Chapter One: Let's play soccer!
(サッカーやろうぜ!, Sakkā yarou ze!)

Normal P.O.V.

Hirosaki Misaki sighed and dropped her pen. She looked outside the window of her classroom and stared at the small shed, that belonged to the soccer club. Well, the soccer club that only had seven members. She had seen their captain trying to find new members for their soccer team. He didn't had a lot of success.

''Endou Mamoru…'' She sighed.

Then, the bell rang, indicating that last period of the day had ended. Misaki grabbed her school books, stuffed them in her schoolbag and headed towards her locker. She opened the door and placed her books in her locker.

''Misaki-chan! ~ '' She heard behind her.

She recognized the voice of her best friend. Misaki turned around and smiled.

''Shitamori-san.'' She replied.

Shitamori Tsukiko, mostly referred to as Kiko-chan, puffed up her cheeks.

''Mou... How many times do I have to tell you to call me by my normal name! Or Kiko-chan! Stop being so formal! I'm your best friend.'' She said, pretending to be mad.

Misaki smiled and continued placing books in her locker and grabbing other ones out of it.

''Ne ne, what are you going to do this afternoon?'' Tsukiko asked her best friend.

Misaki shrugged.

''I don't know. Watching some TV, making my homework, that kind of stuff.'' She replied.

''No soccer-related things today?'' Tsukiko asked surprised.

By hearing that, Misaki sighed. She had given up on soccer a long time ago. Sure, her passion was soccer, but she knew that soccer wasn't very famous on Raimon Junior High. The first school day, she had asked if there was a girls' soccer team, but the school staff had to disappoint her.


''Kon'nichiwa, I'm Hirosaki Misaki and I'd like to join the soccer club.'' A pretty girl asked on her first day of Junior High school with a bow.

''I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this school doesn't have a female, or even a male, soccer club.'' A staff member of Raimon Junior High replied to her.

Misaki's mouth fell open.

''T-There isn't?'' She asked again.

''You can always try to start up your own team, but don't expect a lot. Raimon Junior High isn't a school focused on soccer. Anyway, good luck with it.'' The man replied to her.

''H-Hai. Thank you for your time.'' Misaki said soft.

She felt like crying on her spot. Then, she bowed again and left the room.

-End of flashback-

Whenever Misaki looked at nearby schools, she saw that they had both a strong male - and female team. It was almost common that there was a boys - and girls soccer team on a school. Everywhere, except for Raimon Junior High.

''Ne, Misaki-chan. Don't tell me you've given up on your dream.'' Tsukiko said a bit worried.

Misaki just stayed silent.

''You're dream to become the strongest girls soccer team on the world!'' Tsukiko went on.

''Tsukiko, we aren't even part of a girls team. Besides you and me, I don't know which other girls on this school play soccer. And maybe they're not even interested in playing soccer. We shouldn't make a big deal out of this. We can't play soccer and that's final.'' Misaki replied.

Tsukiko puffed up her cheeks again.

''I can't believe that the strong, sensible Hirosaki Misaki has given up on something.'' She said.

Misaki sighed.

''Can you just … stop talking about it. It makes me kind of depressed.'' She replied.

Tsukiko closed her mouth. Misaki grabbed her last book and her eyes crossed the ones of her reflection in the mirror of her school locker. A girl with waist-length, straight, dark brown hair, with light blue eyes and a fair skin stared back at her. She adjusted her glasses with a thick, black frame on her nose and closed her locker.

''You know, I can help you with finding new members.'' Tsukiko offered.

Misaki shook her head and stared her best friend in the eyes.

''Just forget about it.'' She said with a sad undertone.

Tsukiko looked compassionate. The girl with waist-length, straight, light blond hair, clear green eyes and a fair skin tone opened her mouth to say something, but shut it again There wasn't much to say. She followed Misaki outside the school building. There, they saw Endou Mamoru, captain of the male soccer team, carrying a big sign with Gathering members to defeat Teikoku Academy on it.

''Teikoku?!'' Tsukiko exclaimed.

Misaki frowned.

''They have to play against Teikoku? That's the strongest soccer club in Inazuma Town. There's no way that they're going to win that.'' She stated. ''And why would Teikoku show interest in a weak soccer team like ours? There must be a reason behind it.''

''Is your playmakers instinct dooming up again?'' Tsukiko asked giggling.

Misaki frowned.

''Maybe. Something just tells me there's something off.'' She replied.

''Anyway, the match is tomorrow. Let's check it out together, okay?'' Tsukiko said.

Misaki nodded.

''It will be interesting to see Teikoku from this close.'' She replied.

''I heard that they're having a super strong girls teams too.'' Tsukiko said.

Misaki nodded.

''I did some research about them. They're the best team in the Tokyo region, just like Teikoku's male team.'' She replied.

''That's scary…'' Tsukiko said.

Misaki smiled.

''It would be interesting to play against them.'' She said.

Tsukiko smiled.

''Misaki, you're never afraid, are you?'' She asked giggling.

Misaki smiled. Then, she turned around.

''Let's go home. We have a lot of homework to do.'' She said.

''Hai. ~ '' Tsukiko replied.

Then, she suddenly stopped and gasped.

''Oh no, I totally forgot that I have a meeting with the drama club today.'' She said.

''How can you forget club activities?'' Misaki asked, while shaking her head.

Tsukiko smiled sheepishly.

''Gomen, gomen.'' She replied.

Misaki smiled.

''Well, good luck. I'll be going home.'' She said.

Tsukiko nodded, waved and dashed away. Misaki shook her head with a smile.

''That girl…'' She said.

Then, she looked towards Endou, who was currently talking towards a girl with auburn hair and a Raimon uniform with a maroon ribbon and maroon plaited skirt. Misaki recognized her immediately. That was Raimon Natsumi, the school council president and daughter of chairman Raimon. She saw her talking to Endou and Endou widening his eyes.

''EEEHHH?!'' Misaki could hear him exclaim from afar.

That had to be bad news. She saw Natsumi looking careless. Then, she walked away, leaving an Endou frozen on his spot behind. Misaki decided to check up on him.

''Endou-san… Is everything all right?'' She asked.

Endou woke up from his shock, shook his head and smiled.

''I'm fine, I'm fine.'' He replied.

Then, he looked a bit surprised.

''How do you know my name?'' He asked.

Misaki smiled.

''You're the captain of the soccer club.'' She said.

Endou smiled.

''That's right!'' He said proud.

Then, his gloomy stare returned.

''But I probably won't be for long.'' He added soft.

Misaki frowned.

''Why's that?'' She asked.

''Well, the soccer team has to play against Teikoku Academy tomorrow. But we need to have eleven members first, before we're allowed to participate. Otherwise, the soccer club will be disbanded.'' Endou explained.

''Yeah, but you already knew that, didn't you?'' Misaki replied.

Endou nodded.

''But now, there's something else,'' He went on. ''The girls teams of Teikoku also wants to play against Raimon. If we don't have a girls team by tomorrow, the school might get destroyed.''

Misaki's eyes widened.

''A-A girls team? Oh my…'' She said.

Endou looked shocked too.

''There's no way I'm going to be able to find four male members and eleven female members for a soccer team before tomorrow.'' He said.

Then, Endou realized that he didn't knew the girl in front of him.

''Ah, what's your name actually? I'm sure I've seen you around before.'' He said.

''Hirosaki. Hirosaki Misaki.'' Misaki replied.

Endou's eyes widened.

''You're the girl who requested to join the female soccer team of Raimon Junior High. Exactly on the same day when I wanted to join the male soccer team too. Too bad we both had to find out there was none.'' He said.

Misaki smiled.

''That's me.'' She replied.

''Are you still interested in playing soccer?'' Endou asked.

Misaki nodded.

''Of course!'' She replied.

Then she saw what he was trying to do.

''Oh no. NO! I'm NOT going to be a part of the female team.'' She said.

''Why not? I thought you wanted to join the female soccer club?'' Endou asked.

''There's no time to find a team in one day and to prepare them for a match against Teikoku!'' Misaki exclaimed.

''Come on, Hirosaki-san! Raimon needs you more than ever. Sakkā yarou ze!'' Endou exclaimed with a grin.

Misaki couldn't help but smile. She sighed.

''I must be a fool for agreeing to this, but okay. I'll help you out.'' She said.

''YOSH! That's the spirit! Let's go find new members!'' Endou replied.

The next hour, Misaki was walking alongside Endou, trying to convince girls to join the team. Five girls showed pure interested and two were doubting. Misaki smiled. At least it was something. With her, Tsukiko, the five other girls, she already had seven members. And if the two doubters accepted the offer, she would have nine. Misaki had asked all of the girls to meet her at the riverbank after club activities. The girls promised to be there and Misaki was content. At the end of the club activities, Misaki met up with Tsukiko and explained her what happened.

''No way! We're actually going to play against Teikoku tomorrow?'' She asked shocked.

Misaki nodded and smiled.

''I'm not risking to let Raimon get destroyed. And besides, I've finally found some female members to join the soccer club. They might stay permanently!'' She said happy.

Tsukiko smiled too.

''You sound determined, Misaki-chan! Let's do this!'' She said.

Misaki gave her best friend a hug and together, they headed towards the riverbank. When they arrived there, a few girls were already present.

''Thank you so much for coming today.'' Misaki said with a smile.

She asked for all the names and wrote them down on a notepad. Some girls looked nervous.

''So, do we really have to face Teikoku?'' A girl with wavy, waist-length, green hair and brown eyes, who had introduced herself as Midorikawa Himeka, asked.

Her skin tone was a little bit darker than fair and she had a sweet appearance. Misaki nodded.

''Yeah, so I hope you girls aren't afraid.'' She replied, a determined look on her face.

''Oh, I'm not.'' A girl with mid-back, curly, black hair, clear grey eyes and a fair skin said, a smirk on her face.

She had introduced herself as Kouyama Minorin. Misaki smiled.

''That's the spirit!'' She replied.

Minorin closed her eyes and kept the grin on her face, a cool aura coming off her.

''So, do you really think we'll stand a chance against Teikoku?'' Another girl asked unsure.

She had knee-length, wavy, dark red hair, golden eyes and a pale skin, and introduced herself as Suzuka Azula.

''Daijoubu! Have some confidence!'' Misaki replied.

''Demo… we're talking about Teikoku here. The best school in the Tokyo district.'' She went on.

Misaki smiled.

''If you give up beforehand, there's no chance to win.'' She replied.

Azula sighed. Misaki's eyes fell on a girl that was looking at the ground and fiddled with the skirt of her uniform. The girl with waist-length, straight, peach-colored hair, eyes with the same color and a fair skin looked terribly shy and Misaki remembered her as the only girl who hadn't introduced herself. But Misaki also remembered her being one of the girls who agreed on playing with her. She smiled. The girl looked up and just saw Misaki's smile. She smiled back and looked back at the ground, now with a small smile on her lips.

''Yosh, let's start practice. Let's see if we can make this work.'' Misaki exclaimed.

''Hai!'' Everybody replied, except for the girl with peach-colored hair.

She just smiled sweetly. In less than a minute, all the nine girls had taken a spot on the riverbank soccer field.

''Okay, let's split up in two groups of four. There's a goalkeeper here, right?'' Misaki asked.

A girl with mid-back, curly, dark-blonde hair, dark-blue eyes and a pale-fair skin raised her hand with a smile.

''That's me!'' She said, introducing herself as Akarashi Michiko.

Misaki smiled.

''Yosh, take the spot in front of the goal please.'' She replied.

Michiko nodded and went towards her spot.

''Okay, did we all make teams?'' Misaki asked.

The others nodded. Misaki had Kouyama Minorin, Midorikawa Himeka and the shy girl on her team. Her best friend, Kiko-chan, had Suzuka Azula, and the two doubters on her team, who introduced themselves as Fujioka Nori and Fujioka Yuri, Yuri being the younger twin. They both had waist-length, straight, bright blue hair which is a little lighter than normal, a pale skin and black eyes. Only Nori's hair was a bit darker than normal and Yuri's hair was a bit lighter than normal. And that was seen in their personalities.

''Tsk… why are we here, lil' sis?'' Nori asked uninterested.

''To help Raimon. We can't let the school get destroyed. Demo… I'm scared.'' Yuri replied.

Misaki smiled.

''It's good you two came today. If we work together, we'll have a chance to beat Teikoku. We only have to believe in ourselves and work together to reach victory!'' She said.

Yuri smiled a little, but Nori just made another 'tsk' sound and turned her back on the group.

''Okay, let's start!'' Tsukiko exclaimed happily, kicking the ball forward.

Immediately, Himeka from the opposing team made a sliding and got the ball.

''Nice one, Midorikawa-san.'' Misaki praised.

Himeka smiled and dribbled forward, then passed the ball towards Minorin. Azula could intercept the ball and passed it quickly towards Tsukiko.

''Nice move, Suzuka-san.'' Misaki praised the opponent.

Azula passed the ball towards Nori and she grinned evilly.

''Now, let's see what fun we can have.'' She smirked.

She dashed towards the goal with Michiko in it.

''Koi!'' Michiko said, clapping her keeper gloves together.

But before Nori could shoot, Misaki made a sliding and got the ball. She quickly jumped up and shot the ball with full power. Michiko stretched out her hands and caught it in her hands. She got a little pushed back by the force, but caught it steady anyway.

''Nice block, Akarashi-san.'' Misaki praised.

''Nice shoot!'' Michiko returned the compliment.

They kept practicing like that, until the sun started setting. Around that time, two girls passed the riverbank. They stopped and looked at the soccer-playing girls below their hill.

''Eh, Shizori-chan. Look!'' The girl with mid-back, wavy, golden hair, light brown eyes and a fair skin said.

''They're playing … soccer.'' The other girl with shoulder-length, straight, dark blue hair, pink eyes and a fair skin replied.

''Look, they're from our school.'' The first girl said, pointing at the uniforms of the girls.

''But… our school doesn't have a soccer team.'' The second girl replied.

''I heard that a girl and a boy were looking for members for the soccer team. They're playing against Teikoku Academy tomorrow.'' The first girl said.

The second girl smiled.

''Sounds like fun. I haven't played soccer in a while.'' She replied.

''Eh, Shizori-chan? You're not planning on joining them, are you?'' The first girl asked surprised.

''Why not, Rima-chan? We have both played soccer thousands of times together. Why not join the girls soccer team?'' The second girl suggested.

The first girl sighed.

''Okay, let's talk to their captain.'' She gave in.

The second girl smiled and walked down the hill. Misaki noticed the two figures and stopped playing. She jogged towards them and smiled.

''Hi, I'm Hirosaki Misaki.'' She introduced herself.

''Tanaka Shizori.'' The girl with shoulder-length, dark blue hair said.

''Youshika Rima.'' The girl with golden hair also introduced herself, however she seemed far less enthusiastic as her friend.

''We were wondering if we could still join the soccer club.'' Shizori said happily.

Misaki's eyes lightened up.

''But of course! You two exactly complete the team. Now, we finally have eleven members.'' She replied.

''Yay! We're saving the soccer team.'' Shizori said.

''U-Un.'' Rima replied.

Misaki noticed the uneasiness by the golden-haired girl.

''You're not the only one who has doubts about this. But I just suggest to give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.'' She said with a smile.

Rima smiled too.

''I guess you're right.'' She replied.

''Why don't you girls join our practice. Pick a team.'' Misaki said.

Shizori joined Misaki's team and Rima walked towards Tsukiko's team.

''Yosh, continue practice!'' Misaki ordered.

''Hai!'' Everybody replied, except for the shy girl, who just smiled again.

Misaki still didn't know her name. Better ask it after practice. The rest of the time, the girls worked on teamwork, passing and shots on goal.

''Shouldn't we have things like Hissatsu shoots?'' Nori asked.

Misaki sighed.

''Actually, we do. Surely, now that we're up against Teikoku. But one day is just way too short to master Hissatsu techniques which can beat Teikoku. We just have to work on passing, our speed and shooting with out own strength.'' She replied.

''We don't stand a chance.'' Azula murmured.

''Don't be so pessimistic. We have to try. For the sake of Raimon Junior High.'' Misaki replied.

Tsukiko glanced at her watch.

''Ehmm… Misaki? I don't want to be mean, but I have to go home. It's almost dinner time.'' She said.

More girls looked at the time and agreed. Misaki sighed.

''Okay, practice is over for today. But I want you all here, tomorrow at 6 a.m. sharp for some intensive training. Don't be late.'' She ordered.

''Hai…'' The team replied, not so enthusiastic.

Then, everybody said goodbye to each other. Misaki jogged towards the twins.

''And? Do you girls stay with the team?'' She asked.

Yuri nodded happily and Nori just folded her arms, but they both agreed.

''That's great. I see you tomorrow morning.'' Misaki said.

''Bye captain!~ '' Yuri replied cheery.

From out her eye corner, Misaki saw the shy girl walk up the hill.

''Matte kudasai!'' She shouted, while she started jogging towards the girl.

She turned around and tilted her head to the side with a confused look. Misaki smiled.

''You never told the team your name.'' She said.

The girl smiled and opened her bag. She pulled out a big sketchpad and a pen and started writing something.

''Megumi Yorina. ''(A/N: Italic + line = Megumi's writing)

''Why are you writing it down?'' Misaki asked.

''I lost the ability to speak when I was young.'' Megumi replied.

Misaki looked a bit shocked.

''How did that happen?'' She asked.

A hurtful look appeared on Megumi's face.

''Sorry for bringing up such a painful subject. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.'' Misaki quickly said.

Megumi nodded thankful.

''Well, I see you tomorrow.'' Misaki said.

Megumi waved and then walked away. Misaki smiled.

''Peculiar girl. But very sweet.'' She said to herself.

Then, Misaki glanced at her watch. It was almost dinner time. Raimon Junior High would be empty by now. Misaki sighed. She actually had some business to discuss with the chairman, but she guessed that had to wait till tomorrow.

''Yosh, let's go home.'' Misaki said to herself.

She followed the path towards her home and opened her front door with her key.

''Misaki-chan? Is that you?'' She recognized the voice of her mother.

''Tadaima, okaa-san.'' Misaki replied.

Her mother appeared in the hallway.

''You're late for a normal school day.'' She said with a smile.

Misaki smiled and explained her the story about the soccer team, while her mother walked back towards the kitchen and continued cooking.

''I see! So you started up a girls soccer team. Your dream might finally come true.'' Her mother replied.

Misaki nodded with passion in her eyes.

''Un! I want to create the strongest girls team on the planet! Girls can be good in soccer too, you know!'' She said.

Her mother smiled.

''You're really fired up about all this, aren't you?'' She asked, while she placed all the prepared food on the dining table.

Misaki nodded.

''I'm so excited. And tomorrow, we already play our first official match against Teikoku Academy.'' She said.

''Isn't that the school with the best male – and female soccer team in the Tokyo region?'' Misaki's mother asked.

Misaki nodded with a sigh.

''It's going to be a tough battle. But we cannot lose. Raimon Junior High's fate is on the line.'' She said determined.

''Well, ganbatte. I believe in you.'' Her mother said.

Misaki smiled. Then, she noticed the empty seat on the table.

''Where's Kira-chan?'' Misaki asked.

''Your little sister is upstairs. Can you call her for dinner please?'' Her mother replied.

Misaki smiled and stood up from her chair. She walked up the wooden staircase and knocked on her sister's bedroom door.

''Kira? Dinner's ready. Are you coming?'' Misaki asked.

''Coming!'' A cheerful voice replied.

Three second later, the door opened and a girl with a similar appearance to Misaki stepped out of the room. Together, they walked downstairs.

''Ne, nee-san. I don't want to be mean, but you smell a bit sweaty.'' Kira said.

Misaki immediately blushed.

''W-Well, I've been playing soccer today.'' She replied.

''Souka. Was it fun?'' Kira asked.

Misaki explained the soccer story once again.

''Eeehhh? So you're playing soccer against Teikoku tomorrow?'' Misaki's ten year old sister asked.

Misaki nodded. Misaki's mother smiled.

''Okay girls, wash your hands. After that, we can eat dinner.'' She ordered.

''Hai.'' The two sisters replied.

After dinner, Misaki went upstairs and took a long shower. Then, after brushing her hair and teeth, she pulled on her pajamas and fell onto her bed.

''I wonder how tomorrows match will go. Let's hope Teikoku shows some mercy.'' Misaki sighed.

Then, she turned off her lights and fell asleep.

-The next day-

The next morning, at 6 a.m. sharp, Misaki and Tsukiko stood on the riverbank soccer field, both carrying a big sports bag.

''Let's hope the uniforms fit the girls.'' Tsukiko said.

''Ah.'' Misaki replied.

At that point, the nine girls slowly gathered on the field.


''Ohayo gozaimasu!''

''Hi everyone.''

''Tsk, why does it have to be this early?''

''I'm so excited!''

Misaki listened to all the comments.

''Girls! Today's the day of the match! I want you all to focus today on individual practice. The chairman gave us the day off the entire day, so we have till around one p.m. to get ready for the match. That's seven full hours. We take two breaks from each half an hour during this time. Any questions?'' Misaki told the girls.

Everybody stayed quiet. Misaki smiled.

''Good. Now, I have a surprise for you all. Come pick up your uniforms.'' She said, opening the sports bags.

The girls suddenly got all excited and crowded around the bags.

''Our uniform is pretty much the same as the boys, only the yellow color is a bit lighter than theirs. That way, we can see which uniform belongs to which gender.'' Tsukiko explained.


''We'll look like the real deal now!''

''I can't wait to try this on!''

''Are there different sizes?''

''Which back number am I?''

Misaki shushed the girls.

''If I call your name, please step forward.'' She said, while she looked at her small notepad.

The girls lined up.

''Akarashi Michiko, goalkeeper, back number one.'' Misaki said.

The dark-blonde girl stepped forward and received her keeper's uniform from Tsukiko.

''Megumi Yorina, defender, back number two.'' Misaki went on.

The shy girl stepped forward and received her uniform from Tsukiko. She bowed thankful and returned to her spot.

''Suzuka Azula, defender, back number three.''

The redhead stepped forward and took her uniform with an unsure look on her face. Misaki gave her a smile and Azula relaxed a bit.

''Shitamori Tsukiko, defender, back number four.'' Misaki said with a smile towards her best friend.

Tsukiko let out an excited squeal, grabbed her uniform and placed it aside of her.

''Tanaka Shizori, defender, back number five.'' Misaki said, while smiling at the dark-blue haired girl.

She stepped forward and took her uniform with a smile.

''Fujioka Yuri, midfielder, back number six.'' Misaki announced the next name.

The younger twin skipped forward and received her uniform.

''Midorikawa Himeka, midfielder, back number seven.'' Misaki went on, giving a generous smile to the greenette.

The girl stepped forward and took the uniform Tsukiko handed her.

''Hirosaki Misaki, midfielder, back number eight.'' Misaki said with a grin, obviously talking about herself.

She took her uniform from Tsukiko and looked back on her notepad.

''Youshika Rima, forward, back number nine.'' Misaki said, giving a nod to the girl with the golden hair.

Rima stepped forward and took her uniform. She let her hands glide over it, not actually believing it was hers now.

''Kouyama Minorin, forward, back number ten.'' Misaki announced.

Minorin stepped forward and took her jersey with the ace striker number on it. Nori grumbled.

''And last but not least: Fujioka Nori, forward, back number eleven.'' Misaki finished her enumeration.

The elder twin stepped forward and grabbed the last soccer uniform. Misaki smiled.

''Yosh, we'll get changed in the restaurant here close by and return here in exactly fifteen minutes. I won't tolerate somebody who's late.'' She ordered.

''Hai.'' The group replied, of course, except for Yorina. (A/N: I'm not going to constantly write about Yorina not speaking. Just keep it in your mind. She never speaks.)

The eleven girls went towards the restaurant with their new jerseys and returned in exactly fifteen minutes.

''Okay! Time to practice! Minna, I want the forwards to practice with Akarashi-san on goal. The defenders and midfielders will train together. The midfielder will try to charge past the defenders. It their job to stop the attack. Okay, let's start!'' Misaki ordered.

In the next two and a half hours, the forwards were shooting on goal, while the midfielder and defenders were busy dribbling and blocking. Misaki just got passed Yorina and turned around to look at all the others who were busy.

She walked over towards the forwards.

''Okay, those kicks are looking good. What I want for you to do know is to think of a special technique which fits you. Try focusing on the movement, timing and kick-manner and you'll be able to pull off a Hissatsu soon.'' Misaki told them.

''Hai!'' The three girls replied.

''Same goes for you, Akarashi-san.'' Misaki said to the goalkeeper.

The blonde girl nodded and grinned.

''I've been practicing a bit after dinner yesterday and already have practice a bit on a certain technique.'' She told her captain.

Misaki smiled.

''Yosh, that's the spirit. Try to perfect it.'' She said.

''Hai!'' Akarashi replied.

Misaki walked back towards the midfielders and defenders.

''Okay, listen up. What I want now if for the midfielders to think of a way to dribble past the defense with a special technique. Think about speed, movements, legwork and that kind of things. Defenders, you need to find a way to stop such an attack when it comes your way. Try distracting your opponent or to make a special sliding. Be careful not to make an offense.''

Then, she turned towards everybody.

''But first, let's take a break. It's 08:30 a.m. now. You're free till 09:00.'' She said.

All the girls ran towards their bags to fetch their water bottle and started chatting with each other.

''You're doing a good job as the coach.'' Tsukiko said, walking towards Misaki.

Misaki smiled.

''Thanks. I'll try my best to guide these girls as good as I can. They all have potential. Only, they all have struggles with different matters. My job is to help them overcome those matters and then we'll be fine.'' She replied.

''That can take weeks.'' Tsukiko replied.

Misaki nodded.

''I know. For now, I want them to focus on the Teikoku match. After that, we'll start improve our team.'' She said.

Tsukiko smiled while she took another sip from her water bottle.

''You really believe we have a chance against Teikoku, huh?'' She asked.

Misaki sighed and smiled.

''It's going to be a tough match, but I believe, of we really want it, that we can at least tie the score.'' She replied.

Tsukiko sighed and smiled too.

''We shall see.''

When the clock reached 09:00 a.m. , Misaki called the girls back and reminded them once again about their progress towards their own Hissatsu's.

''Remember what I said, then you'll all be fine.'' She said.

''Hai captain!'' The team replied.

Somehow, Misaki's cheeks start to burn red. Getting acknowledged as the captain made her feel really special.

''Yosh, resume practice!''

The next two hours, Misaki focused on her own progress and in the mean time, looked around to see how the others were doing. She saw the most improvement by the midfielders. The strikers were having the most trouble. Misaki decided to talk to them.

''Girls, try focusing on what you want to achieve. The ball in the net. You don't have to focus on which spot, just aim for the goal. And it's no use to get already nervous about today's match. Try focusing on training first.'' Misaki said.

''Hai!'' The three strikers replied.

She watched as Fujioka Nori jumped up, turned upside down and kicked the ball with all her might. It was a normal shoot and it whizzed right towards Michiko. She stretched out her hand.

''Taki! (Waterfall)'' She shouted.

A giant wave of water appeared in front of her and the ball got stopped by the current. Michiko caught it easily in her hands and she started beaming.

''I did it! I pulled off a Hissatsu!'' She exclaimed.

''Good job, Akarashi-san! That's a nice Hissatsu!'' Misaki replied.

All the girls looked fascinated too and got pumped to master their own Hissatsu shoot too. Misaki looked with a satisfied look around her. In the remaining time, several other girls mastered to complete their own made up Hissatsu's.

''Yosh girls, that's enough. We can't overwork ourselves. Otherwise, we won't have enough energy left when we face Teikoku's girls team.'' Misaki ordered at one p.m.

It was one hour before the match between Raimon's boys team and Teikoku's boys team would take place.

''You did a great job today and I'm truly proud. Let's show those Teikoku girls that we can't be underestimated.'' Misaki went on.

''OOH!'' All the girls replied, while they pumped their fist in the air.

Misaki smiled content.

''Let's go back to Raimon Junior High. Keep your soccer uniform on, because it won't be long before we have to play again.'' She ordered.

The girls nodded and the eleven girls went back towards Raimon Junior High. On the way back, Tsukiko ran up towards Misaki and smiled.

''You did a great job as captain today, Misaki-chan.'' She said with a warm smile.

Misaki smiled back.

''Thanks, Tsukiko. To be honest, I'm surprised the girls acknowledge me and actually listen to me. They've been pretty obedient today.'' She replied.

Tsukiko smiled.

''That's because you're leading them so well. See? Soccer is in your blood. You're born for this sport.'' The blonde girl exclaimed.

Misaki smiled with a small blush.

''After all, I'm glad that Endou asked me to put the girls team together. And I want to thank you too, Tsukiko. You made me realize that I shouldn't give up on my dream.'' She said.

Tsukiko giggled.

''That's where friends are for.'' She replied.

Misaki smiled again.

''I can see the school already!'' Himeka chimed.

The girls walked the last steps and walked onto the school yard.

''Okay girls, I want to meet you all back here in half an hour. Don't overwork yourself until then. You're free to go now.'' Misaki told the others.

''Hai!'' Everybody exclaimed.

Then, they all walked off in small groups towards different directions.

''I'll go and see if I can find Endou.'' Misaki said towards Tsukiko.

''I'm with my friends of the drama club.'' Tsukiko replied with a smile.

Then, Misaki watched Tsukiko walk away and turned around. The brown-haired female captain walked towards the soccer clubroom and knocked on the door.

''Hai!'' Misaki recognized Endou's voice.

Misaki opened the door and got greeted by ten pair of eyes.

''Wow, Endou. That's quite a crowd you gathered.'' Misaki praised the male captain.

Endou grinned back.

''Yeah, with me included, we have ten members. I only need to find the guy named Megane and then we'll be complete.'' He replied.

Misaki smiled and let her eyes glide over all the boys.

''Hi guys, nice to meet you.'' She said with a warm smile.

''Hi! Endou told us all about your. You're Hirosaki Misaki, the captain of the girls team, right?'' A boy with blue hair, tied into a ponytail replied to me.

Misaki nodded.

''That's true. Our team is complete now. I managed to gather ten other girls and we've been practicing really hard yesterday evening and this morning.'' She said.

Endou smiled proud.

''That's great, Misaki. At least we won't get disqualified before the match for having too few members.'' He said.

Misaki nodded.

''Now, we only need to see if we're able to defeat Teikoku.'' She replied.

''It's going to be a tough match.'' A boy with pink hair said.

''But we'll fight fair and square with everything we have.'' Endou replied, pumping his fist into the air.

''They should be here soon.'' Misaki said, glancing at the clock.

''How are we going to play two matches at the same time?'' A boy with brown hair and brown eyes thought out loud.

''Yeah, we only have one soccer field here on Raimon Junior High.'' A guy with a red afro added.

''The matches will be held after each other. First, we will play the match. After that, the girls will have to play.'' Endou replied.

''That, unless we already manage to lose.'' A big boy with green hair said nervous.

''Don't give up already, Kabeyama. I'm sure we can do it.'' Endou replied.

Misaki smiled.

''I have faith in you guys. I'm sure you'll be able to win this.'' She said.

''Thank you, Hirosaki-san.'' Endou replied.

''You all can call me Misaki.'' Misaki said with a smile towards him and the others.

''We'll be brainstorming a bit now about the formation and stuff. We'll see you in a quarter on the soccer field.'' Endou said.

Misaki nodded.

''Well then, good luck and see you later.'' She replied.

The boys greeted her back and Misaki left the clubroom. Once she was outside, she let out a deep sigh. The nerves began to emerge in her body, but she tried to shake the feeling off her. She started to walk away, but then, something caught her eye. A boy with platinum blond hair was leaning against a tree, his eyes closed and a pensive expression on his face. Misaki narrowed her eyes. Something's up with that boy… At that point, the boy opened his eyes and stared straight at Misaki. Misaki felt the intensity of his glare and she started to feel uneasy. Misaki noticed that the boy was taking her in and that he saw her soccer uniform. After seeing that, he placed his hands in the pockets of his school uniform, turned around and walked away.

''What in the-''

''Hirosaki Misaki?''

Misaki got woken up from the trance by a cheery voice. She turned around and got greeted by a girl with short, dark blue hair.

''I'm Otonashi Haruna from the newspaper club.'' The blue-haired girl introduced herself with a smile.

''Hi, apparently, you already know my name.'' Misaki replied with a chuckle.

''I was wondering if you have any comments about today's match? How are you feeling right now? Do you think your team stands a chance against Teikoku?'' Haruna fired questions at her.

Misaki looked a bit startled by the intensity of her cheeriness.

''Me and the other girls have been training really hard and all we can do is hoping for a good outcome. I have trust in them. Just as I have trust in the boys team. Endou will do a great job.'' Misaki replied.

She saw Haruna quickly scrabbling things down.

''Okay, do you mind if I publish this in the school newspaper?'' She asked.

''No, not at all.'' Misaki replied.

''Yay! Good luck in today's match!'' Haruna cheered, before she ran off.

''What a peculiar girl.'' Misaki said with a sweat drop.

''Hirosaki Misaki?'' She heard another voice.

Misaki turned around and saw a girl with green hair and a pink clip in her hair.

''Hi, I'm Kino Aki, the manager of the soccer club. We haven't properly met yet.'' She said with a smile to her.

Misaki smiled back and extended her hand.

''Nice to meet you, I'm Hirosaki Misaki, but you can call me Misaki.'' She introduced herself properly.

''Nice to meet you too, Misaki. You can call me Aki.'' Aki replied.

''So, you're also the manager of the girls team?'' Misaki asked.

Aki nodded.

''Yep! I'm so thrilled that Raimon finally has a boys- and girls soccer team. I feel honored to be a manager.'' She replied.

Misaki made a small bow.

''Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.''

Aki smiled anime-style.

''So, are you nervous?'' She asked.

''A little bit.'' Misaki replied.

''I'm sure you girls will do a great job. You won't let Raimon get destroyed so easily.'' Aki said.

''You bet!'' Misaki replied, looking excited.

''That's the spirit! I have no doubt that you will win. Just like Endou and his team.'' Aki said.

''They have to play now, right? If they win that match, we have to play next.'' Misaki replied.

Aki nodded.

''But you girls will be fine. I just know it.'' She said, while she smiled anime-style.

Misaki smiled back.

''Thanks, Aki.'' She replied.

At that point, Endou and his teammates came out and smiled at Misaki.

''It's time.'' Endou said excited.

Misaki nodded at him.

''Ah!'' She replied.

At that point, all the female members of the soccer team returned.

''Misaki, it's time!'' Tsukiko said excited.

''Teikoku isn't here yet…'' Rima stated.

''Let's head to the soccer field already.'' Endou said, while he started walking towards the pitch.

All the others followed him suit and walked onto the soccer field. A big group of Raimon students had already formed around the soccer grounds and some students were even watching from out of their classrooms, by leaning out of the window.

''Wow, a big crowd has already gathered…'' The guy with the blue ponytail said.

''Of course. I mean, we're up against Teikoku de yansu.'' A boy with a plaster on his nose replied to him.

''We'll be fine.'' Endou said with a confident smile.

Misaki smiled too.

''Good luck guys, you'll be fine.'' She said to the boys.

They all gave her a kind smile. At that point, the ground started to shake and a scurry of dust came up from the ground. A giant, black, van-like vehicle drove up the school grounds of Raimon Junior High. All the students gasped and looked intimidated at the vehicle. The metal door slowly opened and a boy with blue goggles was seen staring with a smirk from behind it. A bunch of male students in Teikoku's school uniform marched out of the vehicle and a red carpet was rolled out. The male students took place besides the carpet, each with one foot on a soccer ball and their arms high posed.

''Wow…'' Himeka gasped.

''They're finally here…'' Endou added.

All the other Raimon soccer players had shocked and serious expressions on their faces.

''What an entrance they make…'' Azula said, slightly terrified.

A boy with the blue goggles, a red cape and Teikoku's soccer uniform stepped outside the van first. Behind him followed the other male Teikoku players. Misaki's eyes immediately got drawn towards their captain, the goggled boy. Something about him screamed the word 'evil', yet he was fascinating.

''Who's that…'' She whispered to herself.

On the sidelines, Otonashi Haruna made a gasp, by seeing the goggled boy. Misaki noticed it and frowned.

''Kidou-san, why are we playing against this kind of team?'' A player called Jimon, asked the goggled boy. ''I don't think they'll improve our skills.''

''We might be able to see something interesting here.'' The boy, obviously called Kidou, replied.

It was the first time Misaki, and all the others, heard him speak and it sent shivers down the female captain's spine.

''Something interesting?'' Jimon repeated.

Misaki followed Kidou's glare and ended up by the platinum-haired boy she saw earlier, leaned against a tree again. His eyes stood fierce. Misaki frowned once again. Is he the interesting thing they're talking about?

Kidou smirked.

''Yeah,'' He replied to Jimon's question. ''Look forward to it.''

At that point, the rooftop on the vehicle of Teikoku opened and a grown-up man with sunglasses and brown hair, tied into a loose ponytail that hung over his shoulder, was lifted up in the air, sitting on a black chair.

''Of all the schools we could've chosen to come to…'' He murmured. ''I guess this is fate as well.''

''Kidou, is it really worth it? Playing against such a weak school?'' A new voice sounded.

A girl with dead straight, raven black hair, that reaches to the middle of her back, chocolate brown eyes with golden flecks and a pale-ish skin stepped forward, her arms crossed and a slight bored look on her face.

''Miyuru, believe me, something interesting is here.'' Kidou replied to her with a smirk.

The girl, Hase Miyuru, wore Teikoku's female soccer uniform and the captains band around her upper arm. Behind her, more girls appeared, wearing the same uniform and a big smirk on their faces.

''But I'm relying on the fact that our performance won't even be needed,'' Miyuru said with a smirk. ''You'll crush the male players with ease.''

Misaki glared at the girl.

''So she's the captain of the girls team.'' She muttered to herself.

''Misaki, are you okay?'' Tsukiko asked, worry in her voice.

Misaki looked at her friend.

''A-Ah, I'm fine.''

She turned her glare back on the female captain of the opposing team, who was leaning against Kidou with her elbow on his shoulder.

''This should be interesting.'' Miyuru said with a smirk.

Endou ran forward towards Kidou.

''I'm the Captain of Raimon Soccer club, Endou Mamoru,'' He introduced himself with a smile. ''Thank you for asking for a practice match against us.''

He extended his hand, but Kidou completely ignored him. Miyuru chuckled.

''This is our first time on this field,'' Kidou said, looking around him. ''Mind letting us warm up first?''

Endou look slightly uncomfortable.

''Sure, go ahead.'' He replied, a nervous sweat drop on his head and a slight grin.

He walked towards the side of the soccer field, the other Raimon players following him.

''They're going to warm up?'' Michiko asked.

''Guess so.'' The boy with pink hair replied to her.

''This'll be the first time we'll see Teikoku play.'' Shizori said.

''Let's see what they got.'' Nori replied, her arms folded and a serious look in her eyes.

Teikoku positioned themselves on the soccer field. The first shot was made and a boy with cyan hair and an eye-patch dashed away in immensely speed.

''What?!'' Endou exclaimed.

''He disappeared?'' The boy with brown hair and brown eyes besides him added.

''That's impossible…'' Minorin said breathless.

The cyan-haired boy had made it to the ball and swung his leg back to kick it hard. Another small boy was playing 'Keepie Uppie' in unbelievable movements.

''Hey, hey,'' The red afro boy said, trembling on his feet. ''What's with those movements?''

A massive guy with a metal headgear made a firm header and all the Raimon players looked intimidated.

''We're playing against guys like him?!'' The pink-haired boy asked, more to himself.

''You have to take those guys on?'' Azula asked scared, turning towards Endou.

She was trembling on her feet and she definitely wasn't the only one. Kidou smirked by seeing the terrified players. Exactly what he was planning to do. He stared at Endou's captains band. Kidou smirked more and snapped his fingers. A player of Teikoku caught his signal, smirked and kicked the ball high up. Jimon, another player, jumped high up and kicked the ball, making it gain more speed and power. Then, Kidou jumped up into the air and kicked the ball with a lot of strength. The ball whizzed towards Endou. The Raimon soccer girls gasped and Endou gulped. He outstretched his arms and caught the ball in his hands. The force pushed him slightly back, but Endou held onto the ball firmly. He managed to stop it and the ball fell to the ground, smoke coming off it. Endou had to recover from the catch, while the Teikoku boys had already gathered together in front of him.

''Captain!'' Everybody shouted. ''Endou!''

Endou looked at his keeper gloves, where smoke was coming from and chafing marks were visible. Then, he looked back at the Teikoku players with a shocked expression. Kidou smirked, showing off his teeth. Endou bald his fists and grinned widely.

''Now it's getting interesting!'' Endou exclaimed, while he clapped his hands together.

Misaki smiled.

''Ganbatte, Endou!'' She shouted.

Kidou let his gaze fall upon her. He noticed the captains band around her left upper arm and he smirked.

''The female captain, huh?'' He said to himself.

Misaki noticed his gaze on her and she stared back with a firm expression.

''Bring it on, Teikoku.'' She hissed.

End of Chapter One

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