At the sound of a bang Ponyboy jerked awake, his eyes searching he saw Johnny on the coach next to him and Soda, Dally, Steve, and Two-Bit walking through the door. Why were Pony and Johnny on the coach? Didnt just moments ago Pony himself die? Were they ghosts? Pony shook Johnny awake, "Johnny wake up." "Hey Pone, didnt think you'd still be up." Soda said to Pony. Ponyboy was confused was this heaven? Was he imagining his brother and friends there, where was Darry? Pony blinked, "are you talking to me?" He asked. Soda chuckled, "of course silly, who else would I be talking to? Do you know another Ponyboy?" "Kid's crazy." Steve muttered. "No. I dont know another Pony...Unless you do?" Pony said, then proceeded to feel his arm where Bob had smash it. "Huh. Its ok." He said to himself. "What? Did you hurt your arm Pony?" Soda asked worriedly . But Pony ignored him, standing up Pony ran his hand all over his body. While Steve, Soda, Dally, Johnny and Two-Bit watched him like he was crazy. "Johnny, do you think...This is heaven or something?" Pony asked Johnny. "What are you talking about Ponyboy? Why would we be in heaven?" Johnny was concerned for his friend. "Pony your scaring me now, whats going on?" Pony didnt know what was happening, but if Soda was with him he was fine. "But. But Soda I know what happened. Im dead, Johnnys dead!" "What the hell are you going on about kid?" Steve always thought Pony was a bit strange but this was very weird. "I I...Bob was here and and killed Johnny and I called you at Bucks and you were coming but Bob killed me before you got here! I know what happened." Soda reached for Ponyboy, "Hey hey, calm down sweetheart. Your not dead, Johnny's not dead. Your fine." Soda shook Pony's shoulders a bit to show he was real. "Bob's dead honey. And he aint coming back. You dont worry about him ever again, it was just a nightmare." Pony clung to Soda, crying. "Oh Soda it was horrible. I could hear Bob-" Pony sobbed"-killing Johnny in the cellar and and I couldnt get the door open. And then Bob came and killed me. Bashed my head in. It hurt a lot Soda. I could feel it." No one knew what to do, the gang knew Pony had nightmares but not like this. Soda motioned for them to all go home so he could take care of Pony. "Shh Ponyboy its okay. Dont think about it anymore. Its over. Bob's dead. Good residence too. I wont let anyone hurt you, baby." Pony was shaking and the whole dream was constantly flashing in his mind but he tried to ignore it. "Wheres Darry?" He asked. "Should be home soon from work. Its ok Pony, you can cry." Soda whispered. Pony was still sacred but being in Soda's arms he knew Soda would always protect him. Always.

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