This is my first fan fiction so please forgive me ifI'm not that good. btw I'm on my kindle so forgive also if there are any typos. let me tell you about myself a little first. I'm sixteen, I'm a sophomore, i have a boyfriend, i love and dream of singing, my hobbies are drawing and making YouTube videos. if you want to check it out my channel is Pokerania. don't ask my friend made it and i really want to change it. i love adventure time So much and I'll probably only be doing adventure time stories. especially fionna and cake stories. Ok let's to my fiolee story.

Fiona woke up to Cake staring at her standing on all fours on her stomach. She was smilingvery eagerly for some reason.

"Cake what did you do?" Fiona asked with concern and suspicion for her kitty sister.

"Nothing. Just made some bacon pancakes for my best sister ever for our ten year anniversary as adventuring buddies." Cake sang with her eyes wide and her big grin.

"Oh yeah i almost forgot. So what do you have planned today?" Fiona asked sitting up as Cake stepped back sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Well i figured we could go see if tree trunks has any Apple pies for us, then go slay some why wolves, and at the end of the day party over in the candy kingdom with Gumball."

"Yeah! APPLE PIE TIME!" Fiona cheered lifting her arms up in the air. She grabbed her bunny hat, changed into her favorite blue shirt and dark blue skirt and grabbed her green pack stuffingher sword in.

after finishing the bacon pancakes and having to deal with Cake singher bacon pancakes song the entire morning, Fiona jumped on Cake's back and rode totree trunks place.

"Hey TT. Where's the pie at? I've been hankering for some pies." Cake said rubbing her paws together.

"Well it's right here Cake. I even put icing on it in the shape of you guys as tribute for protecting my apples for so many years." TT said holding the pie out.

"Sweet babies! That's one gorgeous looking piece of pie." Cake cheered

"smells great too." Fiona said breathing in the smell.

"Oh Fionai almost forgot, i have a present for you." TT said holding out a yellow box with red apples decorating the paper. Fiona ripped it open to see a red Apple shaped pendant perfectly able to fit the handle of her sword.

"Awesome TT Thanks a mathematical bunch."

After eating the pie the day past with why wolf fighting and a bunch of thanks from the princes and kings of different kingdoms. But now it was time for Gumball's party. Originally Fiona would have dressed up fancy, even though it would be Cake forcing her, but Gumball insisted that she dress normal. But Cake wanted to look good for Lord monochromocorn(excuse my misspelling) So she wore a seafoam blue ribbon.

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