This is the first little bit of what I am writing so if you like my idea let me know :)

"We will be landing in Seattle, Washington in a few minutes please make sure all of your belongings are secure and that your seatbelt is on until after we come to a complete stop. Thank you" The flight attendant said cheerfully as Elizabeth Parker gazed out the window at the way the city was sectioned off in to nice even squares..

"Its interesting how everything we do as people, is to make everything into neat little organized spaces to fit whatever we see fit. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, life is messy." Liz thought to herself while pulling her long dark chocolate colored hair to the side and leaning forward to put her forgotten book in her carry on bag.

"I've changed, I don't know how yet but living life with Max Evans has completely destroyed my entire life. I know that I should hate him but I can't seem to bring myself to." As Liz thought of Max a static charge began to build on her hands, so she clenched them tightly and quickly thought of something else. "I'm starting a new life here. I'm getting into Harvard. Life is going to be better living with Uncle Charlie in Forks. It has to be."

Liz got off the plane and walked to go pick up her luggage. As she started walking to the front of the airport, she heard someone calling her name and turned to see her uncle waving at her. So she approached him and pasted on a fake smile and gave him a hug. "Hey Uncle Charlie."

"Hey kiddo, aren't you glad I talked your dad out of sending you to that all girls school?" Charlie asked as he took two of her bags from her and started walking towards the doors.

"Thanks, and yeah although I don't think I would have minded much. Guys are overrated anyways, right Uncle Charlie?" Liz responded with the start of a true smile beginning.

"Hmm, I really don't think it's my department to make those decisions. As long as you go to school and stay out of trouble you can do what you like. That doesn't mean you can be partying all the time or anything but you know what I mean." Charlie said while trying to work out of having to talk boys with his niece.

"Sure do" Liz said while fighting not to laugh.