Chapter 1: I've been Dreaming...

A tiny blue furred, rainbow haired hedgehog ran around a spacious yard. Two little other hedgehog boys followed behind her, light cyan in color, with rose eyes. As they ran, a larger blue hedgehog ran after them, careful to slow down enough to actually not run over his children. And as all this was happening, a Rainbow haired, cyan furred hedgehog girl lay back in a rocking chair, her spectrum mane flowing out behind her. She sighed, and the older blue hedgehog looked up from his kids, smiling.

"Yo, Dashie, why don'tcha come join us?"

She lifted an eyelid, then sat up, opening her eyes wider. "Sure! I'm gonna getcha!~"

The dad scooped up his children and ran as a rainbow blur flew at them, all giggling along the way.

"Ha! Can't catch us, mommy!" Taunted the little rainbow haired girl, and the older woman smiled.

"You bet your primaries I will!" She said, lifting a hidden pair of wings and using them to gain speed at the quadruplet before her, tackling them. They crashed to the ground, laughing the whole way.

"I still haven't lost my touch, huh blue?" Dashie giggled, on top of the blue hedgehog man, who chuckled.

"No, you haven't at all, Rainbow." He smiled as she was sent into another laugh.

"Love you." She replied after her laughter, touching his nose gently.

"Love you, too, Dash."


All was quiet in the late hours of the day, where a blue hedgehog was sleeping soundly. He was cuddling the pillow cutely, his ears down. The room around him suggested that he never cleaned up much, being it was a mess, empty plates and cups scattered around. No clothes, however; except maybe a pair of pants or two. The walls were a deep blue, covered in posters. Now, you're probably thinking he has posters of rack bands or video games. You're VERY wrong. All contained one subject: Ponies. Brightly colored pastel ponies, the one popping up frequently being a cyan colored pegasus with a spectra colored mane and tail, in various poses. Sometimes a purple unicorn popped up in the posters beside the rainbow haired one, sometimes it was a whole group of equines, ranging from another pegasus, this time pink haired and butter yellow, to another unicorn, this one pristine white with a deep purple mane and tail. On the shelves, hung on the wall, were figurines of these ponies, and a couple more that were not shown. A picture frame or two held pictures of the blue pegasus, flying through the air or smiling. The rest of the room was normal; A TV was in the corner, two consoles next to it, and a closet holding his almost non-existent wardrobe. It was on this morning a golden kitsune slammed the door open, yelling loudly.


The blue hedgehog snapped up out of bed, gasping. Two blue earbuds popped from his ears and fell to his lap as he did so.

The fox stood in the threshold of Sonic's room, grimacing. "Do you know how late it is?"

Sonic rubbed his head. "Er, no. I don't exactly have a clock in my mind like you do." He replied smugly.

Golden rolled his eyes and smiled. "It's 3:00pm."

"SHOOT! I missed the new episode!" Blue groaned, flopping backwards on the bed.

"Just watch it on Youtube like ya always do. I gotta go get back to work, while you get some clothes on." Tails walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Sonic groaned again. Every Saturday he seemed to miss the episode, and every time he'd have to watch the new episode of a show called 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' on a popular website named Youtube. Now, you may be a little stuck by the thought of a hedgehog, much less an adult one, to be watching a little girls' show, but he's not the only one. He was apart of a fan base called 'Bronies': People out of the age group of the kids show that actually watch it. He'd loved the show ever since it aired, even paid extra on cable just so he could watch it on the television. He bought the toys, even purchased some from the internet made by other men/women of the same interest. He went to all the conventions he could go to, and had every pony song you could think of on his Ipod. In speaking of his Ipod...

The adult hedgehog fumbled around for this, sighing as he saw the cyan color of the exterior in the depths of the covers. He grabbed it, marveling at the symbol etched into the back by the before mentioned brother and buddy, Tails. This Ipod was custom-made, the exact color of his favorite pony, Rainbow Dash. The symbol was the cutie mark of this equine, which was a rainbow thunderbolt shooting out of a cloud. He ran an ungloved finger over the back and quickly flipped it to the front, growling when he saw it was dead.

"Well, that what I get for listening to TheLivingTombstone all night..." He mumbled, taking it and plugging it up in its charger. He slid off the bed, looking for his shoes, finding them under the bed. As soon as he slid them on, he reached on his nightstand and grabbed his gloves, slipping them on his peach colored hands. He stood up, popping his back in the process.

" to go watch that episode..."

(End of Chapter)

Wow! This looks so short. XD Probably is.

Yes, this is gonna be a SONDASH story. I like the pairing, and I was toying with the thought of Sonic being a brony and Rainbow being a sonic fangirl. I'll somehow come up with a way for them to actually get in the same universe together...


~Rainbow Showers