Chapter one – I know your voice.

Silvery raindrops dripped from her saturated, golden hair. She huddled deeper into her orange coat and walked on with a heavy heart. She was thinking of the impish, copper haired alien boy who attempted to take the world just five years ago. He was not her enemy but her best friend. She thought of the time when he captured her and imprisoned her underground the stadium. And when he bickered relentlessly with her but she didn't falter with her sweet and warm hearted words of kindness. For some reason-that she couldn't quite figure out-he saved her from being squashed by the collapsing stadium. It was not only pudding he had saved but everyone who came to watch the show. They would have died if he had carried on with his wicked deed under his master's rule. He made that out to be his intention. So why her? That simple question had been pondered by her

Ever since…


He left.

Pudding was sixteen years old now. You must be remembering the petite, cheeky monkey mew that used to cheerfully go about the café balancing on her red and white ball. Now she was five years older she was becoming more of a woman. Her flaxen hair fell past her shoulders flicking gently at the ends. Her eyes were the most indulgent brown like an innocent puppy dogs. She was much taller and more beautiful rather than cute. However she was still as cheerful and as go-lucky as ever. You would still find her doing acrobatic tricks and still saying 'Na no da' all the while But her old habit of talking in the third person had vanished as she grew older. Despite her cheerful appearance she was darkly consoled with a lingering emptiness. Her father had come back from street fighting in China but he was away again on a world street fighting tournament. He was extremely eager to become the best. Her siblings were old enough to get along by themselves; her mother was very much missed every day and taru-taru was gone for what seems like


Pudding trudged into the café. She saw Ichigo mopping up the floor wearing her work uniform; Lettuce was heard in the kitchen talking to keiichiro about a new cake recipe. Or something along those lines.

'Ohayo onni Sama!' Pudding called merrily to Ichigo.

'Ohayo pudding chan' Ichigo smiled back.

'Do you know where Shirogane is? I need to speak to him Na no da!' She asked curiously.

'He's downstairs in the base. Goodness knows what he's up to this time.' Ichigo looked down to the floor and sighed hopelessly as if she was looking at the blonde haired leader.

'Thank you onni Sama!' Pudding thanked her politely.

She rushed to get changed into her orange work uniform and she dashed down stairs eagerly. She wanted to see if there has been any contact from the aliens-which she very much doubted. She was sure Shirogane could find a way to contact them-again, very much doubted. But it was worth a shot. He knew everything to everything. He was, of course, a rich, now graduated, well off man now. And indeed, incredibly intelligent.

Pudding went to the closed door. She heard Shirogane talking to someone on the other side.

'Na no da? Who could be talking to? Everyone's upstairs.' She murmured inquisitively.

She held her ear against the door. How very like her.

'Shirogane, we need help. Fantomu destroyed the mew aqua when we arrived back to our planet to revive it. After abolishing it he then exiled us without any use of technology. We just about survived. Kisshu…'

Kisshu? Pudding thought.

'…Fell gravely ill and he got to the point where we thought he wasn't going to make it. However, we got took in by this unknown village and they took care of us. We have stayed there ever since. With no form of contact. And no way of returning. But, our home village found us and brought us back a while ago. This was due to Fantomu not being present. In fact. He's coming to earth right now. After realising the potential and power the mew aqua has he is heading for you guys to make you find it for him so he can have ultimate power. Still holding a grudge and avenging deep blue.'

That voice. It's deep. But I feel like I know it. . .

'I see. Well, I must prepare the girls. I see we have another battle for the earth on our hands. We need you as well. Will you alley with us. As they say 'the more the merrier.' Shirogane let out a chuckle.

'Of course. We have already considered this. We will arrive in two days' time. I'm not sure when Fantomu will arrive but I bet it will be pretty soon. But we will be there as quick as the ship can take us.' The voice paused. 'Shirogane?'


''How is pudding? I miss her badly. Ditto Kisshu to Ichigo and Pai to Lettuce.'

There was a grumbling sound telling the voice to shut up.

'Cool it pai. So, what is she like now?' The voice was hopeful.

'You'll be surprised. Despite her matured appearance she's still the same as she always has been. However, I get the feeling that she's very distressed and lonely despite covering it up with her smile and exuberance. She needs someone there for her when she's alone. Someone like you. She has missed you desperately.'

'She won't have to wait any longer.' The voice was stern with promise.

'Yah! I get to see my Koneko chan!' A lovey dovey and oh so familiar voice shrilled joyously.

'Shirogane, tell her she still owes me my candy drop.' The voice snickered childishly.

Pudding knew who that voice belonged to.


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