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Celest laid in her cell. Bruised, bleeding, and exhausted. She trained so much while her family was gone that she could even beat her own grandmother. She was able to turn into ferocious creatures, slice through thick steel, and fight like a master. But even though she'd finally reach her full potential, her grandmother felt like she still had more training to do.

"What's the plan honey?" Fiona whispered against the castle wall.

"Simple. Charge in, keep my mom away from Celest, free her, and get the glob out of here." Marshall answered.

"That plan may have some flaws in it." Cake said annoyed.

"Come on. Let's go." Marshall said leading them to the door.

-with Hannah-

"I think my granddaughter has had enough rest. It's time to get back to her training." Hannah said evily sitting in her throne.


"Give me back my daughter you ugly trench!" Marshall screamed after Cake blasted the door open with Reck behind her as a giant bat.

"Marshall!? What is the meaning of this? I thought you were trapped in Ooo." Hannah asked standing up.

"Yeah, well we're back. And I've come for my little girl. The Lich is dead and there's no need for her training anymore." Marshall demanded.

"No. She's almost reached her full potential and I'm going to get her there. Even if it means with blood and bruises." Hannah retaliated.

With that, Reck became furious and stomped up to his grandmother. He looked so furious you could easily see fire in his eyes like in a split second he could rip her in half. Must have been the Vampire rage.

"Listen to me grandma. I've fought, and killed the Lich without any of your stupid training. My sister has been here being pushed, bruised, and hurt for no reason at all. Now, today is my birthday. And all i want for my birthday I'd to have my sister back. And I'm not leaving without my birthday present, grandma." Reck growled just a foot away from Hannah's face.

Everyone was wide eyed.

*holy Crap. I'm proud yet, slightly terrified* was all Fiona thought

*Remind me not to get that kid mad* cake thought

*that's my boy. Do your old man a favor and beat the stuff out of her.* Marshall thought with wide eyes and a smirk.

"You want to fight? Alright grandson. Let's fight!" Hannah replied changing into her monster form.

Her mouth formed sideways, her head began to look like, well,a giant butt(if you could give me a better way to compare her head to something better would be awesome), and her arms formed into many black slimy tentacles.

"You stay away from him!" Marshall yelled. He ran to his mother, pulled out his axe bass, and began to slice off her tentacles while Fiona popped her soul sacks with each punch and cake ties her feet together.

"Son, go get your sister. We'll hold her off." Marshall yelled to his son as he struggled to slice another tentacle.

"But i can't just leave you here." Reck yelled back holding Hannah down.

"Do as your told, Rekalai. I promise we'll be alright. Now go!" Fiona yelled as she dodged an energy blast.

Reck nodded and quickly exited the room down a long hallway of many doors.

"Celest! Celestia! Where are you!?" Reck called down the hallway. He quickly checked every room buy ended up with just emptiness. When he got to the last room at the end of the hall, he saw a fireplace, shelves of many books, and a comfy chair.

"UGH! Celest where are you!?" He yelled leaning against the fireplace. Somehow one of the bricks was a button, and Reck accidentally pushed it. He quickly stepped back to watch the fireplace split in two showing a staircase down into who knows where.

Reck leaned his ear to hear any sign of his sister. He heard faint moans and soft coughs. "CELEST! Don't worry I'm coming!" Reck yelled as he transformed into a bat and flew down the long staircase.

When he got to the bottom all he saw was one large cell that reached from one end of the room to the other, which was about 30 ft across. There was a small window on the other side of the bars along with a very weak Celestia.

"Don't worry sis. I'm getting you out of here." Reck flew between the bars to the other side and transformed back to his normal form. He kneeled beside Celest examining how hurt she was. She has cuts, bruises, scars, you name it she had it.

"R-Rekalai? Is that you?" Celest whispered turning her head slowly.

"Yeah. Don't worry Celest, I'm getting you out of here. Your birthday present this year is freedom. " Reck replied transforming into his giant bat form. He gently picked up Celest and burst through the ceiling back into the throne room.

"Mom! Dad! Aunt Cake! I got Celest!" Reck yelled as they battled.

"Good job son. Let's get out of here." Marshall replied as he gave one last blow to Hannah's head knocking her out.

Reck changed back to his normal form again as Marshall took Celest in his arms and everyone began to run out of the Night-o-Sphere.

"She's going to be ok, right mom?" Reck asked with everyone stepping out of the portal.

"I'm not sure honey. But she's an Abadeer, she's a strong one." Fiona replied.

A few days later, Celest was getting better and healed. She would have been in there longer if not for her vampire powers. .

"How you feeling squirt?" Marshall asked putting his hand on her shoulder.

"A little better. Now that I'm home." Celest replied looking around the room. She saw her mother, father, Reck, aunt cake, and even Charlie was there. "Hey Charlie. What are you doing here?"

"Just checking on my Prince and princess. You two have done very well for yourselves. At such a young age too." Visit replied.

"We're not little anymore. We just turned ten." Reck replied pointing at himself.

"Oh you're still little. Just a little less little then last week." Marshall giggled ruffling his hair.

"And in honor of your heroic bravery," King gumball said walking in the room with Queen Cookie by his side.

"We and the kingdom would like to hold a celebration for your victory. " Queen Cookie added. "And invite the Vampire kingdom to join, as long as no one sucks the blood or color from any of our citizens or building. "

"Oh thank you Uncle Gumball. Thank you Aunt Cookie." Reck cheered getting up to hug them.

"We love you guys." Celest said getting up from her bed to hug her aunt and uncle.

"You're welcome kids." Gumball replied as him and his wife hugged the kids back.

"I'll be sure to tell the citizens of the restrictions." Charlie exclaimed.

"Oh and Charlie. Tell them, that if anyone doesn't follow gumbutt's rules, they get a year supply of blood." Marshall said before Charlie left.

"MARSHALL LEE ABADEER!" Fiona whined slapping his shoulder.

"I'm kidding I'm kidding." Marshall giggled.

"Ooo, can our opposites come to?" Reck asked cheerfully after Charlie left.

"Of course they can." Cookie replied happily.

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