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Chapter Two: Teikoku is here!
(帝国がきた!, Teikoku ga kita!)

Normal P.O.V.

''I'm fired up!'' Endou exclaimed, turning towards the others.

Misaki chuckled.

'Endou…'' She said, a smile playing on her lips.

''Guys, let's show them the fruits of our one week's training!'' Endou exclaimed.

''WHAT?!'' All the Raimon boys replied.

''Umm… Hold on, Captain!'' Kabeyama said nervous.

Endou looked at him.

''What is it?'' He asked.

''I…'' Kabeyama started ''… need to use the toilet!''

Everybody sweat dropped.

''Hey, Kabeyama!'' Endou exclaimed, when Kabeyama ran away.

''What's up with him?'' Nori asked, her arms folding and sniggering at the sight of Kabeyama running away.

''Sis, don't be mean!'' Yuri replied to her, trying to look strict.

''What are you going to do?'' Kidou asked Endou with a smirk. ''Even with that guy, you only have ten members. Where's your last player?''

His gaze went towards the platinum-haired boy, who was leaning against his usual tree with closed eyes.

''Endou-kun!'' Misaki and all the others suddenly heard.

Aki came running towards the pitch with a boy beside her.

''Huh? That guy is…'' Endou mumbled slowly.

''He said he wants to join the soccer club!'' Aki said with a smile.

Misaki's eyes narrowed. Is that… that boy called Megane?

Everybody sweat dropped.

''From what I've heard about him, sports isn't really…'' A boy with a cat cap, Max, breathed.

''Y-Yeah.'' The pink haired boy, Someoka, replied.

''His name is Megane-kun!'' Aki said with a smile.

The boy adjusted his glasses.

''I'm Megane Kakeru. Nice to meet you.'' He said.

Minorin snorted.

''What a geek.'' She said.

Himeka slapped her.

''Shush! He might be our last hope.'' She hissed.

Endou extended his hand to the boy with glasses.

''Nice to meet you too.'' He replied.

Megane looked around.

''Looks like I really am the last person,'' He said. ''But I have one condition before I join the team.''

Nori stifled her laughter.

''Look at him, thinking he can make demands.'' She said.

''Onee-chan, please. Try to be nice.'' Yuri replied with a sigh.

''Condition?'' Endou replied to Megane's words.

''I won't wear any uniform except for number 10.'' Megane said with a sly smile.

All the Raimon boys sighed.

''Hahahaha! This is too funny!'' Minorin exclaimed.

Nori laughed too.

''What a loser! Wanting to be the ace striker!'' She added.

Megane started to blush. All the other female soccer members tried to shush the two rebel-girls.

''What do you think, guys?'' The boy with the plaster, Kurimatsu, asked his team players.

''Well, a small loaf of bread is better than none at all.'' The smallest player of the team, Shourinji, replied.

''What do you mean by that?'' Megane asked.

Misaki just sighed.

''All right, I understand!'' Endou said with a smile. ''You've got a deal.''

''What?!'' All the other players replied, jumping up from their spot on the ground.

''Captain, are you serious?'' Kurimatsu exclaimed.

''I'm serious!'' Endou replied, a serious look on his face.

All the boys fell anime-style. Some of the girls sweat dropped too.

''Well, this sure is going to be interesting.'' Tsukiko said, an unsure smile on her lips.

Megane grabbed his glasses and grinned.

''With me at your side, you've got a sure-fire victory.'' He said confident.

''I hope things will work out.'' Yorina wrote down.

At that moment, everybody got startled by someone shouting.

''Endou-kun!'' A man's voice sounded.

The man, apparently Raimon's coach, stopped in front of Endou.

''What's the hold up?!'' He asked.

''Fuyukai-sensei, well, umm…'' Endou replied. ''Kabeyama just went to the toilet and-''

''Honestly, we can't let our guests wait any longer,'' He interrupted Endou. ''Get a move on!''

''Yes, I understand!'' Endou replied, flinching a bit.

The boys dashed away, in search for Kabeyama and the girls stayed behind on the field.

''Mou… If they don't hurry up, we'll lose the match beforehand.'' Rima said with a sigh.

''We can't let that happen!'' Shizori added, slight panic in her voice.

''Minna, let's start looking for Kabeyama!'' Michiko exclaimed.

''AH!'' Everybody replied.

''I'll be staying here. You girls can go.'' Misaki said, a serious expression on her face.

''Misaki-chan… Is everything all right?'' Tsukiko asked worried.

''I'm fine. Go with the other girls. I just want to keep an eye on Teikoku.'' Misaki said.

''Kiko-chan! Are you coming?'' Azula shouted from the distance.

''H-Hai!'' Tsukiko replied.

Then, she turned towards Misaki.

''We'll be back as soon as we can.'' She said.

Then, she dashed off. Misaki turned her glare back on Kidou. He was talking towards his teammates. Misaki narrowed her eyes.

''What do you want?'' She murmured to herself. ''Why Raimon? What's so special here?''

Her glare then went towards the platinum-haired boy.

''Who is he? Why does keep glaring in his direction?'' She kept talking to herself.

Then, Kidou turned around and his gaze found hers. He walked towards her.

''What's wrong?'' He asked with a smirk.

''Nothing. Just keeping an eye on you.'' Misaki replied.

Kidou smirked.

''Do you feel it's necessary?'' He asked.

Misaki just kept staring at him with coldness in her eyes. Then, her glare went from Kidou to the platinum-haired boy, and then back. Then, Misaki narrowed her eyes and turned around, sweeping some of her hair in Kidou's face. He was lucky he was wearing goggles.

''We're running out of time.'' Fuyukai-sensei said nervous.

Misaki took a spot next to him and stared at the school building.

''Minna… Hurry up…'' She whispered.

''Hey Jimon.'' Misaki suddenly heard.

She didn't turn around, but listened closely towards the conversation a few feet away from her.

''Why do we have to play against a weak team like this?'' She heard.

''It seems that the Commander is interested in a newly transferred player in this school,'' Misaki heard another voice. ''He wants us to learn a thing or two about his ability.''

''Oh, I wonder who that could be?'' She heard somebody smirking.

Misaki's eyes widened and her gaze immediately went towards the platinum-haired boy. HIM! They're talking about him! His ability? Is he a soccer player?

''He's not here yet.'' Misaki heard Kidou's voice.

She frowned. I can see the boy clearly. What does he mean? Maybe that boy isn't the boy they're talking about…

''Not here? What do you mean not here?'' She picked up one of the voices she heard earlier. ''Weren't you the one who said we might see something interesting?''

''I said he's not here yet,'' Misaki heard Kidou repeat, her ears noticing the accent on yet. ''Don't be impatient.''

''Heh? Are you saying we can make some use out of him if we get him to join our school?'' The player asked again.

''That's up to the Commander to decide,'' Misaki heard Kidou's voice. ''We only need to follow orders.''

Misaki's eyes went up to the guy on top of the big vehicle. They must be talking about him.

''Failure is not an option.'' Kidou said, and Misaki turned around, just on time to see Kidou staring at the platinum-haired boy against the tree.

''It IS him!'' Misaki whispered towards herself.

At that point, Endou and the others, including the girls, returned.

''We found him!'' Endou said with a smile to me.

Misaki sighed relieved.

''Just in time! It's time for you guys to get on the pitch.'' She replied.

''Minna, ganbatte!'' Tsukiko exclaimed.

''Do your best!''

''You guys can do it!''

''Show Teikoku that you can't mess with Raimon.''

Endou smiled by hearing the girls' comments.

''Minna, arigato!'' He replied.

The other boys replied the same. Then, they stepped onto the field. Misaki sighed.

''I hope they'll be all right.''

''Misaki, daijoubu! Weren't you the one who kept saying that to us?'' Tsukiko teased.

Misaki smiled.

''You're right. They'll be fine.'' She replied.

''Anooo…'' The girls suddenly heard a voice.

Misaki turned around and saw a familiar girl.

''Otonashi-san.'' She said with a smile.

Haruna smiled anime-style at her.

''Hirosaki-san!'' Haruna replied.

Misaki smiled.

''Just call me Misaki. What are you doing here?'' She asked.

Haruna smiled.

''I was wondering if it was okay for me to sit here during the match.'' She asked.

Misaki and Aki smiled.

''Of course! Go ahead.'' Aki replied.

Haruna sat next to her with a smile.

''YOSH! Can I interview you?'' She asked Aki.

Aki smiled.

''Sure!'' She replied.

Misaki smiled and turned her glare back onto the field. She picked up some pieces of the interview behind her.

''Personally, I think we won't win. But if I look and Endou and the others, I can't help but feel we're going to win, even though the soccer club has still far to go.'' Misaki heard Aki say.

She smiled. At that point, the players lined up in front of each other.

''We will now start the practice match between Teikoku Academy and Raimon Junior High.'' The referee spoke loud.

Misaki looked at the players and saw Kidou walking away. He's not waiting for the coin toss?

''They can start first.'' She heard Kidou say.

Somehow, the confidence in his voice made her annoyed.

''Aitsu…'' She murmured.

''It's a challenge!'' Somebody suddenly shouted.

The girls let out a startled scream and jumped aside. From out of nowhere, a boy with glasses and grayish hair had taken its place besides them.

''This is Teikoku's challenge to us, Raimon.'' He continued.

''Who are you?'' Haruna asked.

''Hello, I'm Kakuma Keita from the Shogi club.'' He replied to her.

''Shogi club?'' Himeka repeated.

''What a weirdo…'' Nori said, rolling her eyes.

''Today, I'm here to provide everyone a play-by-play commentary of the mat-,'' He interrupted himself. ''UWAAA! Now is not the time to introduce myself! The ball is already in position! All it's waiting for is Raimon Junior High's kick-off!''

''Please somebody, drag him away…'' Nori complained.

Minorin snickered .

''Come on! A commentator is fun!'' Shizori said.

''Let's just focus on the match now, instead of him.'' Misaki ordered her girls.

''Hai…'' They replied.

Misaki observed the Raimon players.

''Some of them look nervous…'' She murmured to herself.

Then, the referee blew his whistle and the match started. All the female members of the soccer club started to cheer and Misaki followed the movements of all the player intensely. Some of them had some pretty good moves and they managed to charge forward.

''Look! They're almost in front of the goal already!'' Yuri squealed.

''Don't get too excited, lil' sis'.'' Nori replied.

Yuri pouted.

''Mou… stop being so pessimistic.'' She said with a childish voice.

''Nori has a point. Teikoku can't be underestimated.'' Misaki said serious.

''Captain… you too?'' Yuri pouted.

Then, Someoka jumps in the air and shoots the ball.

''IKE!'' The girls shouted from the sidelines.

Teikoku's goalkeeper, Genda, smirked and easily caught the ball. Everybody gasped.

''Wow! For a moment, I really thought that ball was going in!'' Michiko pouted.

''Guess not.'' Minorin replied.

''But we can't lose hope yet! Raimon is doing great so far!'' Shizori said with a smile.

''Kidou, my job ends here!'' Misaki heard Genda say.

He rolled the ball towards Kidou, who placed his feet on top of it.

''Yeah,'' He replied calm. ''It's time we showed them…''

He smirked.

''… How Teikoku plays soccer.'' He finished.

Suddenly, the whole aura of the match turned around.

''They're coming.'' Misaki could read Endou's words off his lips.

She frowned.

''It's beginning…'' She said.

''What?'' Tsukiko asked.

''The counter attack.'' Misaki replied, biting her lip.

Then suddenly, a ball got shot by one of Teikoku's players all from the defense line. All the girls gasped.

''What?!'' Himeka exclaimed.

The ball whizzed towards Endou and he extended his hands. But it wasn't enough. The ball slammed against his body and send him off flying through the air, in his own goal. Everybody was seen gasping, even the platinum-haired boy.

''Teikoku wins the first point in mere seconds!'' Keita, the announcer, shouted out.

''WE CAN ALL SEE THAT, SMARTASS!'' Nori snarled angry at him.

Keita looked a bit taken aback.

''Oh no…'' Yorina wrote down.

''What a strength…'' Rima whispered.

''So this is Teikoku...'' Azula breathed.

''What speed and power!'' Keita went on. ''Is this the Teikoku soccer team that dominates the nation?! Is this Teikoku soccer team's actual power?!''


''Endou-kun…'' Aki said soft.

Misaki gasped by seeing Endou lying hurt on the ground.

''ENDOU!'' She shouted.

''Is he okay?!'' Tsukiko exclaimed.

''Endou-san!'' Himeka said worried too.

Some players of Raimon ran towards the hurt goalkeeper. Misaki bit her lip and trembled slightly.

''Maybe I was wrong…'' She whispered to herself. ''Maybe we shouldn't continue this. We can't let players get injured like that.''

''MISAKI!'' Tsukiko shouted angry, who heard everything, just like the other girls.

''You can't give up now!'' Himeka added.

''We're going to fight!'' Minorin said confident.

''Come on, Captain!'' Yuri exclaimed.

Misaki smiled.

''Minna…'' She replied.

She looked back at Endou, who slowly crawled back up on his feet and gave his team a pep-talk. Somehow, it gave her confidence.

''You're right…'' Misaki said. ''We won't back down!''

''AH!'' The girls replied.

Then, the match resumed. The sight of it got more horrible as time passed by. Players of Raimon got injured and many goals were made. By the time the referee blew the whistle, to indicate that the first half was over, the score stood 10-0 in Teikoku's favor.

''I can't believe this…'' Michiko said.

The boys slowly walked towards the sidelines and sat down on the ground in front of the girls. They looked bruised and exhausted.

''They're too tired to even talk.'' Himeka said compassionate.

Aki and Haruna handed out water bottles and towels.

''What's up with those guys?'' The guy with the blue ponytail, Kazemaru, asked, looking over towards the other side. ''None of them have even broken a sweat.''

''Of course not. They didn't run at all.'' Minorin stated matter-of-factly.

''It felt like they were toying with us this whole time.'' Shourinji said.

''Damn it!'' Endou exclaimed. ''I won't let it end like this! I'll force them to run in the second half!''

''Endou.'' Misaki said with a smile.

''Force them? That's impossible!'' Kurimatsu exclaimed.

''I'm too exhausted to take another step.'' The guy with the red afro, Shishido, added.

''What's up with you guys? It's only half-time now!'' Endou shouted.

''You want us to play the second half too?'' Kabeyama asked surprised. ''It's pointless.''

''I knew this match was too much for us.'' Shishido said defeated.

Misaki balled up her fists and trembled. Then, she stepped forward and unleashed all her frustrations.

''What are you saying?! You guys can still do this! Me and all the girls have been cheering you on! All those hours of practice for this match, all those member-gathering, all those efforts put in to this… You're all letting it go to waste? What about Raimon Junior High?! You're letting it get destroyed?! What's up with you guys?! I don't get you at all!'' She shouted.

Everybody looked up to her with dull expressions, except for Endou.

''Minna!'' He shouted, out of frustration.

Misaki glared at the Teikoku players, who were standing with the girl players of Teikoku now. They were discussing something and contacting their commander on top of the vehicle.

''What are they up to…'' Misaki wondered out loud.

Then, the referee announced the start of the second half. The Raimon players positioned themselves on the field again, but with much less confidence than earlier. The whistle got blown and Teikoku took the kick-off.

''MINNA! GANBARE!'' All the girls shouted.

The ball got passed towards Kidou and he smirked with a dark aura coming off him.

''Let's go…'' He said on a terrifying calm, cold tone.

Misaki shivered and felt some kind of worry filling her body.

''Initiate the Death Zone.'' Kidou ordered.

''Death Zone?'' Misaki repeated.

Then, three players from Teikoku started to dash forward.

''And then, force that guy to show up!'' Misaki heard Kidou exclaim.

Her eyes widened.

''What's that about?'' She asked herself.

''Misaki… I have a bad feeling about this.'' Tsukiko said to her best friend.

''This isn't good…'' Misaki replied.

The three players from Teikoku jumped up into the air and Kidou kicked the ball towards them. The three of them made a circular motion into the air and a purple triangle appeared. The power got unleashed on the ball and the three players kicked it at the same time.

''Death Zone!''

The ball with a purple glow whizzed towards Endou.





Everybody called out for Endou. The ball smacked Endou in the face and he got blown back by the force.

''Continue!'' Misaki heard Kidou order. ''Until he steps onto the pitch.''

A shiver went down her spine. How far do they want to go? Are they seriously considering to injure them more? Her gaze went towards the platinum-haired boy, who had caught the words too. He was staring intensely at Kidou.

''What's going on…'' Misaki whispered.

The boys of Raimon had to take on many Hissatsu techniques from the opponent and their bodies slowly weakened. The score got to 18-0 when no Raimon player could move anymore, except for Endou.

''No…!'' Tsukiko said, her eyes widened and terrified.

''Please, make it stop!'' Himeka exclaimed, tears burning in her eyes.

''I can't watch this anymore.'' Azula said, a horrified look in her eyes.

Yorina had covered her mouth with her hands and her eyes stood full of hurt.

''This is going way too far…'' Misaki whispered.

''Come out here…'' Kidou slowly spoke, referring to the platinum-blond. ''Come out! If not …''

He pointed at Endou.

''See that last one standing?'' Kidou went on. ''We'll butcher him until he can NO LONGER STAND!''

Shots got fired directly at Endou. The players of Teikoku weren't aiming for the goal anymore, but at Endou.

''Stop it…'' Misaki slowly said.

Of course, nobody heard her.

''Enough…'' She said, a little louder now.

Of course, it still wasn't noticeable. Then, Kazemaru jumped in front of Endou and took one of the shots. He collapsed onto the ground and all the girls gasped.

''PLEASE, QUIT THIS MADNESS!'' She shouted at the top of her voice now, tears burning in her eyes.

Teikoku stopped their kicks and Kidou turned towards her.

''Eh?'' Kidou asked.

''This is not what soccer is about! How can you hurt people like that! You guys are horrible! Stop this already!'' Misaki shouted out.

Kidou grinned.

''Unfortunate for you, Teikoku doesn't show any mercy.'' He replied to her.

Then, he continued kicking the ball against Endou. He got once again blown back into his net. Even the platinum-haired boy gritted his teeth now. The score of Teikoku went from 18-0 to 19-0. Tears rolled down Misaki's cheeks.

''This wasn't what I wanted at all… I didn't helped him out because I wanted to see him like this…'' She whispered.

Then, she turned towards the platinum blond on the other side of the field.

''DO SOMETHING!'' She shouted at the top of her voice.

Everybody could hear it. The boy slowly looked up to Misaki.

''YEAH, YOU! STOP THIS! Please… I beg you! They're here for you! They want you! Please, just make this suffering stop!'' Misaki shouted, her voice troubled by tears, frustration and emotion.

The only one on the field left was Megane. He started to tremble and ran of the field in tears and panic. While running away, he passed the platinum-blond boy and took off his jersey. The shirt with back number 10 slowly fell onto the ground. In the mean time, Endou was still lying on the ground, unable to stand up.

''What a pitiful sight.'' Kidou said.

He and a couple of other Teikoku players started to laugh.

''NOT YET!'' Endou suddenly shouted.

Kidou immediately stopped laughing.

''It's not over… It's not over yet!'' Endou shouted, while he slowly stood up again.

His face was full of determination and some of the girls looked taken aback.


The platinum-haired boy and Kidou both looked startled.

''You still want more?'' A player of Teikoku shouted, while he kicked another ball towards Endou.

The platinum-haired boy took his gaze off the field and onto the jersey that was lying in front of him. Misaki started desperately at him. Then, she saw him picking up the uniform. Her eyes widened and a smile broke out on her face.

''Thank you…'' She muttered to herself. ''Thank you so much…''

In the mean time, Endou was still taking on shots and, once again, was send flying back into his net. Teikoku brought the score towards 20-0. People around the field started to walk away and gave up on their hopes, if they hadn't thrown it away yet. At that point, some excited voices rose up from the crowd.

''Who's that?''

''Did there was a guy like that on the soccer team?''

People stopped and turned around once again. Endou turned his head in surprise. The guy with platinum-blond hair stepped onto the pitch, his eyes closed and a cool aura coming off him. (A/N: Play Gouenji's theme song! ;D)


''Could he be…''

''The one who showed his strong shooting technique in the Soccer Frontier last year, when he was still a freshman?'' Keita announced. ''Gouenji Shuuya!''

Misaki squealed happy.

''Finally!'' Tsukiko shouted!

''Wow, look at the aura coming off him.'' Minorin said impressed.

''He looks so cool!'' Himeka said dreamy.

A slight blush appeared on her cheeks. Yuri grinned.

''Warning! Love-struck girl here!''

Himeka blushed even more.

''S-Shut up!'' She murmured.

''He looks so strong!'' Shizori praised.

''I wonder if he's able to turn things around.'' Rima wondered.

''I can't wait to see him play!'' Michiko said.

''Let's see what he can do.'' Nori added.

Kidou smirked.

''Now Gouenji-kun is wearing the Raimon uniform and standing before us!'' Keita continued his announcement.

''So he was what Teikoku was aiming for all the time. I was right.'' Misaki said, after she stopped her squealing.

''Gouenji!'' Endou exclaimed happily, while he clung on to the fierce player. ''You came after all.''

Then, he sort-of fainted and fell sideward. Gouenji quickly caught him.

''Daijoubu ka?'' He asked worried.

''Yeah…'' Endou replied with a smile. ''You're really late!''

Gouenji smiled back. Himeka started to blush. Nori slapped her on the head.

''I saw that.'' She grinned.

Himeka blushed even more.

''This is what we were waiting for.'' Kidou smirked.

''So, it's him we're after.'' A player of Teikoku replied.

The match got resumed and the girls started their cheering again.

''Come on, guys!'' Tsukiko shouted.

''You can do it!'' Shizori added.

Azula smiled.

''Maybe we do have a chance after all.'' She said soft to herself.

But loud enough for Misaki to pick up. She smiled content. Then, Teikoku started their Death Zone again. Some of the girls gulped, but Misaki kept smiling.

''Endou can handle it.'' She said.

''Yosh.'' Gouenji murmured.

He started to dash forward, much to everybody's surprise.

''What's he doing?'' Rima asked.

''Running forward obviously.'' Minorin replied to her.

''Why?'' Michiko asked.

''Because Endou will pass the ball to him.'' Misaki said with a smile, understanding Gouenji's thoughts.

''Is Endou truly capable of catching Death Zone?'' Tsukiko asked.

''He is.'' Misaki replied confident.

Tsukiko smiled.

''Go Raimon!'' She shouted.

''What?!'' Kidou exclaimed, by seeing Gouenji dashing forward.

Misaki glared at Endou and she saw confidence building up in his eyes.

''Ike, Endou.'' She said soft with a smile.

Suddenly, a gold glow surrounded Endou and everybody gasped.

''What's happening?'' Himeka asked.

''A… Hissatsu?'' Yuri added.

''Guess so…'' Minorin said.

Misaki smiled happy.

''GOD HAND!'' Endou shouted, while he performed his Hissatsu technique.

''Unbelievable!'' Michiko exclaimed.

''So this is Endou's true power.'' Tsukiko said with a smile.

''That looks awesome!'' Nori admitted.

Endou managed to catch the ball, making Kidou and Gouenji gasp.

''He stopped it!'' Keita shouted.

All the Raimon Junior High students started to cheer. Endou smiled bright.

''Endou, you did it!'' Misaki shouted at him.

''Gouenji!'' Endou shouted, throwing the ball forward with as much force as he could bring up. Gouenji caught the ball on his chest, kicked it up and jumped into the air himself too. Genda gasped and looked shocked.

''Fire Tornado!'' Gouenji shouted.

''SUGOI!'' Himeka shouted fascinated.

''Wow, look at that!'' Minorin added.

''Just as powerful as Endou's God Hand.'' Rima breathed.

Misaki smiled content.

''Raimon's true power has awakened.'' She said.

Gouenji's shot whizzed into the goal.

''WHAT?!'' Misaki could hear Miyuru, the female Teikoku captain, shout, from her spot on the sidelines.

''GOAL!'' Keita shouted.

Everybody started to yell, cheer and clap.

''Raimon Eleven has finally got their first point from Teikoku!'' Keita shouted on.

All the Raimon Eleven boys looked relieved and hugged each other.

''Yatta…'' Endou slowly said, a smile on his face.

''The boys of Teikoku Academy have decided to forfeit the match!'' The referee announced.

All the Raimon male and female players looked shocked.

''That means…'' Tsukiko started.

''That the boys…'' Azula went on.

''Have won.'' Misaki finished with a smile.

''WHAT?! The Teikoku male team has forfeited the match? This means on the official records that it's Raimon Eleven's victory!'' Keita shouted.

''Ohmygosh, you guys have won!'' Misaki said happily, while she ran towards Endou.

''I can't believe it!'' He replied.

''YES!'' Tsukiko shouted out.

''If the boys can do it, than we can too!'' Minorin said confident.

''AH!'' All the girls replied.

They looked over to the other side of the field, where the Teikoku girls were standing together, gritting their teeth. Misaki took a deep breath and turned towards the Raimon girls.

''Okay girls, listen up. I know we haven't got a lot of time to bound up together, or to prepare ourselves very well for this match. But at this moment, we have to fight with everything we got. Don't let yourself get intimidated by Teikoku's plays. Just think about our training sessions by the riverbank and believe in yourself. Then, you should be fine.'' She pep talked.

All the girls smiled at her.

''Let's kick some ass!'' Minorin shouted.

Tsukiko grinned.

''Under Misaki's lead, we'll be fine.'' She said.

Misaki blushed.

''Thanks, Kiko-chan.'' She used her best friend's nickname.

Tsukiko beamed and her eyes sparkled.

''Okay, I know we haven't really practiced on certain positions, like wing-players and specials spots on the left or right. Just on the four basic positions: forward, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper. But still, I made a setup.'' Misaki said, showing the girls a piece of paper.

Youshika Rima Kouyama Minorin Fujioka Nori

Fujioka Yuri Hirosaki Misaki Midorikawa Himeka

Suzuka Azula Shitamori Tsukiko Megumi Yorina Tanaka Shizori

Akarashi Michiko

''This is our line-up.'' Misaki said.

''Okay girls, let's get onto the pitch!'' Shizori exclaimed excited.

The girls walked onto the soccer pitch, just as the Teikoku players did the same. Miyuru gave Misaki a mean stare.

''You're going DOWN.'' She hissed.

Misaki just ignored it and smiled at her co-players.

''Remember what I said, just play your own soccer.'' Misaki said.

''Hai!'' All the girls replied.

''Misaki, ganbatte!'' Endou shouted from the sidelines.

Misaki gave him a thumbs-up.

''Come on, girls!''

''You can do it!''

''Kick some ass!''

''Don't be afraid!''

Several other Raimon players cheered the girls on. All the girls took a deep breath and smiled. Then, the referee walked onto the field and beckoned the captains. They both stepped towards him.

''Okay, it's time for the coin toss.'' He announced.

''Oh, there's no need for that,'' Miyuru said. ''They can start first.''

Misaki narrowed her eyes and Miyuru blew her a hand kiss. Misaki growled and turned around.

''Okay girls! Kickoff is ours!'' She ordered.

She went towards her midfielders position and Minorin and Nori stood next to the ball. Then, the referee blew his whistle and the match started.

''There's the whistle! The match between the girls of Raimon and the girls of Teikoku has officially started! Which team will come out as victors? Is this the end for Raimon? Everybody's holding their breath!'' Keita shouted.

Minorin kicked the ball toward Nori and she immediately dashed forward.

''Don't mess around with me!'' She hissed.

She roughly bumped one of Teikoku's midfielders to the side with her shoulder and kept charging forward. Minorin kept up with her pace.

''Nori, passu!'' She shouted.

Nori whipped the ball up with her feet and kicked it midair towards her left, but Miyuru jumped up and caught it on her chest. She started her counter attack. Misaki already saw a green haze on her right side, indicating Himeka was sharp and charging forward.

''Not today!'' The greenette shouted, while she made a sliding.

Miyuru placed the ball between her feet and jumped up, letting Himeka slide under her. Miyuru ended up on the ground again and smirked.

''Nice try.'' She said with a mean undertone.

Misaki growled and charged forward herself. But before she could reach the ball, Miyuru had already passed it towards an other forward of her team.

''Damn.'' Misaki growled, quickly turning around and chasing the ball.

Another player of Teikoku dribbled forward.

''Defense, prepare!'' Misaki shouted.

Miyuru ran past Misaki with amazing speed, causing the brown-haired captain to widen her eyes.

''She's fast.'' She mumbled.

Tsukiko ran forward and made a sliding, but the forward from Teikoku dodged it easily and jumped up. In mid-air, she kicked the ball towards her left, where Miyuru was standing. Before anybody could do a thing, Miyuru had caught the ball with her knee and kicked it up high. Then, she landed on the ground, where she immediately pushed herself up again.

''Shadou supia (Shadow Spear)'' She shouted, while the ball turned black and purple.

She turned upside down and kicked the ball with full force.

''AKARASHI-SAN!'' Everybody shouted.

Michiko extended her hands in front of her.

''Taki!'' She shouted.

A giant waterfall appeared in front of her and the black-purple ball slammed against it. Michiko closed one eye and her arms trembled. The force slowly pushed her back and finally, she got blown back in her net.

''GOAAAAAAL! Teikoku Academy scores the first point!'' Keita shouted.

''SERIOUSY, DO I NEED TO PUNCH YOU?!'' Nori shouted angry from her spot of the field.

Everybody sweat dropped.

''Etto… Onee-chan… please be nice.'' Yuri said with an unsure smile.

''That guy annoys me as hell.'' Nori muttered.

The match continued by Raimon's kickoff. Nori passed the ball towards Minorin and she quickly passed it through towards Rima.

''Ike, Rima-chan!'' Shizori shouted from her position towards her best friend.

Rima dodged a few players. You could see that she had done some soccer practice before.

''Kouyama!'' Rima shouted, before she passed the ball back towards Minorin.

But it was a feint. Minorin let the ball pass her with a grin and Nori picked it up. She had a clear spot in front of the goal.

''Ike, Fujioka-san!'' Misaki shouted.

''Come on, Onee-chan!'' Yuri added.

Nori stepped with her right foot on the ball, crossed her arms and closed her eyes.

''Akuma no shinzō! (Devil's heart)'' She shouted, while she and the ball got a black and red aura.

Then, she swung her leg behind and kicked the ball with the gathered energy. The goalkeeper of Teikoku grinned, extended her hands and closed her eyes.

''Kuroi uzu. (Black vortex)'' She spoke calmly.

The ball went into the vortex and disappeared. When the black vortex went away, the ball was seen in the keeper her hands.

''No way!'' Minorin exclaimed.

''She caught it!'' Himeka went on.

Misaki growled angry. Miyuru blew her a hand kiss. The keeper of Teikoku threw the ball towards a midfielder and she caught it easily on her chest. She passed towards Miyuru when the ball was still in mid-air.

''Oh no you don't!'' Himeka growled, while she quickly jumped up and intercepted the ball.

''Nice interception!'' Misaki praised.

Himeka quickly dribbled forward and passed a few players. Miyuru growled and made a sliding from behind on the ball. Himeka, however, saw this coming and placed the ball between her feet. Then, she jumped up, making Miyuru miss her shot.

''Too bad. Maybe next time.'' Himeka said with a wink, before she dribbled further.

Misaki heard the Raimon boys talking impressively about the girls. It gave her some courage.

''Yosh, Himeka! Go for the goal!'' She shouted.

Himeka kept dribbling forward, but slowed down due to the defense that was coming her way. Nevertheless, she jumped up with the ball.

''Jeidoshotto (Jade shot)'' Himeka shouted, while the ball got a shimmery, green color.

Then, she kicked it with her left leg and the ball whizzed towards the goal.

''Kuroi uzu.'' The goalkeeper of Teikoku spoke once again, and the ball got caught.

Himeka gritted her teeth.

''Now, I think we've been holding back long enough now,'' Miyuru said to her team players with a sly smile. ''Let's show them Teikoku's true power now.''

''Hai!'' All her team players replied.

''No way, they were holding back all this time?'' Tsukiko exclaimed.

''And I thought they were already being very tough.'' Rima added.

''Oh no… we're doomed.'' Azula said nervous.

Yorina walked towards her and placed her hand on her shoulder with a smile, while she shook her head.

''Yorina's right, girls! We need to keep fighting!'' Shizori said, who saw the gesture.

''Come on, girs!'' Yuri added happily.

''AH!'' All the girls replied.

''Pathetic.'' Miyuru commented.

Then, the keeper of Teikoku threw the ball towards a player and the mood suddenly changed. Teikoku became twice as fast as before and the ball was hard to follow.

''W-What?'' Minorin exclaimed shocked.

''Where's the ball now?'' Azula asked, while she looked around.

''Oh no…'' Michiko said nervous.

She stood steady on her spot in front of the goal, but you could clearly see that she was nervous.

''Come on, girls. Focus!'' Misaki ordered growling, while she chased a girl who had the ball.

The Raimon girls stood a bit lost in the field. Before they knew it, Miyuru doomed up in front of the goal with the ball.

''Surprise!'' She shouted.

Then, she performed her Hissatsu again.

''Shadou supia!'' She shouted.

The ball whizzed in the upper-left corner and Michiko stood just as frozen in her goal with widened eyes as moments before.

''GOAAAAL! Teikoku scored the second point. What's wrong, Raimon?'' Keita announced through his microphone.

Even Nori was too shocked to scold him.

''W-What just happened?'' Tsukiko managed to bring out.

''Come on, we're only two points behind! We can still fix this!'' Misaki said.

But exactly at that point, the referee blew his whistle and the first half was over.

''Misaki… you look tired,'' Miyuru said, with a fake pout. ''Why don't you take some rest. You're going to need it.''

Misaki watched her walk away with balled fists.

''Misaki, calm down. She's just provoking you.'' Tsukiko said, who placed her hand on Misaki's shoulder.

Aki walked towards Misaki and handed her a towel and a water bottle.

''Here.'' She said with a smile.

''Thanks, Aki.'' Misaki replied.

''Misaki! You're doing great out there!'' Endou said with a smile, while he made his way towards the female, brown-haired captain.

''We're two points behind!'' Misaki replied.

''Considering that it's Teikoku and that the Raimon girls team didn't exist since yesterday, that's pretty impressive.'' Endou said.

Misaki smiled.

''That's true.'' She replied.

''I'm sure you'll be able to turn the score around, Misaki.'' Endou said confident.

''Thanks, Endou. We'll do our best.'' Misaki replied.

Then, she sighed deep.

''We won't be able to keep up with their pace.'' She said with worry in her voice, while she glanced over towards Teikoku's side.

''Dosta, Misaki-chan? Don't tell me you've given up yet.'' Tsukiko replied.


''Hey, the boys stood 20-0 against the Teikoku boys! Did they gave up? No! We're only two points behind! We can make this work!'' Tsukiko said with a smile.

Misaki smiled.

''Thanks, Tsukiko. You're a great co-captain.'' She replied.

Tsukiko grinned bright.

''Yosh!'' Misaki said with a smile.

She looked at all the tired girls, who were sitting on the ground, sipping from their water bottles and still trying to catch their breath.

''Minna, I want you all to listen to me.'' Misaki said.

The girls looked up.

''What I want for the second half is for you all not to focus on Teikoku's plays, but to just have fun. Never forget your passion for soccer. Stop worrying about the outcome of this match and start having fun. Enjoy this match!'' Misaki spoke with a smile.

Endou nodded in agreement.

''Nicely spoken, Misaki.'' He said approvingly.

Misaki smiled back.

''She's right! Even if we do lose this match, we can't leave any regrets behind. Give it your all. And smile!'' Tsukiko added to the speech.

All the girls smiled.

''That's true.'' Yuri smiled.

''We must keep fighting.'' Azula added.

''Yeah! WOOHOO! I'm so fired up!'' Shizori exclaimed.

Rima sweat dropped.

''Calm down, Shizori-chan.'' She said with a nervous grin.

Everybody laughed.

''Okay, it's time to get back on the field.'' The referee announced.

''Both the teams are getting called back on the field! It's time for the second half! Will Raimon make a comeback? Or is this the end for Raimon Junior High!'' Keita shouted.

''Okay, girls. Let's go back.'' Himeka said, while she crawled up from her spot.

Endou gave Misaki a high five and held her hand for a moment.

''Come on, you can do it! For the sake of Raimon.'' He said.

''FOR THE SAKE OF RAIMON!'' All the Raimon soccer players chimed, including the boys.

Then, the girls walked onto the field. Everybody took a deep breath.

''Okay, focus. And have fun.'' Misaki ordered herself.

She glanced towards Teikoku's direction. Miyuru was talking towards Kidou. Misaki's eyes rested for a couple of seconds on the male Teikoku captain.

''A strange appearance… but a genius on the field.'' She commented.

Then, she looked at Miyuru and Kidou together.

''Are they like … dating?'' She wondered.

Then, Miyuru walked back onto the field.

''Ready for your defeat, Mi ~ sa ~ ki ~ chan.?'' She asked in a sing-song voice.

Misaki adjusted her black-frame glasses on her nose and smiled.

''I won't let Raimon down.'' She replied.

Miyuru chuckled.

''Still haven't given up hope, I see.'' She said.

Then, the whistle got blown. It was Teikoku's kick-off. Immediately, Miyuru dashed forward with the ball, passing all the Raimon girls.

''You don't stand a chance!'' She shouted.

''Minna, watch out!'' Misaki shouted.

Miyuru jumped up once again and used a normal shoot against Michiko. She caught the bal in her hands, but the force blew her back into the net.

''GOAAAAL! 3-0 for Teikoku!'' Keita shouted.

''Akarashi-san!'' Some girls shouted worried.

Tsukiko kneeled beside her.

''Are you okay?'' She asked worried.

Michiko nodded slowly, while crawling up again

''I'm fine…'' She replied.

Tsukiko looked worried.

''Misaki, she can't take a lot more of those shoots.'' She said.

Misaki growled.

''I know.'' She replied.

The match went on and Teikoku kept scoring one goal after another.

''GOAAAL! Another goal for Teikoku! The score is 10-0 now. Raimon, what are you going to do?'' Keita shouted.

''SHUT UP FOR A SECOND, IDIOT!'' Nori sneered.

Yuri sighed defeated.

''It's over…'' She mumbled.

''10-0… We can never make up to that.'' Azula added.

''Raimon will get destroyed.'' Himeka said with tears in her eyes.

''No… I don't want that.'' Shizori replied.

''But we won't stand a chance.'' Rima said.

''We're all worn out, bruised and weak.'' Minorin said.

Misaki balled her fists.

''No, no, NO! I won't let it end this way!'' She shouted.

''Misaki…'' Tsukiko said with a smile.

Misaki growled in anger and dashed forward, as soon as the referee blew his whistle.

''Everybody, follow!'' Tsukiko ordered.

Everybody looked surprised by seeing Misaki's fighting spirit.




The girls suddenly felt some spirit flowing through their bodies after seeing their captain trying so hard.

''Yosh! Let's support our captain!'' Himeka shouted.

''HAI!'' All the girls replied.

All the forwards and midfielders started to run forward too.

''Misaki!'' They shouted.

''Right behind you!''

''You can do it!''

''Don't give up!''

''For the sake of Raimon, remember?''

''YOOOOOOOOSH!'' Misaki shouted, while she made it towards the goal.

The shouts of her teammates gave her power. She closed her eyes and let all that power flow into the ball.

''Everybody is standing behind me. They won't fail me. They'll always support me. I can't let their hopes go to waist. We'll make this shot… together!'' She whispered.

Suddenly, the ball started to glow white and silver. Sparkles appeared everywhere and Misaki jumped into the air with the ball.

''Kibō no omoi! (Feelings of hope)'' She shouted will all her might, while the power blasted in one, straight, white/silver, sparkly line towards the goal.

This ball carries the feelings of all my players. Raimon won't back down, Misaki thought, while watching the ball. Everybody held his breath.

''Kuroi uzu!'' The keeper of Teikoku shouted once again.

A black vortex appeared, but Misaki's, actually the feelings of the whole team, slammed through it, pushing the goalkeeper back in her own goal.

''G-GOAAAAAAL!'' Keita shouted surprised. ''Raimon makes the first goal against the female players of Teikoku Academy! What an amazing shot!''

All the students of Raimon Junior High started to clap, cheer and shout. Misaki cheered happily.

''Misaki!'' All the female soccer players shouted, while they ran towards their captain.

''You did it! You scored!'' Yuri squealed.

''No, we all did it!'' Misaki corrected her with a smile.

''That shot… it was so strong!'' Azula said impressed.

''It carried all our feelings!'' Tsukiko added with a smile.

Misaki looked happily around her and discovered Miyuru with a shocked look on her face. In the background, she saw Kidou with his arms crossed, but with a smile on his lips.

''Okay, Hase. That's enough. Retreat for now.'' The man on the big Teikoku vehicle ordered.

''WHAT?!'' Miyuru exclaimed.

''I've seen enough. There's no need to stay here longer.'' The man on the vehicle ordered.


''Miyuru, are you questioning orders?'' The man asked calmly.

Miyuru's eyes widened. She made a small bow towards the vehicle.

''Of course not. We'll forfeit the match.'' She replied.

Then, she turned towards Misaki with a death stare.

''You better watch out, because next time, we won't spare you. This won't be the last time you see me.'' She hissed.

Misaki stared back at her.

''I look forward towards our next meeting.'' She replied.

Miyuru turned around and walked off the field, towards Kidou. Both teams disappeared in the vehicle, Kidou as last. But before he entered it, he turned around and let his glare fall on Misaki.

''Interesting girl.'' He mutters to himself.

Misaki stares back at him. Kidou smirked at her and then, disappeared in the vehicle. As soon as Kidou was in, the vehicle drove away. Misaki caught Haruna's worried glance in her eye corner. Must investigate that later, she told herself.

''MISAKIII!'' Endou shouted.

''Endou!'' Misaki replied happily.

The two gave each other a high-five.

''We did it!'' Endou said proud.

''Raimon is protected.'' Misaki replied.

''We just stole one point from Teikoku Academy!'' Yuri exclaimed.

''I can't believe they forfeited the match.'' Azula wondered.

''Who cares about that. We freaking won!'' Minorin shouted.

''WOOHOO!'' Shizori exclaimed.

The boys congratulated the girls and started talking happily about the match.

''Everybody sure gets along, huh?'' Misaki said with a smile towards Endou, while the two of them stared at their teammates.

Endou nodded.

''Now, with Gouenji on the team, I'm sure the boys are motivated to grow stronger.'' He said.

''Ah!'' Misaki replied.

At that point, Gouenji walked towards Endou with his eyes closed.

''I'm glad you came! This gives birth to a new Raimon Soccer Club!'' He said to Gouenji, while all the team members smiled at him.

In the mean time, Gouenji took off his shirt, resulting in a madly blushing Himeka, who couldn't take her eyes of his six-pack.

''W-What are you doing?'' Misaki asked confused, when Gouenji handed his jersey towards Endou.

''It won't happen again.'' Gouenji spoke.

Then, he walked away, leaving a confused team behind. Himeka was still bright red, but also confused and somehow hurt that Gouenji walked away like that.

''Ah, Gouenji.'' Endou said with a smile. ''Thank you! Thank you!''

''Captain, you're not stopping him?'' Kabeyama asked.

''It's okay.'' Endou replied.

''B-But, he made the only point.'' Azula stammered.

''I have a feeling he'll come back.'' Endou said.

Then, he looked at the score board.

''Look, everybody! Both teams managed to score one point against our opponents! This one point is the beginning for Raimon. This one point is our beginning!'' Endou exclaimed, while pointing with his index finger in the air.

Everybody followed the gesture and soon, all the soccer boys, soccer girls, Aki, Haruna and Keita were pointing their finger in the air.

''YEAH!'' They exclaimed.

Then, everybody laughed.

''It begins now… right now. Our soccer!'' Misaki said to herself.

End of Chapter Two

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