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(Kelly POV)


Iron bars. That's what came to mind while I looked up at the tall dark building. Big strong iron bars that wrapped around my body and trapped me in with the old memories that came with looking at this place. I found my eyes wandering over the chipped brickwork, the littered grounds, the scorched grass that used to be the tool shed before the girls had gotten their hands on it with a newfound flare for experimenting with exposives. This place only ever spelled out two things for me: Hard work and Trouble. And now I was back. After nearly a year of finally getting away and moving on with my life I was forced to come back and face what to me could only ever be described as hell.

"Oi what do you think you're doing?"

I turned my head at the familiar voice, a smile rising on my lips while my mind threw me a distinct image of a girl with dirty blonde dreads walking towards a celled room full of money. I felt a tingle shoot up the bullet scar on my left side as I turned around to face her. I knew she probably wouldn't recognise me, not in the dark. I'd changed a bit since leaving this place too. My hair was a different style and I wore different clothes to the ones she'd grown to associate me with. I looked down at my dark leather jeans, blue top and biker jacket before meeting her gaze with my dark eyes. Unsurprisingly she looked away almost immediately, her blue eyes sliding down to focus on my right hand clenched around a bag. I smiled despite myself while I looked her over. She wore the same clothes she always wore when she was here; a white shirt, navy skirt and matching waistcoat with festival bracelets and a beaded necklace. She even had a spliff tucked away behind her right ear for safekeeping. I guess she'd never change her uniform.

She looked up under my gaze and quickly stepped forward, frowning at me like she was trying to figure something out. I smirked to myself. She was trying to work out where she'd seen me before. Deciding this was probably the best place to start explaining myself I raised a hand to my chin and gave a soft laugh. Her eyes snapped up to my face the instant she heard it

"Hello Celia"

She blinked, her face going lax with shock while her jaw dropped. I couldn't help but laugh at her. It was almost too comical. I dropped my bag and walked up to her, tilting my head and narrowed my eyes down at her while her eyes cut over me. I knew she couldn't believe what was happening. That I was actually here again. I bent down to her and snapped my fingers in front of her face, chuckling again when she jumped back a step

"Say something" I said starting to feel uneasy and self conscious when she failed to speak. I'd expected her to be happy to see me. Even anger would have worked out alright in my head if it meant she'd have reacted somehow. Celia looked up at me again before realising she still owned a voice

"Kelly?" She didn't shout it like I'd expected her to. In fact I wasn't even sure she'd spoken. I'd forgotten how quietly she spoke. Like a whisper but smoother. I looked down at her and caught her questioning stare

"Hey stranger" I grinned flicking a dreadlock out of her eyes like I used to when we hung out.

She followed the movement of my hand and grinned back at me. I guess the simple gesture made something click in her head because before I could comment on how slow her brain ran these days, I felt the breath being knocked out of my lungs while a pair of tanned arms wrapped around my back. I tensed for a second, a reflex I'd adopted for unprepared contact, before relaxing and hugging her back. I felt her gentle laughter rock my body while her grip squeezed around me before she stepped back. I couldn't help but grin back at her excited smile.

Then she hit me

"Where the hell have you been?!" She snapped angrilly while I regained my balance and ran a hand up to my jaw.

I could already feel the bruise blossom under my fingers while I studied her. When did she turn to violence? Had she changed that much in the past year? I moved my mouth around while another thought entered my head, Why didn't I react? Usually my reflexes would have snapped me into work mode and settled the problem before anything else could happen. I looked around at the rusty gates behind Celia, eyeing them cautiously. I'd been here all of twenty minutes and already everything I'd become being away from this place had began to leave. I felt a small flash of panic at the thought of it. What would six months being back do to me? I removed my hand from my face and sighed down at her. Hers was a question that was bound to be repeated continuously the minute I stepped into building. I looked down at her, watching her eye me cautiously. I held back a smirk. I was still unreadable and dangerous then? Brilliant.

"Around..." I said vaguely remembering my orders; Tell them as little as possible and only on a need to know basis. I knew better than to go against orders, it would only come back and bite me on the ass later on.

Celia gave me an irritated glare, obviously unhappy with my answer. I shrugged and walked back to my bag, picking it up and hefting it over my shoulder before strolling towards the main entrance to the building.

"Coming?" I called back to her, looking over my right shoulder and smirking challengingly at her. As always she grinned at my teasing and quickly skipped over the drive to me.

"Why're you back?" she whispered as we walked past the empty reception desk to the stairs.

She walked slightly ahead of me, as if leading the way. Something that was far from nessessary. I was only too aware of where everything was in this place. I quickened my pace so that I was climbing the stairs beside her. She stopped halfway up with her hand fixed on the bannister, leaning back to block my way up. I let out a tired sigh. Another question I couldn't answer. At least not truthfully. I tilted my head to the side and ran a hand up my neck, scratching away at the stress building up under my skin before addressing her again

"Just checking up on things" She didn't look like she bought it at all. I tried again, "I was asked to come back by Miss Fritton. She's onto something with the school and wanted some help"

"Onto what?"

"I'll find out in the morning" I sighed hefting the bag on my shoulder again and moving past her.

She held an arm up with smug grin, knowing I couldn't do anything to stop her. I glared back at her, hating how she was holding my lack of power here against me. I couldn't help but think about how weak I suddenly felt standing in the same halls I used to reign over.

"Move" I snapped, gently shoving her back against the bannister and stepping ahead of her before she could stop me. I felt her grab my wrist and pull me back a step

"You can't vanish for ages and then just show up with some stupid excuse Kelly. She'll murder you, you know that"

I repressed a shiver under her words and nodded, knowing she was right. What I was about to do was something mildly similar to jumping into a tank of hungry sharks. My eyes narrowed when I realised she hadn't said Her name. It was like she knew it'd spark some sort of unwanted reaction in me and was scared I'd take it out on her. I frowned down at her.

"I'll take what I get" I mumbled pulling my arm free and walking away again. I turned back when I heard her let out an annoyed sigh and threw my bag at her. I bit back the laughter building in my throat when she glared up at me

"Be a dear and take my bag to my room" I said to her innocently. She raised her eyebrows at me with disbelief

"You can't tell me what to do Kelly" she growled throwing the bag back. I caught it and flicked it back at her

"Yes I can. Don't forget who you're talking to Celia"

"An ex head girl with no power in her old school?" she muttered under her breath. I laughed at her and nodded

"Yeah. But an ex head girl who knows everything about you. Blackmail's a beautiful thing, wouldn't you agree?"

She met my lazy smile and glared again before shouldering my bag and storming off past me. I chuckled softly and followed her, looking around at the old corridors as I did. I couldn't help but let a small smile reach my lips while I ran over all the old memories that kept surfacing

That's where Andrea and Taylor had their first fight...And those are the scorch marks from where the twins set fire to those disgusting curtains...and over there's where me and Polly stood when we first saw Annab...

My mind stuttered on her name. Out of all the memories this place had to give, that was the one that hit home the hardest. We were on the fifth floor now, everywhere I looked brought up another memory of Her. Laughing on the stairs, walking hand in hand to the roof, glaring side by side unamused at the latest prank pulled on us by the chavs, kissing in the corridor before splitting up for class, being pulled up the dorm stairs to my room by my tie while she grinned mischieviously up at me.

I clenched my fists and walked past them all. I wouldn't let it get to me. I refused to fall to a crumbling mess over it all. I was on a job. That was all this was. Nothing about this place was about to change the way I was now. I sighed to myself knowing I was kidding myself. This school was built to break resolve and prove you wrong. Everything you knew about yourself changed the minute you passed through the front door. Regardless of who you were or how many times you'd walked in before. But that wouldn't stop me from trying.

Celia stopped by the stairs to the sixth floor, turning back to me with a small frown. I knew what was going through her head. I wasn't a student so where was I supposed to sleep? I smiled and nodded my head towards the corridor to the left of the stairs where the staff rooms were located. She nodded and began walking again, missing the way my smile dropped the second she turned away.

This feels way too weird. Being back but not sleeping in my room.

I rolled my eyes at myself. It wasn't my room. It was the head girl's room. Just because I'd occupied it for a time didn't mean I owned it for life

I followed Celia to the room Miss Fritton had told me about during our phone call earlier. I'd be borrowing Miss Dickinson's room while she was away "recooperating". I'd laughed my head off when the head mistress had told me the English teacher had lasted longer than we'd all expected. The fact that it'd taken nearly two years to break her either spelt out a lack of effort in the girl's pranks or a silent resilience in the English teacher. Either way I had them both to thank for not having to go without a bed while I was on this pointless mission. I was brought out of my thoughts when Celia opened the door to the room and stepped back out of my way so I could walk in first. I raised an eyebrow at her and leant against the doorjamb shaking my head

"Do I look stupid?" I asked her looking in at the dark room while she smirked at me


I glared at her and quickly grabbed her by the shirt. Before she knew what was happening I'd shoved her through the door and turned the light on. A series of tapping echoed through the room before Celia looked up and swore. A bucket of slime landed on her head, swiftly followed by a feather pillow swinging on a rope. My body shook with laughter as I doubled over howling with amusement. She wiped her face clean of the stuff before marching up to me and smacking my shoulder. My laughter died instantly and I straightened up to glare down at her. She matched my gaze with a challenging stare, pointing back at the room behind her

"You're an asshole" she growled. I grinned and nodded at her, pissing her off even more, "You can unpack your own crap" she spat shoving past me and storming off up the corridor.

I shook my head and stepped into the room, casting a quick scan around it in search of anymore traps. My eyes settled on a trip wire by the bathroom door, following the near invisible line up the wall to the can of lighter fluid, a pair of knives held up on either side of it. I grinned recognising it as the prank I'd invented myself. Once tripped the wire would release the knives so that one cut into the metal can and release the gas, while the other angled up to hit the first knife, making a tiny spark that would make the gas catch fire. Ingenious if I didn't say so myself.

"Still in their hearts I see" I muttered with a warm smile as I leant up to remove the knives.

Once they were free I threw one down onto the dresser beside the door and used the other to cut the cannister free. I kicked the trip wire letting it snap up to the wall before ripping it free altogether. After that I wrapped the wire around the can before throwing it into the wicker bin in the bathroom, throwing the pillow into the bathtub after it.

"Okay. Next, cameras"

Finding them wasn't easy. The girls had upgraded them since I'd left and even though some of Polly's models still remained I kept finding new ones dotted about the room. Twenty in all were found, mainly in the hard to reach places at the back of the room that provided the best birds eye view. I couldn't help but frown as I took camera after camera down. Why would they worry so much over this teacher?

I was studying one in particular when I heard a sharp rap on the door. I sighed and flung the teddybear aside, the camera in its eye swinging around manically while I stepped up to the door. Thoughts of Her ran through my mind as I hesitantly reached a hand to the door handle. What if Celia had told the others and she'd come to confront me? Could I handle that right now? I shook myself

Get a grip and answer the damn door!

I'd only got it opened a tiny crack when it flung open and I was pushed back towards the bed by two pairs of arms wrapped around my waist. I looked down in shock before feeling a wide grin split my mouth. The Twins. I had to admit I'd missed them too much since being gone.

"Hello girls" I laughed bending down to hug them.

I rarely let anyone see this side of me, preferring instead to keep a cold distance from everyone to cover my own back. But Tania and Tara had this innocent magic about them. One look into their adorable little faces and you immediately found yourself wrapped around their little fingers.

"Kelly you're back!" Tara giggled excitedly. I nodded at them and bent down on one knee in front of them, looking up into their faces with a small smirk like I used to when they were younger.

"You've grown again" I told them, repeating the same words I'd say to them every term at the beginning of the school year when I was still enrolled here. They grinned back at me.

"We didn't think we'd ever see you again" Tania told me in a miserable voice that made my heart sting and my smile fade slightly

"We thought you didn't like us anymore" Tara added in the same tone

"We missed you" they both said wrapping their arms around my neck and pressing their cheeks against the side of my neck.

I was a little taken aback by their confession, not quite believing that they'd really believed I'd forgotten about them. There wasn't a day that went past where I didn't think about them and their explosive experiments. I raised my hands to their backs and pressed them tighter against me, trying to convey how sorry I was through my hug. They must have got the message because their arms tightened around my neck

"Let her breath girls for christ's sake"

My eyes snapped up to the door and I felt myself grin again. Chelsea Parker. Now there was a blast from the past. She was leant against the doorframe looking down at her nails like she didn't care about the intimate moment she'd just walked in on. I flashed her a small smile while my eyes roamed over her, taking in the ever tall frame and blonde curls. She caught my stare and I could tell she was fighting off a smug grin. The twins loosened their grip on my neck but didn't completely move away, their hands still rested on my shoulders while they turned back to the totty with matching murderous glares. I smirked

"Shut up Chelsea" they chorused turning back to me with happy smiles.

I patted my hand on their heads before slowly standing up to face Chelsea. The totty let out a small sigh and shoved off the door, stepping into the room and strolling casually up to me, confidenlty swaying her hips as she walked. The twins moved out of her way and cast me warning looks as Chelsea got closer. I winked at them before returning my attention to Chelsea. She stopped right in front of me, leaving a tiny slither of air between us, and squared her shoulders. I mirrored the movement and let her fiery blue gaze latch onto mine, crossing my arms and quietly waiting for her to say something. It was a battle of wills staring into her eyes. Both of us unwilling to back down but knowing one would eventually. I smirked to myself. It sure as hell wouldn't be me.

"You've been gone a while" she said slowly, crossing her own arms over her chest and giving me a reproachful look.

I kept my gaze with her, letting my dark stare work its magic, knowing that sooner or later she'd back down. She kept glaring back though and it took everything I had not to look down at the twins or shoot her a questioning look.

What the hell am I walking into here?

I couldn't really wrap my head around what was happening. I'd only been gone a year and already everyone was immune to me. What had happened in that short space of time for that to happen? I felt a muscle jump in my jaw as I gritted my teeth. I was sure as hell going to find out

"Yeah," I said returning my focus to Chelsea, "I know. Long time no see Chels"

She tilted her head at me, her blond curls bouncing on her shoulder while her eyes narrowed. I felt my own eyes widen with surprise. Why was she looking at me like that? I fought the urge to copy her and instead let out a small sigh of irritation, hearing the twins shuffle nervously on their feet beside us.

"Did you want something Parker?"

"An explanation would be nice" she snapped back shifting her weight onto her right leg and giving me a look that said she didn't plan on leaving until she got the full story. I resisted rolling my eyes and gave her a cold glare

"I don't have to tell you anything"

"Then I only have one thing to say to you Kelly" she replied, her blue eyes turning to ice while she uncrossed her arms. I glared back at her and braced myself

"What?" Chelsea grinned at me and I knew something bad was coming. She stepped close to me, quickly wrapping her arms around my neck and forcing my head forward so that my right ear was by her smiling lips

"I missed you" she whispered laughing when I pulled my head back to give her a confused frown. She gave me a quick wink before tightening her grip on me and walking forward, making me step back to gain some space.

I heard the twins laugh as I stumbled back against the bed, the familiar squeeze of Chelsea's arms around my neck giving me small comfort as she walked me backwards. The three girls laughed at my annoyed scowl when the blonde knocked me down onto the matteress, pinning me to the bed with her body as she straddled my waist while the twins climbed up beside us. I knew I could have easily pulled Chelsea off, my strength tripled hers any day, but I let her think she had me overpowered. I couldn't resist the victorious grin she cast me as she pulled her arms back and braced her hands on the bed either side of my head. The twins grinned down at me with knowing looks. They knew I was letting the totty beat me. I pretended to scowl angrilly at the blonde, pulling a hand up to her shirt collar and yanking her down to me with a threatening glare

"Do that again and I'll snap your neck" I growled at her. She smirked and gave me a careless shrug. The twins giggled beside her. I turned my face and nodded to them

"Same goes for you two. She does that again, your necks break too"

That got a reaction. They stopped giggling and immediately looked away from me to the mattress with terrified expressions. I chuckled and let go of Chelsea's shirt to pull the two girls down to me. They grinned at me and wrapped their arms around my neck again, giggling madly into my skin while Chelsea sat back and laughed above me.

"If I'd known I was getting this much of a welcome Id've come back months ago" I said squeezing the two girls with a grin. They stopped laughing and looked down at me with matching frowns

"Why didn't you come back?" Chelsea asked cutting into the silence. I looked up at them all and shrugged. It was probably the only question I could answer but one that made my insides burn with self loathing.

"I didn't want things to be awkward. I wanted...Annab.."I chocked on her name and sighed before carrying on,"I wanted Her to live easy without worrying where I'd be every second of the day..." I trailed off under their pitying stares, unable to keep eye contact with any of them for longer than three seconds. I cleared my throat and shoved the misery out of my tone while looking back at them all with a laidback grin

"Besides, this place seems to be holding up fine without me" I said waving a hand around at the room, "Head girl must be something"

Their smiles faded ever so slightly. I frowned up at them and sat up on the bed, giving them all a questioning look. The twins refused to meet my gaze so I looked up at Chelsea with raised eyebrows. Her gaze flitted to the door for a second before looking back at me like she was trying to decide whether to leave or not. My frown deepened, what weren't they telling me?

"Guys?" They all exchanged a quick look, seeming to be having a conversation with their eyes before nodding and turning to me. I had to give an amused smile at that.

"About the head girl..." Chelsea began looking down at the twins for help

"She's kind of..." Tara added trailing off and looking at her twin

"Kind of..?" I prompted waiting impatiently for them to answer. They cast each other another round of scared looks before staring back at me. I ignored them and waited with rapt attention.

"Well she's actually.." Tania tried stopping under my stare and looking back at the other two girls for back up. I rolled my eyes impatiently and stood up away from the bed. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared down at them, letting them know I wasn't in the mood for slow explanations. Chelsea took a deep breath and, after smacking the twins, stood up beside me with a grim smile

"The thing is the head girl is.." she was cut short by the sound of the door opening.

The three girls span round to stare at the intruder but I didn't. I stood stock still refusing to look at the door while gentle footsteps entered the room and approached us. I didn't have to look up to know who it was.

"The head girl isn't pleased with you girls talking to strangers and would very much like you all to go to bed"

I shivered at the sound of her voice, a thousand memories flashed through my head while she stepped up to me. I stared down and refused to meet her gaze, knowing that the second my eyes latched onto her green ones I'd be hooked again. I frowned when a pair of black ankle boots stopped on the floor below my eyes, a leather wrapped leg shifted as she rolled her weight onto it while a hand balanced on her hip. I couldn't help it. My eyes ran upwards despite my brain telling them not to.

"But Kelly just.."


"Don't shout at them. The head girl can wait" I said grinning down at the twins, feeling the old head girl authority ring in my voice as I spoke. They quickly shook their heads at me and pointed at the girl in front of me. I frowned at them

"What?" I asked looking up at Chelsea and catching a glimpse of the other girl's face in my peripheral.

Even a side glance of her was enough to send my brain into memory overload. I felt my heart pump faster while I saw pictures of us kissing, dancing, shouting, moaning, arching, whispering, screaming. It was all too much for me to take in one hit and I felt my hands tremble slightly from the effort of keeping the pain off my face. My gaze cut back to Chelsea when she started talking again

"The head girl? She's um..."


I felt my heart stop while a shot of ice ran down my spine. I turned to her and stared at the head girl badge I'd once worn on her shirt before moving my eyes up and gazing down at her angry glare, searching through her piercing stare. A silent plea running through me while she looked me over

Please be lying...