This takes place right after the rumble in the book. Johnny isn't hurt like he is in the book, he just got some bad burns and he'll be fine. So that means Dally is still alive. Pony got kicked in the head like in the book and passed out on the way home from the rumble. So yea, on ward with the chapterrrr!

Pony woke up feeling like he slept for a year. He was well rested and for a moment he thought he might of died when he got kicked in the head at the rumble. Pony felt someone brush his hair out of his eyes, looking over he saw Soda. So he wasnt dead, if he was he wouldnt see Soda hes alive. "Hey baby." Soda whispered. "You awake for real this time?" Pony blinked. What did Soda mean? "Yea Soda Im awake." Pony tried to sit up but Soda's hands pushed him back down. "Hey now you just woke up, take it easy." Pony let Soda fuss over him. He felt fine but oddly tired. "What time is it?" Soda glanced at the clock, "almost dinner time. You hungry?" Pony nodded. He felt like he hadnt eaten in forever.

The next morning Ponyboy woke up to bangs and loud voices coming from the living room. Smiling, Pony didnt even bother to change and walked to the living room. Besides his brothers Steve and Two-Bit was here. Yesterday Pony learned that Johnny was still in the hospital but was getting better. Dally was probably wherever or visiting Johnny. "Ponyyyy!" Two-Bit yelled when Pony walked into the room. "Hey buddy. You feelin better?" Soda asked. Pony nodded. Two-Bit dragged Pony over to sit by him and started telling his a joke. Pony was trying to listen but when he heard Johnny's name in Steve, Soda and Darry's conversation Pony had to know why. "What about Johnny?" Pony saw Soda and Darry hesitate. They didnt want to Pony just yet what they were talking about. "Johnny may get charged for murder after he gets out of the hospital. "Steve said. Pony didnt know what to say. He was angry. "Johnny shouldnt even have to go to trail for murder, it was self defence!" He yelled. Darry stood up "now Pony, none of us want Johnny to go to jail but they have to put him on trial. Its the law." Pony didnt want to hear what Darry was saying. "Yea well the law is shit! Ill-Ill vouch for him in court. Johnny is not going to jail." Pony knew he was getting hysterical. He was breathing hard and was about to cry. Soda stood up and hugged Pony, "Shh shh Pony. Dont you worry, we wont let Johnnycakes go to jail." Pony felt himself calming down. "You ok now baby?" Soda was rubbing his back and had him in a death cage hug. Pony felt embarrassed, in the heat of the moment he forgot Steve and Two-Bit were still here. He muttered a sorry and wiped his eyes. "Hey its ok Pone," Soda whispered "its ok. You dont have to be embarrassed." Pony smiled, he could always count on his brother.

Pony went to take a shower after that incident. He didnt want to be in a room with Steve and Two-Bit after he did that. He felt like a child. He felt like a cry baby. Steve was right, he thought to himself, he was just a tag along kid. A bang on the bathroom door made him jump, "Yea?" "We're going to go see Johnny as soon as your ready, so hurry ok?" Darry said through the door. "Alright." Pony looked into the mirror shocked, his face wasnt his face. Well it was but it looked weird, his skin looked like it was melting. Like his face was wax and too close to a heat source. Pony frantically felt his face. Around his eyes and his lips, he felt normal. Pony blinked and his face was back to normal. "Im going crazy." He mumbled to himself. He had to of imagined it, his eyes were playing a trick on him. Pony shook his head, trying to clear it. "It wasnt real" He said to himself as he got in the shower.

Helloooo. This is a suggestion from Ladybugs, so Im doing it. Itll be a oneshot but with multi chapters. Probably only like 4, idk we'll see. Im still doing the Caught in the Middle of the Civil Rights Movement story so I may have a chapter out for that tonight or tomorrow. Tell me what you think of this. And if you have any suggestions for me to write just PM or comment. :D