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Rogue growled under her breath as she slinked back through the large doors of the mansion. She no longer worried about the few creaky floorboards scattered about the mansion or loud slamming doors as she was sure that by this point she'd be able to navigate the place blindfolded.

Having spent the last month since Logan had up and left to search for his past with an insane level of insomnia - to the point that she spent a few days awake in an attempt to tire herself out - she had a routine down. Exhaling quickly, she countered that by breathing in slowly in an attempt to get her heart rate back to normal.

She'd taken a jog around the grounds after running a few level five simulations in the Danger Room but neither of which helped her constantly spinning mind. The soft strands of classical music that she'd mixed with the lullaby her mother used to hum floated through the headphones yet she was still nowhere close to tired.

Jumping over the lounge she landed comfortably next to Jones. He ceased his channel surfing momentarily - though his eyes never strayed from the television - and handed her a glass of warm milk. With a smile on her face she ruffled his dark hair, smiling at the innocence he held despite everything that was going on around him.

Somewhere between days five and eleven of her insomnia Jones and her had added in the glass of milk out of sheer desperation. They both knew it was pointless, she'd been doing this for long enough to know none of this was going to tire her out but it was now day thirty-two and they were still going.

Dutifully drank the milk regardless of the fact that it wasn't going to make a difference, Rogue tilted her head as she listened to the rapidly changing channels trying to pick what was on each one before Jones changed it.

As the minutes ticked by Rogue felt her body thrum with energy that was impossible to dispel so with a resigned sigh Rogue got off the lounge, pressing a soft kiss to the boy's head as she always did before continuing her way towards the stairs.

Looking over at him one last time she couldn't help but smile sadly at the fact that at such a young age he'd come to identify himself by his last name only.

In her second week she'd noticed it was a trait that ran through the students who'd been kicked out or sent here because their parents couldn't handle them anymore. However it seemed to her that none of the other students realised that there was a pattern they shared and it had made Rogue question if maybe it was an added bonus to the 'freak' gene as she often heard their mutated gene referred to.

A defence mechanism if you will. A way of distancing themselves from their past. After all that's was why she had done it, she'd just needed to get a little further away than most and as such she'd come up with Rogue.

She'd also noticed that those kids tended to resent the others more than anyone - perhaps even themselves - realised. She'd seen the way some of the kids flinched when Kitty's name was called across the room but they wouldn't even falter if someone screamed Pyro. It seemed to her that Kitty prided herself on having what she thought as a cool alias but Rogue had overheard Jubilee muttering about the fact that it was Kitty's father's nickname for her, something that was kept her connected to her family in the gaps between her parents' visits every three weeks.

While Rogue knew Bobby's situation was different, what with his parents not even know that he had a mutation, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt sometimes and she knew the others - the 'unwanted' ones - felt the same way.

Even though Rogue knew she was safe here, even though the students and teachers were nice and some of them even nice to her, it wasn't where she wanted to be and she was constantly reminded of that by the thrumming energy that wanted her to run. It definitely said something if you were a freak among the freaks.

She knew the others were all confused as to why her name was only Rogue. Even those who wanted to be known by their alias had a name. As if her skin wasn't enough of a reason for people to stay away the fact that no one - not even the professor - knew her name caused a lot of uncertainty where she was involved.

Quite honestly she had been surprised herself when she discovered the Professor was still unaware of her given name but she had a feeling it helped that she now only thought of herself as Rogue and well she had no doubt Logan could give any one a run for their money in terms of his stubbornness. If he didn't want you to know something you didn't - mind reader or not.

Luckily she had her own little band of misfits here. Bobby, Jubilee, Kitty and Pyro didn't seem to mind her but she wondered if they knew just how quickly she'd give them all up if it meant Logan would come back.

She couldn't help the voice in her head that sounded suspiciously like Logan that said something was going to go horribly wrong if he kept digging around Alkali Lake alone. She knew she wasn't supposed to know where Logan was and had no doubt the Professor would be fairly angry with Logan if he ever found out she knew but Logan trusted her. Trusted her enough to leave her with that very dangerous piece of information.

Flashes of the nightmares she had flooded her brain and without much cognitive thought she punched the door in front of her, shrieking slightly when her hand exploded in pain. Surprised by the anger that had bubbled up inside her, Rogue sent out a plea to whoever was listening that Logan returned soon. She wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to keep herself from running after him and she knew that wouldn't end well for either of them.

She knew he was capable of taking care of himself - his memories proving as much - but that didn't mean she wasn't worried. She was certain that whatever was coming, it wasn't just going to cause him physical pain but emotional and psychological as well and she needed to be there with him and for him when it hit.

Finally reaching her destination, Rogue welcomed the quiet hoping it would help her mind settle. Brushing her hand against the cool metal of Logan's dog tags, she felt her body finally relax a bit. Going through her nightly routine took a few minutes before she slipped into the bed she'd quietly claimed as her own, sleep finally coming as the familiar scents of the room overwhelmed her.