Look who has jumped into this fandom! I fell in LOVE with this movie for some reason, although it is COMPLETELY out of my caliber. I guess it's because I love the aliens. The Poleepkwa design is amazing, and I love the characters Christopher and Oliver.

I know poems don't really fit with this movie, but I whipped this out on paper late last night, liked it, and typed it up. I hope you all enjoy!

~Cel Rainstorm.

My Father

My name is Oliver Johnson

I was born in District 9

Although it's never easy,

I get along just fine.

District 9 is a dangerous place

Where all the Poleepkwa live

All the humans call us "prawns"

I do not like that one bit.

However I know, deep in my heart

Despite living in this awful place

My father, Christopher Johnson

Will always be there to keep me safe.

My father is tall and proud

And he's really smart as well

He's secretly rebuilding our ship

So we can escape the place called hell.

I look a lot like my father

'Cept his eyes are amber and mine are blue.

He tells me we're going home someday

I know one day it's going to be true.

I love my father very much

He protects me every day.

Whenever a human tries to pick on me

My father steps in and they have no more to say.

My father is always there

He'll never let anyone hurt me

He'll snarl at aliens, growl at humans

Because those guys aren't too friendly.

My father holds me close at night

To keep the chills at bay

And whenever a nightmare wakes me up

He'll hug me tight, "Oliver, its okay."

Sometimes my father is strict

Sometimes he is stern

But I know that no matter what happens

Away, he'll never turn.

Living in District 9

Never will be easy.

But I know I will always love my father

Just as much as he loves me.