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Chapter Four: Here Comes the Dragon!
(ドラゴンが出た!/ Doragon ga deta!)

Normal P.O.V.

The group was back in the clubroom, now with Gouenji standing besides Endou. He held an entry form in his hands.

''This makes Gouenji an official member of the Raimon Junior High Soccer Club,'' Endou said happily. ''Get along with him, okay?''

A lot of the girls smiled and Himeka had a huge blush and a bright smile on her face.

''I'm Gouenji Shuuya.'' Gouenji introduced himself once again, with his dark, manly voice.

Himeka had to restrain herself from squealing.

''Gouenji is with us now!'' Shishido said happily.

''There's nothing to be afraid of now.'' Shourinji added.

''You'll be a lot better now, guys.'' Minorin said with a smile towards the boys.

''Be nice to him!'' Himeka said, still with a small blush.

''Let's see if adding this player on the team will give the Raimon boys a boost.'' Misaki mumbled to herself.

''Hold on, what do we need from him?'' Someoka asked irritated.

Everybody turned towards him.

''Raimon Junior High has my Hissatsu shoot already, doesn't it?'' Someoka went on.

''Someoka…'' Some people whispered worried.

''What's wrong, Someoka?'' Endou asked with a smile. ''Raimon Junior High has two strikers now. It couldn't be any more reassuring!''

Someoka walked towards Gouenji, who was still standing calmly on his spot.

''For strikers, I'm more than enough by myself.'' He said towards the platinum-blond.

Gouenji closed his eyes and smiled cool.

''That's a pretty pathetic thing to be picky about, isn't it?'' He shot back.

Someoka gritted his teeth and grabbed Gouenji by his collar.

''Pathetic you say?!'' He exclaimed angry.

Some people gasped and exactly at that moment, the door of the clubroom went open.

''Is everyone in?'' Aki asked happily, while Haruna appeared by her side.

''Come look at this!'' The blunette said, while she held a disk in her hands.

Someoka let go off Gouenji with an irritated noise. The group gathered around a portable DVD player where currently a group of soccer players was shown on.

''What is this?'' Michiko asked.

''It's Occult Junior High's match.'' Haruna replied.

''Where did you get this from?'' Azula asked.

''Hehehe, I got it through Newspaper club's intelligence network,'' Haruna replied proud, placing her hand on her sides. ''Something like this is a piece of cake for me!''

''You're awesome, Manager!'' Endou said fascinated. ''With this, we can study Occult Junior High.''

Then, his expression turned from happy to surprised.

''What's this?'' He asked, looking at the video.

The player from the opposing team stood like frozen on the ground.

''Why is everyone not moving?'' Tsukiko asked.

''They probably can't move,'' Haruna replied. ''Rumor has it that it's a curse from Occult Junior High.''

Yorina got a fearful look in her eyes and hid behind Tsukiko. Tsukiko patted her head.

''It's just a stupid rumor.'' She comforted the mute girl.

''A curse, huh?'' Misaki said, not believing the story.

She closed her eyes.

''Let's see if those rumors are true.''

-Day of the match-

''The day has finally come! A practice match between Raimon Junior High and Occult Junior High. A large audience has gathered here to see the brave warriors of the Raimon Eleven boys and girls who broke through Teikoku Academy! What kind of performance will they show us today? Presenting this match is the announcer, me, Kakuma Keita of the Shogi club.'' Keita shouted.

From a distance, Kidou and Sakuma were seen, watching the field with a smirk on their faces.

''Eh? It seems like Gouenji has officially joined the team.'' Sakuma said.

Kidou just grinned, looking at Endou. Endou adjusted his keeper gloves and then, noticed Natsumi. He ran towards her.

''Yo! If we win, the school will really be paying the entry fee for the Football Frontier, right?'' He asked.

''Yes, that was the promise, but…'' Natsumi replied suspicious.

''But what?'' Misaki asked, who also joined the conversation.

''Don't forget that the club will be disbanded if you two lose.'' Natsumi said to the two captains.

''We won't lose, no matter what!'' Endou said, slamming his fist excited in his other hand.

''Uhn!'' Misaki added with a firm nod.

''They're here, Endou, Misaki!'' The two suddenly heard Kazemaru speak.

A group of players, surrounded by a bluish-purple aura entered the field.

''How eerie...'' Jin said, a purple aura surrounding himself.

''You're one to talk.'' Handa replied with a sweat drop.

''They sure do look scary…'' Azusa said nervous.

''Do you think those rumors are really true, nee-san?'' Yuri asked her sister.

''I don't know,'' Nori replied. ''We'll see in a moment.''

''Okay, let's go!'' Endou spoke to his male players.

Kabeyama trembled.



''Is it all right to go to the toilet?!''

Everybody sweat dropped.

''Not again?'' Endou grinned awkwardly.

The girls groaned. Then, both male teams lined up on the field. Fuyukai and the coach of Occult Junior High, Jikiru Haito shook hands.

''I'm the coach of Occult Junior High, Jikiru Haito.'' He said smiling.

Then, he grinned mischievously.

''Let's have a good match today.''

''L-Let's have a good match…'' Fuyukai stammered back.

Then, Jikiru Haito turned towards the flame striker of Raimon.

''So you are Gouenji-kun?'' He asked.

Gouenji looked up.

''Your shoot against Teikoku really opened my eyes,'' Jikiru went on. ''Ah, it was so superb. Please show mercy on us today.''

In the mean time, Someoka was getting annoyed and he hunched his shoulders and clenched his fists.

''Hold it!'' He shouted.

Gouenji looked over to him.

''Your opponent isn't Gouenji, it's our entire team!''

Jikiru grinned evil.

''Hah? Now that's funny. We asked for a practice match so we could face off against Gouenji-kun.''

Someoka gritted his teeth in anger.

''We're not interested in a weak team like Raimon Junior High.'' Jikiru added.

''What?!'' Someoka shouted out.

Endou placed a hand on Someoka's shoulder.

''Stop it, Someoka.'' He spoke.

''Please try your best to not be a burden to Gouenji-kun, okay?'' Jikiru spoke.

Then he walked away.

''How dare he say that…'' Someoka gritted.

''Let's show them your Hissatsu shoot, Someoka.'' Endou smiled, fired up.

''Yeah!'' Someoka replied.

''Come on, guys!'' Tsukiko cheered.

''Ganbatte!'' Shizori added.

''Will they really be okay…?'' Rima asked.

''They will!'' Misaki replied confident.

She glared at the field.

''They have to be.'' She whispered behind it.

''Well then, the match has begun!'' Keita announced. ''With Gouenji Shuuya, it's Raimon Eleven's strongest lineup for the match. The opponent, Occult Junior High, is focused around Captain Yuukoku. We've received information that their powerful lineup includes number 11, Burado, and number 10, Tsukiko. Well then, what kind of match will it be? It's finally time for the kick-off!''

''Put your all into it, guys!'' Endou shouted from his goal position.

''Ah!'' The entire team shouted.

Then, the whistle blew and Occult took the kick-off.

''There they go.'' Himeka chimed nervous.

The first pass was made and Occult was still at the ball. They easily got passed the defense line of Raimon and their number 10 was running towards Endou's goal.

''Bring it!'' The orange head-banded keeper shouted.

''Eat this!'' Tsukiko shouted, while he performed his Hissatsu shoot. ''Fantomushūto!''

He jumped up with the ball and kicked it. The ball started to glow purple and multiple purple glowing balls headed Endou's way. Misaki bit her lip. The first shoot. But Endou could surely handle it.

''God Hand!'' Endou shouted.

He caught it with ease. Misaki smiled.

''Nane?!'' Tsukiko exclaimed shocked.

''Yay!'' Yuri exclaimed from the sidelines.

''Nice catch, Endou.'' Misaki mumbled.

''Go Endou!'' Tsukiko shouted towards the goalkeeper.

''My word! The keeper, Endou, has cleanly caught Tsukiko's Hissatsu shoot!'' Keita announced happily.

''That was a good catch, Endou!'' Kazemaru cheered.

Endou grinned proud and threw the ball.

''Well, yeah.''

Then, he turned towards his team.

''Calm down and push forward, guys!''

''O-Okay!'' Kurimatsu and Shinji replied.

Kazemaru caught the ball from Endou and started dribbling forward.

''Okay, offense everyone!'' He shouted. ''Shouri!''

He passed the ball to the littlest player of the team.

''Hai!'' He shouted, while he caught it. ''Gouenji-san!''

As soon as he said that, Gouenji got blocked by three defenders from Occult. Someoka ran left from the flame striker, no defender to be seen.

''Over here, Shouri!''

The little midfielder shot it towards the pink-haired forward and Someoka caught the ball on his chest.

''All right!''

''Go Someoka!'' Michiko shouted from the sidelines.

''You can do it!'' Azula added.

''Fighto!'' Minorin cheered.

Someoka started dribbling towards the goal.

''I'll show you my Hissatsu shoot!'' He shouted. ''Dragon Crash!''

The ball turned blue and whizzed towards Occult's goal, a blue dragon behind it. The keeper from Occult tried to jump for it, but the ball whizzed besides him in the net. The whistle blew.

''Someoka's explosive shoot makes it in!'' Keita announced happily.

''Yatta!'' Tsukiko shouted, while she happily hugged Yuri.

''Yay! ~'' Yorina wrote down.

Jikiru jumped up from his bench, a look of shock spread on his face features.


''Dragon Crash?'' Kabeyama asked.

''Is that the name for that shoot?'' Kazemaru added.

Endou and Handa ran over towards Someoka to congratulate him. Endou high-fived him.

''Yatta! You did it, Someoka!'' He shouted happily. ''We got the first point!''

''Yeah!'' Someoka replied.

''Raimon Junior High gets the first score!'' Keita announced.

Aki and Haruna hugged each other happily.

''What an amazing shoot!'' Haruna exclaimed.

''It's Dragon Crash!'' Aki added.

''My naming sense really is wonderful.'' Megane added, while he adjusted his glasses.

''You're the one who named it?'' Aki asked.

Nori rolled her eyes.

''When will someone suffocate him?''

''NEE-SAN!'' Yuri exclaimed.

Minorin grinned and high-fived Nori. From a distance, Natsumi was seen staring at the match with her special binocular. She seemed impressed. Meanwhile, it was time for another kick-off, Occult at the ball.

''These guys aren't much!'' Kurimatsu smiled confident.

''We were afraid for no reason.'' Shouri added.

''Okay, let's continue attacking!'' Handa cheered.

''If this is the level of those guys, Endou and his team will beat them with ease.'' Michiko said happily.

''We're so gonna win this.'' Himeka added.

''If the girls are the same level, we don't even have to do our best.'' Minorin said.

Misaki closed her eyes.


''What's up, Misaki?'' Tsukiko asked.

''I'm not sure.''

She opened her eyes.

''I just have this feeling. I bet there's more to Occult than we think. They seem suspicious.''

''What do you mean?'' Azula asked.

''I don't really know. There's something off. This is too easy.'' Misaki replied.

''You think this is some sort of feint?'' Nori asked.

''Could be. Let's just continue watching the match.'' Misaki replied.

The girls look pensively back at the field. The whistle got blown and the male players from Occult took the kick-off. Raimon immediately intercepted it and charged forward again. The ball got passed towards Someoka and he performed Dragon Crash once again. It whizzed into the goal.

''Yatta!'' Shizori cheered.

''Another goal!'' Himeka added.

Misaki turned her gaze towards the coach of Occult.

''There's no record for this shoot in Raimon Junior High's data.'' He murmured.

Misaki frowned. She was still waiting for 'it' to happen. She wasn't sure what she was waiting for. Only that this wasn't all that there was to Occult.

''Yeah, we did it!'' Handa happily cheered.

''Endou… We might be able to win!'' Kazemaru spoke optimistic.

''Yeah!'' Endou replied with a firm nod.

Misaki looked at the players on the field and her gaze stopped on Gouenji. He looked serious and appeared to be in thoughts.

''Do you anticipate it too?'' Misaki whispered.

The whistle got blown for another kick-off and suddenly, Jikiru stood up from his bench.

''I never imagined that there would be another striker like Gouenji-kun.''

Suddenly, his entire aura changed.

''W-What's happening?'' Yuri asked scared.

She hid behind her sister's back. Misaki gritted her teeth.

''It's coming.'' She murmured.

The girls stared worried at her.

''Raimon Junior High, you guys will always be small fries!'' Jikiru exclaimed. ''Don't get conceited.''

''So it's begun, huh?'' Yuukoku, the captain of Occult, smirked.

''You guys, show them what Hell's like!'' Jikiru ordered.

''Yeah!'' Occult replied.

Suddenly, Jikiru closed his eyes and started murmuring some sort of enchantment.

''Ma re, ma re, ma re, to ma re !''

''What is he doing?'' Tsukiko asked scared.

''An… enchantment?'' Rika added unsurely.

''Is he even human?!'' Azula shrieked.

''Girls, easy! I want to observe this.'' Misaki replied firm.

The Raimon guys on the field seemed confused as well.

''What's that?'' Shishido asked.

''Sounds like an incantation or something…'' Kurimatsu replied.

''They're coming!'' Kazemaru shouted.

Suddenly, Occult came charging forward, a purple aura surrounding them. They seemed to switch places in an unexplainable way.

''Th-That's…'' Shourinji muttered.

Max rubbed his eyes.

''What's going on?''

''They're coming!'' Kazemaru shouted once again. ''Shouri, mark number 9! Max, mark number 11!''

''Sure!'' Max replied, storming forward.

''What are you guys doing?!'' Kazemaru shouted.

They looked up and suddenly, all the defenders of Raimon realized they stood in front of each other, instead of a player of Occult.

''What are the guys doing?'' Michiko asked.

''It's an illusion.'' Misaki replied, who already had figured it out. ''This is what I had been waiting for. Occult has changed their gameplay. It seems they are relying on tricks now, trying to trick Raimon. I just hope they figure out real soon how Occult works.''

She let her glare fall on Occult's coach, Jikiru, who was still enchanting that spell.

''I bet he has something to do with it.'' She gritted.

''Isn't this against the rules?'' Minorin asked.

''I don't know.'' Misaki replied.

She removed her glare from Jikiru and looked back on the field.

''For now, let's just continue watching and hope that the boys will figure their way out of this.''

Occult approached Endou's goal.

''Guys, calm down and look carefully at the opponent's movements.'' Endou instructed Kabeyama and Jin.

''It's no use.'' Yuukoku spoke. ''Gōsutorokku!''

The captain performed a Hissatsu, ghost lock, and suddenly, Jin and Kabeyama their legs were frozen to the ground, a purple aura keeping them down.

''M-My legs!'' Jin exclaimed.

''I-I can't move!'' Kabeyama added.

Yuukoku advanced further towards the goal and jumped up.


Misaki gritted her teeth.

''Come on, Endou.'' She pleaded silently.

Endou's legs were frozen to the ground as well due to the ghost lock and the ball whizzed past him into the goal.

''Damn!'' Endou exclaimed.

Then, ghost lock stopped and the players fell on their knees onto the ground.

''Yuukoku's shoot broke through Raimon's goal! Occult Junior High has made a comeback with the score at 2-1!'' Keita announced.

''Oh no…'' Yorina wrote down.

A desperate look was seen on her face. Himeka patted her shoulder.

''It will be fine.''

She turned back to the field with pleading eyes.

''It has to be…''

''This is ghost lock?'' Endou asked slowly, while he went to stand up again.

Misaki kept a focused look on.

''Misaki-chan… what to do?'' Tsukiko asked the brown-haired female captain.

Misaki looked at her best friend and sighed.

''I honestly don't know, Kiko.'' She replied honest.

Tsukiko's eyes widened.

''But you are our game strategist. If you don't know it, then who will?'' She exclaimed.

Misaki looked back at the field.

''They have to find a way to break through that ghost lock. If they don't, it's over.''

''But then the soccer club has to be disbanded!'' Nori exclaimed.

''I won't allow that.'' Minorin added with gritted teeth.

Misaki sighed.

''It's up to the boys, girls. They have to win this match first, before we are allowed to enter the field.''

''If the boys are already having that much struggle with Occult, what about the girl team?'' Azula asked.

The girls of Raimon glanced over to the other side of the field, where a group of girls were standing in the Occult soccer uniform. The girl with the captain band around her arm had shoulder-length, pure black hair that reached her shoulders. She had bound it together with a big, dark-purple ribbon. A few strands of hair fell in front of her face and she had reddish-pink eyes with short eyelashes, decorated with pure black eyeliner around them. She wasn't very tall, around 1.65m and pretty skinny with a pale skin. Overall, she looked innocent, yet intimidating. Her back number was 7. She was standing in front of her team, wearing some sort of smirk on her face.

''Ningyo Shino.'' Misaki muttered.

''Huh, you know her, captain?'' Michiko asked.

''No, but I've looked up some info about her. It is always smart to get to know your opponents a bit better. She's a defender and midfield and she has a couple of strong Hissatsu's, but she has a flaw. She's bad at footwork. Something we should focus on when we face her and her team.'' Misaki replied.

''Souka…'' Rika spoke softly.

In the mean time, the Raimon boys had already positioned themselves for the kick-off. Gouenji and Someoka stood ready at the center of the field.

''What happened just now?'' The flame striker asked the pink-haired forward.

''If they score on us, we'll just have to score back!''

And with that, Someoka gave Gouenji a shove and dashed off with the ball.

''Wait, Someoka!'' The platinum blonde shouted. ''There's something strange with them! We have to observe them first!''

Gouenji cursed under his breath when he realized Someoka wasn't listening.


Then, he started to chase after his teammate. In the mean time, Someoka was progressing with the ball and passed a couple Occult players.

''You guys have blown my lid off.''

The keeper of Occult started to form some sort of purple ball between his hands, while Someoka performed his Hissatsu, Dragon Crash. The keeper sucked the ball up in his blackish-purple vortex, called Dimension Warp. He easily caught it.

''N-No way!'' Someoka exclaimed.

''What was that just now?'' Gouenji spoke to himself, who was standing right behind the pink-haired striker.

''That was dimension warp,'' The keeper of Occult spoke. ''Any shoots are useless against this technique!''

And with that, he gives the ball a firm kick.

''Oh no…'' Shizori spoke worried.

''We stand no chance.'' Azula added, losing all hope.

''Girls, come one! We have to support the boys! As long as the match is still ongoing, we won't back down! We will fight until the end!'' Misaki replied.

''Captain's right! The boys must know we have confidence in them!'' Tsukiko added.

She turned back to the field and placed her hands at her mouth.

''Go, Raimon!''

''You can do it!'' Himeka joined the shouting.

''Fighto!'' Michiko added.

Misaki smiled.

''That's it, girls! We won't back down!''

In the mean time, the pass from Occult's keeper had reached their captain, Yuukoku, and he easily caught it.

''It's a counterattack!'' Keita shouted.

''Oh, no!'' Kazemaru gritted. ''Guys, defense!''

''It's useless,'' Yuukoku spoke. ''You guys are trapped in our curse already. Ghost lock!''

All the feet of every Raimon player got frozen to the ground again and the Occult players easily charged through the defense line. Endou got stuck too.

''Damn! Not again?!''

The ball flew past him in the net and he looked shocked at it. The whistle got blown and the scoreboard showed the tight score, 2-2. As soon as they got the ball, Gouenji and Someoka charged forward again.

''Damn! What curse?! That's rubbish!'' Someoka muttered under his breath.

''You think so?'' Yuukoku asked. ''Ghost lock!''

Once again, all the players of Raimon got frozen to the ground by the mysterious purple aura surrounding their legs. The ball got easily stolen from Someoka by Yuukoku and the Occult player ran towards Endou's goal again. On his way, he got joined by four other players.

''Th-They're here!'' Kabeyama exclaimed.

Endou was struggling in his goal to free his legs from the purple aura.

''Move… Move!'' He ordered them.

Yuukoku shot and the ball flew easily past Endou.

''This isn't fair!'' Yuri exclaimed from the sidelines.

''The referee is doing nothing, sis. As long as it's an Hissatsu technique, they can do whatever they want.'' Nori replied.

Minorin gritted her teeth.

''Damn, ghost lock!''

Misaki's eyes showed worry.

''Endou… think!'' She silently pleaded towards him.

''Occult Junior High makes a third score! Raimon Junior High has finally been overtaken!'' Keita announced.

''We can all see that, you dumb-ass!'' Nori shouted.

Keita flinched. Then, the whistle for half-time got blown.

''The first half is over!'' Keita shouted.

The players of Raimon stood shocked on their spots.

''What the heck is going on?'' Kazemaru spoke softly.

''It really is a curse!'' Kabeyama added scared.

Endou gritted his teeth and looked frustrated. With a defeated glance in their eyes, they walked back towards their clubroom, where the girls and managers joined them. The guys looked devastated and the girls looked worried.

''Damn, what just happened?'' Kazemaru asked.

''Our legs couldn't move all of a sudden.'' Handa added.

''It really is a curse!'' Kabeyama trembled.

Endou, who stood next to Misaki in front of everyone, tried to smile.

''What are you afraid of, guys? Only the first half if over.''

Suddenly, Kabeyama started to flip.

''I'm scared! I'm scared! I can't do it!''

Kazemaru, Shishido, Himeka and Rima grabbed him and tried to calm him down.

''Don't run away, Kabeyama!'' Shishido spoke stern.

''How could curses possibly exist?'' Kazemaru added.

''Don't freak out, Kabeyama.'' Himeka soothed him.

''You can do it.'' Rima added with a smile.

''But why were we unable to move our legs?'' Kabeyama shot back.

With that, the four people were taken aback.

''I don't know.'' Endou answered Kabeyama's question.

He looked at Misaki.

''But there must be a secret behind it.''

Misaki nodded approvingly. Gouenji, who stood in the corner of the clubroom had his arms folded and started at the two captains with narrowed eyes.

''Come to think of it all, all of that happened just after the coach began to chant,'' Misaki started to think. ''After that, Occult Junior High made all these strange movements.''

''Now that you mention it, that's true.'' Endou replied.

''Then, that incantation is the secret?'' Aki asked.

''We'll have to figure it out during the match.'' Misaki replied.

''In any case, when you get the ball, pass it to the forwards immediately so we can get more chances to shoot.'' Endou ordered.

Then, he grinned and pumped his fist.

''We're only down by one point. We'll definitely make a comeback!''

''O-Okay!'' Kabeyama replied.

The other players smiled.

''I'll leave it to you, Gouenji, Someoka!'' Endou spoke, smiling towards his two forwards.

''Yeah! This time, I'll definitely get it in!'' The pink-haired striker replied.

Gouenji kept the same narrowed stare.

''You can do it, you guys!'' Shizori cheered.

''We have all faith in you.'' Himeka added.

''Kick some ass in that second half!'' Nori grinned.

''For the sake of the soccer club!'' Tsukiko shouted.

Everybody soon copied that.

''For the sake of the soccer club!'' Everybody in the clubroom cheered.

Then, break time was over and the male players headed back towards the soccer field.

''Keep your eyes open, Endou. There must be a flaw in their plays. There always is.'' Misaki spoke to Endou.

The brown-haired goalkeeper grinned back.

''Don't worry, Misaki. We'll keep fighting until the end.''

Misaki smiled.

''That's the Endou I know.''

She gave him a gentle shove towards the field and joined the other girls at the sideline again. After a while, the whistle got blown, indicating that the second half had started.

''It's finally time for the second half kick-off!'' Keita announced.

As soon as the opportunity came to shoot, Gouenji shot the ball backwards with his heel.

''What are you doing?!'' Someoka exclaimed.

''Why didn't you use Fire Tornado, Gouenji?!'' Endou shouted from his goalpost.

''We won't win if we go in blindly. Not yet, it's still early.''

Someoka tsk-ed.

''Gutless guy,'' He muttered angry. ''Shouri, let's go!''

The pink-haired striker charged forward, but two big defenders of Occult immediately doomed up in front of him. Misaki shook her head.

''What's wrong, Misaki-chan?'' Tsukiko asked.

''I agree with Gouenji on this one. They need to take their time first to observe the players. Someoka is going in to it way too reckless.'' The female captain replied.

''They need to fix this problem soon.'' Himeka spoke softly.

''We can't have them arguing.'' Rima added.

Misaki's lips formed a thin line, as she kept her stare on the field.

''They're trying to hold back Someoka!'' Kazemaru gritted.

''Handa-san!'' Shouri shouted, while passing the ball towards his senpai.

Handa shot the ball forward.


The forward tried to run for it, but the ball got intercepted by one of the two defenders of Occult. The ball bounced off the field.

''Kuso…'' Someoka muttered.

Handa got cornered by Shishido, Shouri and Kurimatsu.

''Handa-senpai, why didn't you pass the ball to Gouenji-senpai?!'' Shouri exclaimed.

''No one was marking Gouenji-san!'' Shishido added.

''Th-That's because he's not shooting, even if we pass it to him!'' Handa fired back.

''Guys, I'll definitely get it in the next time,'' Someoka spoke. ''All you have to do is pass it to me!''

Then, the pink-haired boy walked away, leaving Shishido, Shouri, Kurimatsu and Handa silent. The boys looked at each other and gave a nod. Shishido threw the ball from the sideline and Shouri caught it, dashing forward.

''Shouri, here!'' Someoka shouted, while there was a defender of Occult running besides him.

Shouri looked to his left and spotted Gouenji beside him, no Occult player to be seen around him.


''Pass the ball to Someoka, Shouri!'' Handa scolded the small midfielder.

''But the goalkeeper blocks Someoka-san's shoots!'' Shouri shouted back over his shoulder.

''We won't score unless Gouenji-san shoots!'' Kurimatsu joined in.

''You guys…!'' Handa gritted annoyed.

''Give me the ball!'' Someoka roared.

He approached Gouenji.

''Stop it, Someoka! I just want to confirm something.'' Gouenji spoke.

''This shoot will finish it!'' Someoka shouted, while he stole the ball from his fellow teammate.

''Someoka!'' Gouenji shouted after him.

''Oh no, they are fighting!'' Yuri exclaimed.

''We really can't afford that, now.'' Yorina wrote down.

''Misaki…'' Tsukiko spoke worriedly towards her friend.

Misaki just closed her eyes for a couple of seconds.

''What a bunch of fools.'' Yuukoku spoke with a smirk.

''They started fighting among each other and we didn't even do anything.'' A team player of him added.

''What are they doing?'' Kazemaru said worried from his spot on defense.

''Someoka…'' Endou spoke softly.

''Take this!'' Someoka exclaimed, while charging forward. ''Dragon Crash!''

The goalkeeper performed Dimension Warp again and easily caught Someoka's shoot. The players of Raimon looked shocked.

''A shoot at this level won't go past me, no matter how many times you try.'' The goalkeeper of Occult spoke.

Someoka fell down on his knees.

''My Dragon Crash… is only at this level?''

''Someoka…'' Michiko spoke softly.

''Dragon Crash is useless?'' Nori spoke full of disbelief.

''It seems so.'' Misaki replied matter-of-factly.

''No way!'' Himeka exclaimed.

Jikiru looked at his watch.

''Well, it's about time to finish you guys off! Guys, use Ghost Lock!''

The keeper of Occult kicked the ball high up and a player of Occult received it.

''All right!'' He shouted.

''Ghost Lock is coming!'' Endou spoke worried. ''Defense, guys!''

''With Occult Junior High attacking all at once, can Raimon Junior High stop them?!'' Keita announced.

''Minna, ganbatte!'' Shizori shouted.

''They have to make it through Ghost Lock.'' Himeka pleaded worriedly.

''They will.'' Misaki smiled.

''Huh?'' The girls replied, turning towards their female captain.

''Knowing Endou, he will come up with something. He won't let himself get defeated that easily.''

The girls smiled and looked back at the field.

''Let's hope for that.'' Azula spoke.

Endou looked tensed up.

''If they score another one, it'll be hard to make a comeback. If we lose, we won't be able to participate in the Football Frontier!'' He spoke to himself.

He tugged on his keeper glove.

''I have to catch this, no matter what!''

The offensive line of players from Occult approached soon and the five guys seemed to change positions again in an inexplicably way.

''Ghost Lock!'' Yuukoku shouted.

Once again, everybody's feet got stuck to the ground by the purple aura Ghost Lock created around their legs.

''Endou-kun!'' Aki shouted worried.

Endou struggled to get free, when his ears suddenly picked up the enchantment Jikiru was performing.

''Ma re, ma re, ma re, to ma re !''

He then remembered what Aki had said during break time.

''Then, that incantation is the secret?'' Aki asked.

''That chant…'' Endou began. ''Ma re, ma re, ma re, to ma re…''

Then he suddenly had a lightbulb moment.

''Tomare (means: Stop) ? I see! So, that's what it is!''

Yuukoku approached Endou's goal.

''This is the end!''

''Rumble, rumble, rumble… BOOM!'' Endou suddenly performed.

He released some sort of sonic wave, which released the purple aura's from everybody on the team. In the mean time, the ball came already flying towards the goal.

''I can move! But I won't make it in time! In that case…!''

His fist started to lit up.

''Nekketsu Punch!'' He suddenly shouted, while punching the ball from the side.

The players from Occult were shocked.

''Nane?!'' Jikiru shouted.

The ball shot up in the air and Endou caught it in his hands when it came down again with a happy grin.

''Endou has blocked it!'' Keita announced shocked. ''He blocked Yuukoku's Phantom Shoot!''

''What?!'' Tsukiko shouted happily.

''He did it!'' Rima cheered.

''Go, Raimon!'' Michiko shouted.

Misaki smiled.

''I knew you could do it, Endou.'' She spoke softly in herself.

The male players from Raimon gathered around Endou.

''Endou, you...'' Kazemaru stammered.

Endou grinned sheepishly.

''Did you see my Nekketsu Punch?''

''Yeah! That's not it! Why were you able to move?!'' Kazemaru replied serious.

''K-Kazemaru-san, you can move too!'' Kabeyama spoke.

''Kabeyama, you can move too.'' Jin spoke to the big defender.

''Ehh?'' Kabeyama exclaimed.

''I understand the secret behind Ghost Lock now,'' Endou explained. ''When their formation kept going round and round, making our heads go round and round too… That coach used the chant 'to ma re' on us! In other words, both our eyes and ears were getting sent in circles!''

''Huuuhh?'' Kabeyama let out.

''Which also means that…'' Kazemaru started to catch on.

''It was hypnosis to affect our sight and hearing,'' Megane finished for him. ''That's the true form of Ghost Lock.''

''Hypnosis?'' Aki repeated.

''So that's why the Captain said 'rumble rumble boom'!'' Haruna caught on.

''That's right,'' Megane replied. ''It was to repel that 'stop' chant.''

''The secret behind it was so simple.'' Aki stated.

''To prevent people from noticing, that coach purposely provoked us and pretended to lose his cool.'' Megane explained.

''S-So it's not a curse!'' Kabeyama smiled relieved.

Gouenji gave a small smile too, before turning his gaze on Occult's goalkeeper.

''Could it be…?'' He began.

''You guys finally realized it, but it's too late!'' Jikiru exclaimed.

''It's not over yet!'' Endou spoke. ''Our counterattack has just begun!''

He kicked the ball forward.

''Pass the ball to the forwards!'' He shouted.

Shouri caught the ball, but stopped.

''But Captain, Someoka's shoot…!''

''Believe in him, Shouri!'' Endou shouted back.

He then turned towards all his teammates.

''Just like that Coach said, we're still a weak team. Therefore, if we don't combine everyone's strength, we won't grow stronger.''

He turned towards the defender.

''We'll defend…''

Then, he turned towards his midfielders.

''You guys connect us to the front…''

Then, he looked at Gouenji and Someoka.

''And they do the scoring!''

He turned back to everybody.

''One point is a point from all the team members!''

Someoka looked taken aback.

''The… entire team…''

Misaki and the girls heard the speech too.

''That's our Endou.'' Misaki smiled.

''Yay! He's right! We're in this together!'' Tsukiko added.

''They can do this!'' Minorin smiled.

''Minna, ganbatte!'' Yorina wrote down with a smile.

''Come on, let's go, guys!'' Endou spoke cheery.

Shouri started to run forward with the ball.

''Everyone, offense!'' Kazemaru shouted.

Shouri passed the ball towards Someoka and everybody started to run forward.


Someoka looked surprised by the pass, but Shouri only gave him a smile and a thumbs up. The Occult players tried to take the ball from Someoka, but he was fired up and jumped upwards. And then, Someoka smiled.

''He… smiled.'' Himeka said happy.

''The team's power has finally kicked some sense into him.'' Misaki replied.

''This is Raimon's soccer!'' Shizori shouted.

''Uhn!'' Azula added fired up.

''It's useless!'' Jikiru shouted. ''As long as we protect our goal, our victory is assured!''

Someoka looked at the goal keeper, who was about to perform Dimension Warp. Someoka shut one eye, like he was in pain and Gouenji, who was running besides him, had a light bulb moment, the same time Misaki had figured it out from the sidelines. Both their eyes narrowed.

''It's their keeper too…'' Misaki spoke shocked.

''What? What's with their keeper?'' Michiko asked.

''It's part of the hypnosis. They trick our players right before they're about to make a shoot.'' Misaki explained.

''No way!'' Himeka exclaimed.

''I knew it.'' Gouenji murmured towards himself.

He then spoke to Someoka.

''Don't look at his hands, that's part of the hypnosis too!''

Someoka looked up surprised towards the flame striker.

''It makes you lose your sense of balance and weakens your shoots!''

''You've been figuring that out all this time?'' Someoka asked surprised.

He gritted in himself.

''He really is an amazing guy. And compared to him, I… I…!''

Two big defenders of Occult then doomed up in front of the pink-haired boy and Someoka found back his fighting spirit. He swung his leg behind for a kick.

''Anything you do will be futile!'' Occult's keeper spoke.

''Gouenji!'' Someoka shouted.

The platinum-blond looked up surprised.

''Dragon Crash!'' Someoka shouted.

The ball flew up high in the air.

''Where are you aiming, Someoka?!'' Handa shouted from the field.

Misaki had caught Someoka's idea and smiled.

''What's happening?'' Himeka exclaimed.

''The ball is totally out of direction!'' Rima added.

''Just keep watching, girls.'' Misaki smiled.

Gouenji got the hint and ran forward, then jumped up high in the air.

''That's not a shoot, it's a pass!'' Endou exclaimed.

''Fire Tornado!'' Gouenji shouted.

He kicked Someoka's Hissatsu with his own. The blue dragon turned red and slammed into the keeper of Occult.

''Gouenji's fierce shoot has scored a goal!'' Keita announced excited. ''It's a draw! Raimon Junior High has finally caught up!''

''Yay!'' Yuri exclaimed. ''They've done it, sis!''

''Ah, they've tied the score.'' Nori replied with a grin.

''That shoot was amazing!'' Himeka spoke dreamily.

''Fangirling again about a certain platinum-blond?'' Minorin grinned.

Himeka turned red.

''N-No, absolutely not.'' She tried to defend herself.

The girls laughed.

''Go, boys!'' Azula shouted.

''Th-That's impossible!'' Jikiru stammered shocked from his bench.

''Dragon Crash and…'' Kurimatsu started.

''Fire Tornado…'' Shishido finished for him.

''Combined…?'' Shouri asked shocked.

Megane got a smug look.

''I see, passing the ball in mid-air and then shooting it towards the goalkeeper…''

He pushed his glasses further up his nose with his smug smile.

''And then, combining Dragon Crash and Fire Tornado, it gave birth to an extraordinary power. What a spectacular combination! Let's name this shoot ''Dragon Tornado''.''

The managers and the girls looked surprised at him.

''He's naming things again.'' Aki spoke.

The girls sweat-dropped. In the mean time, Someoka and Gouenji performed 'Dragon Tornado' again and managed to score another point. Then, the whistle for the end of the match got blown.

''With this, the match has ended!'' Keita announced. ''Raimon Junior High has gained a comeback victory over Occult Junior High!''

''Oh my goodness, yay!'' Himeka cheered.

''They did it!'' Michiko added.

''They rocked the field.'' Minorin said grinning.

''Totally.'' Nori added.

The two girls high-fived. Yorina and Yuri were beaming happily next to each other. Occult's coach, Jikiru, fell to his knees in defeat. The Occult players looked sad and devastated as well. Natsumi, who had been observing the match from her father's office with her golden binoculars, smiled content.

''Those are really lucky guys.''

Then, she walked away from the window. Meanwhile, on the field, the girls ran towards the boys and hugged them.

''Yatta!'' Tsukiko cheered.

''We won… we won, right?'' Kabeyama asked happily.

''You guys did well, Someoka, Gouenji!'' Endou praised his forwards. ''Your Dragon Tornado taught me something. If one person isn't enough, then you can do it if you combine the power of two people!''

Someoka removed the hand Endou had placed on his shoulder, and looked at Gouenji.

''I won't give up the ace striker's seat, you know.''

Gouenji smiled, in his own cool way.

''All right, guys! Let's go for the Football Frontier!'' Misaki shouted.

''Yeah!'' All the male and female players of Raimon shouted.

Gouenji looked away and stared off into space with a smile.

''It's our turn now, is it?'' Himeka asked her captain.

Misaki nodded.

''Yep! Our turn, girls!'' She replied.

''Ah!'' The girls shouted.

''Ganbatte, minna.'' Endou spoke with a smile to the players.

''We'll kick some ass.'' Minorin grinned.

''Now that we've seen how Occult does things, we have an advantage.'' Yuri added.

Nori nodded, agreeing with her sis.

''This shouldn't be too hard.'' The elder twin said.

''Don't get cocky, now,'' Misaki warned her girls. ''Things can still get tough.''

Tsukiko added.

''Let's give them all we've got!''

''Ah!'' All the girls replied once again.

The boys pleaded some last 'good luck' and 'goodbye' things, before returning to the sidelines to observe the girls. The Occult girls walked onto the field, led by their captain, Ningyo Shino.

''Let's have a good match, shall we?'' She smirked smugly at Misaki.

''Ah, let's have a good match.'' The female captain of Raimon replied seriously.

Both teams took their positions. The Raimon Girls kept their original formation.

Youshika Rima (9) Kouyama Minorin (10) Fujioka Nori (11)

Fujioka Yuri (6) Hirosaki Misaki (C) (8) Midorikawa Himeka (7)

Suzuka Azula (3) Shitamori Tsukiko (4) Yorina Yorina (2) Tanaka Shizori (5)

Akarashi Michiko (1)

''Give it all you've got, girls!'' Misaki spoke towards her girls.


Occult took their spots too. Their formation consisted out of a 2-4-4 play.

Forward 1 (10) Forward 2 (9)

Midfielder 1 (4) Midfielder 2 (11) Midfielder 3 (6) Midfielder 4 (8)

Defender 1 (5) Ningyo Shino (C) (7) Defender 2 (2) Defender 3 (3)

Goalkeeper (1)

Then, the referee blew his whistle and the match begun.

''Ike, Misaki!'' Endou shouted from the side.

Several cheers from other boys were heard as well. Occult had the kickoff and the two forwards dashed forward in immense speed.

''Number 9 and 10 from Occult are dashing forward. They seem fired up for this match.'' Keita announced.

''Well, we're fired up as well!'' Nori gritted.

She let out a battle cry and dashed forward, but number 9 dodged around her and made a high pass towards number 10. Himeka jumped up and caught the ball on her chest.

''And there comes back number 7, Midorikawa Himeka, intercepting the ball!'' Keita shouted.

''Nice one, Himeka!'' Misaki complimented.

Himeka smiled over her shoulder and then dashed forward.

''Minorin!'' She shouted.

She pretended to shoot the ball to the black-haired forward, but it was a feint. At the last moment, the ball made a curve to the right, ending up by Nori.

''Yosh!'' Nori shouted, while dashing forward.

''Fujioka Nori is dashing forward with the ball. Will this be the first goal of the match?''

''Like hell!'' The keeper of Occult shouted.

She performed Dimension Warp and Nori lost track of her balance.

''Nori, don't look. It's just the same as with the boys. They're trying to hypnotize you.'' Rima warned, dooming up next to Nori.

Nori tried to pull her eyes away from the purple-blackish vortex, but it was almost like her eyes were drawn towards it. She shot the ball and, because of her unstable balance, it landed perfectly in the vortex.

''Thanks.'' The Occult goalkeeper smirked.

''Kuso…'' Nori gritted.

''Occult's keeper makes an easy catch.'' Keita announced.

''Nee-san, what happened?'' Yuri asked her sister.

''I don't know. I got… hypnotized.'' She replied slowly.

Minorin gritted.

''It seems like Occult has more tricks upon its sleeve. This Dimension Warp seems way more powerful than the one from the male keeper.''

''Watch out for their tricks, girls. This match may be a tough one.'' Misaki warned her girls.

''Ah!'' Her team replied.

The whistle got blown and the keeper of Occult kicked the ball towards their Captain.

''The captain of Occult, Ningyo Shino, has easily caught the ball and dashes forward.'' Keita announced.

''Minna, prepare!'' Tsukiko shouted.

All the girls of Raimon took their spots and narrowed their eyes. Shino passed the ball towards another midfielder and the midfielder passed it towards another midfielder.

''The midfielders are passing the ball amongst each other.''

''Don't f*ck with me.'' Minorin gritted.

She dashed forward, but the midfielder kicked the ball up high to Shino.


''Ah!'' Shino replied.

The black-haired Occult captain ran forward in a high speed, but Himeka crossed her path.

''Oh, hell no.'' She gritted.

''Hell Night!'' Ningyo used her Hissatsu.

''The first Hissatsu of this match gets played by Occult's Captain and it's Hell Night!'' Keita announced.

Himeka's eyes faded and she saw her worst nightmare in front of her. The foggy silhouette of a boy could be seen. There was a pool of blood around his body.

''R-Ryuuji?'' Himeka murmured, wide-eyed. ''NOOOOO!''

She fell to her knees, starting to hyperventilate.

''Himeka, snap out of it. It's not real!'' Misaki shouted towards her teammate, but she couldn't reach the greenette.

Just when Shino passed Himeka, the greenette snapped out of her daze and returned to normal. She was still trembling.

''W-What was that?'' She asked.

''That's Hell Night, a Hissatsu which shows you your worst nightmare.'' Shino grinned over her shoulder.

She passed the ball towards one of her forwards and she approached the defenders of the Raimon girls.

''You won't get through!'' Shizori shouted.

''Oh, puh-lease. Don't get me started.'' The forward grinned.

In a nano-second, she had jumped up and shot the ball towards the other striker.

''Phantom Shoot!'' She shouted.

The ball turned purple and multiplied into all kinds of purple balls, whizzing towards Michiko in her goal.

''There it is, Occult's famous Phantom Shoot. Occult's first shot on Raimon's goal has been made. Will Akarashi Michiko be able to stop it?''

Michiko prepared herself and stretched out her arms.

''Taki!'' She shouted.

A giant waterfall appeared in front of her. The purple balls smashed against it and Michiko got slowly pushed back. She shut one eye due to the force and her arms were trembling.

''Michiko-san!'' Some of the girls on the team shouted.

''Gotta… hold… it…'' Michiko spoke slowly.

Then, the Hissatsu blasted through her waterfall and she got shot back into her goal.

''Goal! Occult makes the first point!'' Keita announced.

''Michiko!'' Tsukiko shouted.

She ran up to the blonde keeper and helped her standing up again.

''Are you okay?'' Shizori asked, also coming.

''I-I am… Damn, I was so close!'' Michiko yelled disappointed.

''Don't blame yourself, Michiko. The next time, you will catch it.'' Tsukiko tried to cheer up the girl.

Michiko just looked down.

''Michiko, still nicely done. Even though the ball went through, I can see that Taki is getting stronger.'' Misaki shouted from a distance.

Michiko looked up and smiled slowly. Misaki gave her a thumbs up. Then, both teams got in position again and this time, the kick-off was for Raimon.

''We won't back down!'' Minorin growled.

She shot the ball towards Nori, and the elder twin dashed forward.

''Let's go!'' She shouted.

She dodged two players of Occult, until she came to face Shino.

''Kumo no Ito!'' She shouted.

''There it is! The spider wed Hissatsu from Occult!'' Keita shouted.

Nori got stuck in a spider web and got stuck to the ground.

''N-Nane yo?!'' She shouted.

Shino easily stole the ball from her and Occult was on its way to counterstrike again. Misaki narrowed her eyes and focused on Shino. Then, her eyes widened. She remembered she had red something about Shino's legwork and that it had a flaw. She had just discovered it.

''Every time she has to change the direction of the ball from the left to the right, she needs an extra second.''

With that observation, Misaki dashed forward and made her way towards Shino. She made sure she approached from the good side, so that the Occult captain had her ball first. Then, she approached her and she saw the Captain trying to change the direction of the ball to the right.

''And… now!'' Misaki yelled.

In the nano-second Shino hesitated, Misaki intercepted the ball and ran forward.

''W-What?!'' Shino shouted.

''What an interception!'' Keita shouted. ''Raimon's Captain, Hirosaki Misaki, manages to steal the ball from Occult's captain and is now dashing forward. Will Raimon score this time?''

Misaki ran up and looked over her shoulder to see who followed her. She spotted Minorin on her left.

''Minorin!'' She shouted.

''Misaki, shoot the ball high up in the air!'' Minorin shouted.

Misaki frowned, but did as she was told.

''Hai!'' She shot the ball high up.

Minorin gained a black aura and she jumped up in the sky. She turned upside down and a giant black cross appeared behind her.

''Burakku kurosu! (Black Cross)'' She shouted, while she shot the ball.

The ball got covered in the black aura and whizzed towards Occult's goal.

''N-Nane?! There was no record about this Hissatsu!'' The keeper shouted.

Before she even could react, the ball whizzed besides her in the goal.

''GOAL! Raimon ties the score with its new Hissatsu from the forward Kouyama Minorin: Black Cross!''

''Yatta!'' Yuri congratulated the fierce player.

''When did you come up with that?'' Himeka asked curious.

''I don't know. I just… felt like it. I got this idea for a shoot and I just followed the orders I had come up with in my head. And then… this happened.'' Minorin explained.

''Sugoi!'' Michiko exclaimed from her goal.

Yorina gave a firm nod and clapped a couple of times in her hands, trying to bring over she totally agreed.

''Minna, with this new Hissatsu, we'll crush Occult!'' Rima shouted.


But just as both teams wanted to get in position again, the whistle got blown for half time. The girls walked over to the boys.

''Sugee, Kouyama! That new shot looked epic!'' Endou shouted towards the girls' ace striker.

Minorin grinned and rubbed underneath her nose with her finger.

''Thanks, Endou.''

Michiko still seemed to be a bit depressed about the goal she let through. Misaki walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

''Michiko, don't worry about that goal. You almost had it. Taki is really growing. It's not a disaster you let it through. Taki is still under construction. Unlike the players of Occult, who have had their Hissatsu's for a long time, you've only just come up with Taki. You need to get used to it first. Playing like this in matches is a great way of training. And that also means that it happens that you let balls through. But that's okay. As long as Taki grows from it, in the end.''

Michiko started to smile.

''Really, Misaki, you're so good in giving speeches. Thanks for the kind words. What you say is true. I'll just try to perfect Taki more and the next time, I will definitely catch the ball!''

''Ah!'' Misaki replied with a happy nod.

Aki and Haruna brought towels and water bottles towards the girls and smiled.

''You girls are doing great.'' Aki praised.

''Kouyama-senpai, do you mind if I write about it in the school's newspaper?'' Haruna asked excited.

Minorin laughed.

''Go ahead.''

''Misaki, nice interception you did back there on the field.'' Kazemaru complimented Misaki.

''Thanks, Kazemaru-kun.'' Misaki smiled back.

''All of you girls are on fire.'' Someoka spoke to Azula.

The red-head smiled.

''We really want to win. We won't let the soccer club get disbanded.''

''And besides,'' Shizori joined in the conversation. ''We just want to enter the Football Frontier as much as you guys do.''

Everybody smiled and chatted further. Then, it was time to get back onto the field for the second half.

''Girls, come one! It's a tie! You can definitely win!'' Handa cheered for us.

''We will do our best!'' Yorina wrote back and she smiled.

Then, the girls said goodbye to the boys and took their positions on the field.

''It's time for the second half. The score is currently tied. Who will the goddess of victory smile upon?'' Keita announced.

The whistle got blown and Minorin shot the ball towards Rima.

''Rima, ike!'' Minorin shouted.

Rima received the ball and ran forward.

''And there goes number 9, Youshika Rima!'' Keita announced.

Rima kicked the ball high up and then, jumped after it. In mid-air, she made a high kick towards the other side of the field.

''Nori-san!'' She shouted.

The elder twin jumped up and received the ball on her chest. She ran towards the goal and got a clear path.

''You guys are going down!'' She growled. ''Akuma no shinzō! (Devil's heart)''

She and the ball got a black and red aura. She looked at Occult's goalkeeper and got slightly distracted by her Dimension Warp. She shot the ball with full strength and it whizzed towards the goal.

''Ikeeee!'' Nori shouted.

''There is Fujioka Nori's Hissatsu, Devil's Heart! Will it go in?'' Keita shouted.

The ball trembled a bit and then, lost speed. The keeper of Occult easily caught it.

''Thanks for falling for my hypnosis.'' She smirked.

''K-Kuso…!'' Nori gritted angry.

''Occult's goalkeeper stopped Fujioka's shoot with ease. Will Occult counterattack?'' Keita announced.

The goalkeeper threw the ball far in the field and it whizzed towards a midfielder of Occult. She caught the ball with her knee and dribbled forward. She then called the name from one of the forwards and passed it.

''The tables are turned. Now, it's Occult who stands in front of Raimon's goal. Will Akarashi stop their shoot this time?'' Keita shouted.

Michiko sweated.

''I need to catch it!'' She told herself.

''Phantom shoot!'' Their forward shouted.

Michiko closed her eyes and listened to her thoughts. She wanted to participate in the Football Frontier with her friends. Everybody is doing their best on the field. Minorin even came up with a new Hissatsu. The boys already had proven themselves. Now, it was time for the girls. Raimon wouldn't back down.

''We won't back down!'' Michiko shouted.

She extended her arms.


Her waterfall appeared and was a lot more bigger than normal.

''N-Nane?'' The forward of Occult shrieked.

The ball slammed against Michiko's waterfall and slowed down due to the current. Michiko easily caught it in her hands.

''Unbelievable! Akarashi manages to catch Phantom Shoot! She has prevented a goal!'' Keita shouted.

''Michiko-san, nice one!'' Tsukiko cheered.

''We all knew you could do it!'' Rima shouted from her spot on offense.

''Minna… arigato!'' Michiko smiled.

The match went on equally. Occult and Raimon constantly ended up in front of each other's goal, but goals were never made. Once Michiko caught a ball again, she threw it towards Yorina.

''Yorina-san, go for it!''

The silent girl caught the ball and dribbled forward.

''And there goes number 2, Megumi Yorina!'' Keita introduced the mute player.

Yorina dribbled forward, but came eye to eye with a midfielder of Occult. Yorina smiled and feinted a kick high up. But instead of kicking it up, she kicked it with her heel and the ball shot backwards, right towards Tsukiko.

''Nice one, Yorina-chan!'' Tsukiko shouted.

''Megumi shoots the ball towards Shitamori Tsukiko. There are only two minutes left. Will Raimon be able to score a point?'' Keita shouted.

''Minna, ike!'' Misaki shouted.

Tsukiko dashed forward and passed two midfielders of Occult.

''For Raimon!'' She shouted, while she flew passed one more player.

She then passed towards Misaki, who ran forward.

''Himeka, join!'' Misaki shouted.

The greenette followed up and the two ran forwards.

''Two midfielders of Raimon are running up. It is now or never. Will they manage to score?''

''I won't let you!'' Shino shouted.

She doomed up in front of Misaki.

''Black Hole!'' She shouted.

In front of Misaki, a wall doomed up, black and empty less. The captain passed the ball towards her fellow midfielder.

''Himeka! Go!'' She shouted.

The greenette jumped up. The keeper of Occult tried to hypnotize her with Dimension Warp, but Himeka just simply closed her eyes and trusted her instincts.

''Jeidoshotto (Jade shot)!'' She shouted.

The ball turned a shiny green and whizzed towards the goal.

''No!'' The keeper shouted.

The ball had way too much strength, now that a players wasn't fooled by her hypnosis. She tried to catch it in her hands, but got blown back. The whistle that indicated a goal got blown.

''Yatta! Raimon manages to take the lead in the final minute of the match!'' Keita shouted.

Then, three whistles came short after each other.

''And that's the signal for the end of the match! The Raimon Girls have beaten the girls of Occult Junior High with 2-1!'' Keita announced excited.

''We did it!'' Azula shouted, while she hugged Michiko.

''We won from Occult!'' Shizori cheered.

''Man, it was tough, though.'' Yuri breathed.

''Girls, well done. I knew we could do it!'' Misaki said.

The boys ran onto the field.

''Good job.'' Gouenji praised us.

He then gave a sexy smirk. Himeka turned bright red and quickly turned her back towards him, afraid he would see her blushing face. Minorin, who stood next to her, smirked.

''Girls, that was impressive!'' Kazemaru praised.

''You girls are really growing in technique.'' Someoka nodded.

''We are allowed to participate in the Football Frontier!'' Kabeyama said happily.

''Yay, we've fought so hard for this!'' Shizori smiled.

''We're gonna kick some ass there.'' Nori smirked.

''Go Raimon!'' Yuri shouted.

Soon, all the Raimon players chimed in.

''Go Raimon!''

Kidou, who had been watching the match from a distance, together with Sakuma, turned around and showed signs of leaving. A guy and a girl were leaning against a tree, also observing the match together with the two Teikoku players. The boy had a tanned skin with grey-bluish hair and wore a black T-shirt with army-green colored pants. The girl also had a tanned skin with grey-bluish hair, that reached her waist and wore a white T-shirt with a black skirt and knee-length, white socks.

''Now those are interesting guys.'' The boy spoke.

''The girls are as well, Nii-san.'' The girl replied smugly.

Then, the two also left their spots and walked away. Raimon's coach, Fuyukai was seen calling Kageyama in panic from behind the school building.

''Raimon Junior High has defeated Occult Junior High…''

''Oh, the boys and girls from Raimon Junior High?'' Kageyama replied.

He then was seen smiling smugly. In the mean time, the team was still celebrating.

''I'm current who our next opponent is going to be!'' Endou spoke excited.

Everybody sweat-dropped.

''Endou, we've just finished a match and you are already thinking about the next one?'' Tsukiko asked.

Endou looked up innocent.

''What, is that strange?''

Everybody fell anime-style.

''A true soccer fan.'' Gouenji said with an awkward smirk.

Misaki smiled too.

''Minna, let's keep up the winning streak!''


Misaki stared off in space and smiled.

''Football Frontier, here we come!''

End of Chapter Four

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