A/N: No intentions of ripping anything off at all; this is just inspired by other things (more explanation at the end of the story) Everything in italics is a flashback

As I run through the streets I can feel my hair flapping around my face. Adrenaline is pumping through my veins and I can't even feel the burn in my legs. It`s a little chilly out, probably because it`s nearly midnight, and I`m not even sweating. I check behind me, seeing if he- it`s still there.

It`s all about the chase. Right now He`s behind me and thoughts of 'what`s after me?' Don`t even cross my mind, because soon enough the clocks will be turned and I`ll be after him. He just doesn`t know it yet. And that`s the best part. The surprise.

I make a sharp turn to confuse him, ducking into a dark alley. I hide behind a dumpster, waiting for him to round the corner. He`s a good half-a-block behind me, so it takes a while. When he finally does, he looks around, completely confused as how he could have lost me. A skinny teenage girl. A human.

"What the hell?" He mutters, looking around.

"Look what we have here," I say, jumping up from behind the garbage. "You think you would be able to keep up with me."

"Shut up and die, bitch." He says, lunging at me. I easily duck, and swing my leg up to kick him in the face. The contact makes a thump, he staggers back a step.

"Wow, original punch line." I say, amused. For people who stay inside all day, you`d figure that they would be able to come up with better disses. He hisses and runs at me again, but this time he grabs my arm and throws me against a brick wall. My head cracks against the wall, making me stagger, which he takes advantage of and shoves me to the ground.

"What did you say to me?" He asks, pinning me and leaning towards me neck.

"Look, I had a pretty bad day today; I just started a new school. I`m not in the mood to be eaten." I say, trying to kick. He knees me in the gut, causing me to cough.

"Who`s original now?" He questions.

"Still not you," I grunt, pull out my stake and stab him. The dust explodes all over me and I cough again. "I`ve got to stop inhaling that."

Yeah, vampires. Not exactly the smartest creatures of the night.

I had just started Hollywood Arts; I was barley 15 at the time. I didn`t have any friends, unless you count my stupid sister, Trina. I didn`t meet Cat, Robbie and Andre until a little later.

"Hey! I`m Cat. I like to sit at this table because the napkin dispensers are pink! Your name is Tori!" She says, setting her lunch beside me. It`s about 12:00, lunch at HA just started.

"Yeah, it is... I`ve never talked to you before." I remind her, and her face immediately gets a pink flush. "How did you know?"

"I know a lot of things about you. I know you think that my friend, Andre, is cute. I know you hate the olives on your pizza," she says, pointing to my lunch. It`s weird, because I was just thinking that. "And I know about..." she continues, her voice dropping to a whisper."The vampires."

Psychic. She can read minds. When she wants to, not all the time. Mostly... she`s still learning to control it. Her brother hears them too, but much, much worse. They drive him crazy. The voices give her a headache sometimes, so she has to go sit in the janitor's closet alone, or we all have to think about kittens. She also introduced me to Andre.

"So... do you want to go out sometime?" He asks, nervously smiling at the ground.

"Yes!" I reply, a little too excited. I`ve liked him for three weeks, so this is sort of a big deal.

"Cool... so... what night?"

"We could go for a picnic on Saturday night! It`s a full moon... pretty romantic, huh?" I suggest, and a scared look crosses his eyes.

"No!" He says, panicky. "Sorry..." crap! What did I just do? "Any other night... I just... I`m busy on Saturday..."

Full moons don`t work for Andre. Because when he`s a wolf it gives us less things to talk about. We`ve been dating for a year and a half, we`re taking things slow. He says he doesn`t really know what would happen if we... you know. But it`s a little tedious at times, actually. Speaking of boyfriends, let`s talk about Cat`s... well, sort of. They`re on and off.

"I`m Robbie," he says, awkwardly sticking his hand out for me to shake. I take it, just to be polite.

"He`s Robbie!" Cat exclaims, poking his stomach. "He dreams things." Cat whispers.

"Cat! Don`t tell everyone that!" He says.

"It`s OK! Tori kills vampires."

"Cat!" We both say, smiling a little at each other.

"What do you dream about?" I ask Robbie, closing my locker.

"The future. Not always. And it changes... a lot. It`s really an un-useful talent. I hardly ever get them. Only about big things."

"Well, if you see anything, tell me." He agrees, and he has.

So now we`re a weird little group of kids. It`s not as glamorous as TV shows or movies make it out to be. No apocalypses yet or anything. There are still weird things though, like Beck Oliver and Jade West.

"I love you, ok babe?" Beck says to her. I can only hear because I sit behind them in science.

"Ok," She says, leaning against his chest. "I love you, too." They`ve been going to Hollywood Arts for longer than me, they mostly keep to themselves. "What are we doing after school?"

He whispers something into her ear that I don`t exactly hear, making her laugh.

"Sounds great." They`re one of those couples that are attached at the hips, and somehow manage to have every class together. It's a little weird for two fifteen year olds, but I'm not really one to criticize people's weirdness.

When people see them kissing in the halls, they all look taken aback, sort of like they`re thinking 'are they going to have sex right here?' Because it often looks exactly like that. The kisses are intenseā€¦ and really messy and hot, like they are going to start tearing each other's clothes off the second the bell rings. They are the only couple who I have ever seen make out in the halls, and they skip class. Like, a lot. People also see them leaving the janitors closet. A lot.

Anyways, we`ve also got this weird teacher, Sikowitz. Cat told us that he knew everything... Vampires, me killing the vampires, Cat reading minds, Robbie having visions, and Andre`s werewolfiness... anyways, he helps us. With the weird stuff we get ourselves into. He`s pretty awesome is a psychotic way.

"So there`s a big party tonight. At that seniors house... and he invited me. Wanna go?" Andre asks, holding my hand as we walk to class.

"Yeah, sure! Are Cat and Robbie going?" I ask.

"Cat said maybe, but there might be too many voices for her." He mutters, not loudly enough for anyone else to hear. We keep everything a secret, apart from us. "Robbie will get her to go, don`t worry, I thi- Oof, sorry,"

"Watch where you`re going!" Jade hisses when Andre bumps into her.

"Hey, babe. It`s fine. Sorry, man." Beck apologizes, his arm is tightly wrapped around Jade`s shoulder. "Calm down," He murmurs to her, his lips lightly grazing her neck.

"Whatever," Jade sighs, walking away with Beck in tow.

"Weird." I mutter, continuing on our way to class.

"Yeah, they are. Anyways, I`ll pick you up at eight?" Andre confirms.

"Sure, sure." I reply, kissing his cheek.

When Andre and I finally get to the party it`s already in full swing, the music is booming (we could hear it a block away) and there are kids dancing everywhere. Cat and Robbie are already here somewhere. I`m still on full alert, parities are the best place for vampires. Filled with people, teens who are not exactly at full brain power.

"So, I guess that I won`t be drinking tonight..." Andre prompts.

"I won`t, either. I just want to be careful, I mean I think it`d be best if we..." I trail off, spotting Beck and Jade. There are sitting alone on the balcony, both of them are smoking and drinking, neither looking particularly worried about it."What the hell is with those two?"

"Uh, I don't know... is it that important?" He asks.

"Yeah, and I`m going to get to the bottom of it."

"Tori, you don`t need to get involved. Jade will kill you."

"Jade isn`t scarier than I vampire."

So, Tori obviously kills vampires. Andre, Cat, Robbie and Sikowitz know. Beck and Jade are going to be properly explained in the next chapter. I`m not going to steal Buffy or Twilight or TVD. I was considering putting this in crossovers, but it doesn`t has any characters from other shows... There`s gonna be Bade, Tandre and Cabbie, I`m not quite sure about the friendships. Please review!