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Startled awake by a low growl, Rogue felt her eyes flutter open. Stretching lazily she couldn't help but smile at the fact that she'd had the best nightmare free sleep in a month. Hell, she was fairly certain she'd slept better than she'd ever had before.

Her movement caught the attention of a snoozing Logan who tightened his arms around her. She watched as his eyes peaked out from under his eyelids as he squinted to avoid the sun that streamed in through the windows. Sensing that the sun was really getting to him after the overcast weeks that he'd spent moving through Canada, she reached blindly across him searching for the remote on the side table. Finally snagging it in her fingertips, she brought it close not willing to move from her position just yet and searched for the right buttons.

Logan sighed in relief as the room was clouded in relative darkness the only light coming from a sliver beneath the heavy curtains and the dimmed wall lights. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he registered the warm body intertwined with his own, as soft fingertips ran over the gaps between his knuckles where the claws usually released. Though he was still somewhat trapped in the dreamworld he knew this was exceptionally unusual and felt his confusion grow as lips replaced the fingertips quickly before switching back again.

Hit with a smell he immediately knew was his Marie, Logan nuzzled her neck, happily deciding to remain in this dream a little longer. Her sigh echoed in his ear long enough for him to realize something was really wrong. Still feeling her fingertips caressing his hand, he carefully moved the other one away from her and released his claws.

The agony of his skin being ripped open was enough to alert him to one thing - despite the sheer implausibleness of this situation, it was very much real.

Rogue tried to keep her face from showing what she was feeling as Logan jumped back away from her, the only thing reassuring her was the fact that his hand was still in hers. Looking into his eyes she saw the confusion in them and something that told her he was only just in control of his more animalistic side and that it was because of that little control that he was acting this way.

Unable to help herself a smile broke out on her face as she finally processed that Logan - her Logan, her protector, her love - was back. Ignoring his increased confusion at the probably insane looking smile on her face she threw her arms around his neck, holding him to her as she tried to control her glee.

"You're back. You're here and you're safe."

Logan startled as her warm body pressed against his again. Despite what everyone thought, he was well aware that she wasn't a kid - hell, she'd turned eighteen the day before he'd left for Alkali Lake and even before that, for him at least, age was a mere number. The whole kid thing was more of a reminder that he needed to stay away from her before he hurt her for good.

Yet as he heard the honest relief in her voice as she clutched onto him as if she needed proof he was alright he couldn't help but wrap his arms around her knowing it was too late to turn back now. She had somehow become his everything.

For the first time in the fifteen years he remembered Logan felt cared about. He felt needed. Something he was never going to give up.

Running his hand across her bare skin two thoughts came to mind.

Firstly he noticed that she appeared to have picked up his trait in regards to sleeping in the nude as she'd never really struck him as the type to do that and despite the fact that they were in a potentially awkward situation, he couldn't bring himself to let go yet.

Instead he only pulled her closer, his eyes closing as he breathed her in.

His belated second thought was awe over the fact that he was not on the ground writhing in pain now. However as that thought was processed Rogue slipped her fingers into his hair and all thinking ceased.

Rogue began gently massaging Logan's head and couldn't help but smile happily as she watched him embrace their closeness as opposed to pushing her away again. Hearing a purr come from Logan as she rubbed over a particular spot near his ear, she held in her laughter waiting a minute before going over again and checking if it happened again.

It did!

Laughter bubbled out of her causing her entire body to shake against his. Finally controlling herself she looked into his eyes noticing they were sparkling with joy at her laughter even as the rest of his body seemed to be demanding an explanation. "You purred."

Logan was positive that if it was anyone else he would have ripped them to shreds before they got a chance to finish but it was Marie and everyone knew that the rules that the Wolverine held everyone else to didn't apply to this particular young woman. Instead he felt himself start to purr again, loving the way she ceased laughing and instead curled further against him as if a grown man of an unknown age purring was completely normal.

He felt a burst of surprise within him as she placed one hand over his heart as the other clutched the dog tags around her neck as she looked up at him. Moving his hand to cup the back of her neck, he smiled softly at her, pulling her down with him as he curled back into bed.

Feeling her warm body pressed against his side was like a dream come true. As his hand moved along her spine he realised he was exactly where he wanted to be. Where he needed to be and where his Marie needed him to be.

He knew she only had seven months left of her 'senior year' and he decided he'd stay by her side for the whole thing, somehow knowing she wanted nothing more than to accompany him on his search for answers and he was willing to wait for her. If he was honest with himself he knew he wanted nothing more than her joining him as well, he wasn't sure he'd be able to face it and survive without her.

Logan remembered being truly amazed that the professor had not known about the fact that while Rogue had been 'on the road' for the eight months she'd run away from home a full two years prior seeking refuge at various shelters along the way. So while he was sure that breaking into the professor's office was frowned upon, he had needed to know what Wheels was planning if he was going to trust him with Marie.

Either way he felt a smug pride as he realised that he'd learnt more about her in a few hours than anyone here did - even with two mind readers.

Rogue ran her finger across Logan's chest, without thinking she pressed a small loving kiss to his neck, taking his moan as approval. Settling back against him she felt her eyes slide close as she allowed herself to finally drop her guard. Blanketed by his warmth and surrounded by the scent of the man who was the only person she truly trusted she felt herself relax for the first time in nearly three years.

She knew without hesitation that he'd die protecting her and with that thought she finally succumbed to her sleep as she knew better than anyone else just how hard it was to kill the Wolverine.


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