his bike in the garage of the suburban home and walked inside, carefully hanging the cut he had worn for over 20 years on the coat rack and yelled out, "Taya! I'm home!"

To his Nomad Brothers, the Portland native was simply known as Groundhog, the guy who used to be a trench digger and a Army Corporal, and as the guy who loved to blow shit to smithereens.

But here, in what he hoped what his own personal home, he was Dale Grant, a 50 year old Family Man and father of Two Sons and a Daughter.

Suddenly, his fiery, red-headed wife of 15 years appeared and proceeded to glomp hug him. She declared, "I'm so glad you're home, Dale. How did the run go?"

The Nomad smiled and said, "It went great. Wolfman nearly lost it, but all in all, Quinn declared it a success", fondly remembering the Autism Run the Nomads did yearly, in honor of Troll's Son, who had been born with it.

Yeah, the Nomads did experience a little of drama on occasion. That came with the life. Yeah, they might have been Enforcers for the Club, and it always came first.

But most of all, they were a brotherhood. They might not necessarily like each other, but they had the others back. They might not trust the other with their last beer, but they did trust each other with their lives.

But Groundhog felt that this family he had. This Family that he would give his life for. This was his private sanctuary. It wasn't uncommon for Nomad members to go crazy on the Road. And yeah, some of them did end up taking their own lives.

And come to think of it, all members of the Nomads had already written their Last Wills and Testimonies when they joined the Charter.

Groundhog kept his Family a secret from the Club because he wasn't sure how they'd take to it, and mainly because he had never had the chance.

But most of all, even though he would give his life for both of his Families, it was because he didn't want the enemy to know. What if they tortured one of his brothers into talking if they captured him?

Therefore, they couldn't tell what they didn't know.

5 days later

"Hey Groundhog!" yelled out Quinn as he embraced his Brother with a hug when he walked into the SAMROR Clubhouse.

"Hey Quinn. How was Alaska?" Dale asked, referring to Quinn's Wife and Children up in Alaska.

"It was fine." replied Quinn, before grabbing them both a beer. As they both sipped them, Quinn was deep in thought, as Groundhog could tell.

"So how long have you been married?" he asked out of the blue.

Dale spit out his beer and looked astonished at his President. "How'd you know?"

Quinn replied, "I make it my business to know about my Charter Members lives, to make sure they're doing Alright. Dale, I don't mean any harm about it."

Before Dale could open his mouth again, Quinn continued, "And I know what you're about to ask. I won't tell anybody if you don't want me to."

This comforted Groundhog to no end. In the 20 years he had known Quinn, he knew the Man ALWAYS kept his word. As his Daddy had once told him, A Man's Only as good as his Word, and how he treats his Family.

Dale nodded and said, "Thanks Quinn. I appreciate it."

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