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Chapter 13: Fly with me?

After a lengthy talk with Tails, and QUITE a few questions from Twilight, they had gathered the basics of what happened; Apparently, when they had defeated Discord and Nightmare Moon, a wave of magic had spread over the land and everything was back to a similar state. But, considering Discord did who knows WHAT to their dimensions, it didn't solve itself, and no matter how hard Tails tried, he could NOT fix the situation. On one of his expeditions to find information on why their dimensions were this way, instead of keeping his fox form, he discovered that he morphed into a pony. this only happened when he was in the Pony dimension, and it was just a simple invisible line that meandered through the lands. During this time, he found the princesses (Who had been spending their encapturement in stone) and had found that they didn't have any idea how to fix the situation. So, they had decided to let the matter be for the moment. This now led to the mane six plus sonic and Tails standing in the square. Now, they were trying to find the townspeople that had seemingly disappeared during their endeavor.

Pinkie pie hopped around eagerly, looking everywhere. She overturned rocks, looked through grass, and invaded houses. but there seemed to be no trace of anypony.

Or was there?

She stopped when she heard shuffling hooves, and her ears swivled to find the sound. She came upon a very large rock and could hear the shuffling crystal clear. She knew the rock to be the 'diamond' that Rarity in her discorded state called Tom.

"Hello? Anypony?" She called, looking around the rock.

A female voice spoke. "Is Discord gone?"

"Yeah! Me and the girls defeated him...Where are you?"

A slab of rock moved and revealed an opening, where Mayor Mare trotted out. Once seeing that Pinkie spoke the truth, she lifted a hoof to her mouth.


A stampede of ponies galloped out, with cheers and screams of delight. Pinkie started to hop in place.


The six ponies what were in the square shrieked in horror and jumped out of the way of the barrage of civilians. Pinkie hopped behind all of them, giggling.

"Oh, and Rarity? Tom says Hi!"

Rarity's eye twitched.

...Four months later...

"You may kiss the bride."

Sonic pulled Rainbow in for a kiss, and an explosion of clapping filled the air. The two pulled back, grinning at each other.

Rainbow Dash was wearing a flowing white gown, from the waist down a pale rainbow colored the fabric. In her wings she held a bouquet of white and red roses, tied together by a purple ribbon, and her hair was put up in a bun, curls hanging down to the middle of her neck. No makeup, except a little mascara. Sonic just wore a black tuxedo with a red bow tie and long dress pants. Both were in their hedgehog forms, being that Rainbow Dash wanted to have the wedding in Mystic Ruins.

Everybody immediately halted their celebration when there was a loud disc scratch. They turned their heads to see a pale skinned echidna with light and dark blue quills, plus a dark pink curly haired hedgehog. The pink one grabbed a microphone, smiling cheekily.


A cheer went up as the crowd got on the dance floor, the bride and groom following.

Immediately, Twilight ran up to Rainbow, giving her a hug.

"Congrats, you two!" She says, letting go of the rainbow haired hedgehog. She wore a knee length dress that was sleeveless and light purple, a bright pink and dark purple stripe going down the back of it. Her hair was in a bun, a single curl hanging off to the side of her face. She clasped her hands together, her eyes shining.

"Thanks, Twi." Rainbow grinned. Twilight walked away to where Celestia and Luna were standing.

There was a whistle, and the couple turned to see five hedgehogs walking over.

"The wedding was stellar, Dash!" Rarity commented, wearing a white topped, purple bottomed mid-thigh length dress with white trim on the bottom. She wore a pair of black flats, and had three silver bracelets on her right arm. She gave Rainbow a light hug, grinning.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I saw a white bat that I MUST find out where she got her dress from!" And with that, she walked away.

Fluttershy was next to greet Rainbow, having a spaghetti strapped bubblegum pink dress with a yellow bow tied around the middle on. She had a pink and green gemmed hairpiece keeping her hair up, letting a minority of curls falling on her shoulders.

"Treat her right, Sonic. Or I might have to use my stare on you..." She threatened lightly, giggling afterword. Sonic chuckled awkwardly, not sure what to make of her statement as she walked away.

Applejack strode up, rocking a green, white hemmed dress with a leather vest on, and new looking cowgirl boots. She tipped her stetson at Sonic, flashing a grin.

"Caught a good'in, yer sure did. Just be careful though..." She leaned next to Sonic's ear and whispered something, making his eyes shrink and a blush to overcome his cheeks. She strutted away, laughing her head off.

Rainbow lifted a questioning brow at Sonic, who shook his head and wiped the look off his face.

Pinkie Pie skipped up, wearing a puffy knee length dress. It was a very light blue, and her cutiemark was stitched into the side. She wore knee-high high tops that were a deep blue color, and a headpiece with a plastic cupcake attached of the same hue.

"Congratulations! Let me know when you're preggers, Dash! I'll get the shower up an runnin!" Pinkie squealed, bouncing away to help Vinyl with the DJing. The couple chuckled, Sonic winding his arms around Dash's waist.


"What?" The rainbow haired hedgehog asked, looking up at Sonic.

"Would you like to have kids? I'm all for it if you want to."

Rainbow Dash pondered on it, a finger going up to tap her chin. "Hay, why not. Somebody needs to carry on the rainbow legacy!"

Cerulean chuckled, pulling Cyan to his chest.

The two danced as a slow song came on, willing to dance forever it that's what it took to be together forever.


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