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'Yes, pudding?'

'Will I ever see Taru-Taru again?' Pudding swept her interlocked gaze from Yuki's crystal blue eyes to the darkening sky with few peachy wisps of cloud. The sun was finally sinking into the glittering ocean below the grassy mountain top where both Yuki and pudding sat staring out into the far beyond. The first star was shining bright above them. Pudding loved the thought that her mother was watching her at this present moment.

Pudding heard him sigh softly before replying.

'I don't know Pudding. But just think, he's always with you.' He paused for a moment before reaching out a hand and placing it above puddings heart.

'In here.' He whispered. Their faces were dangerously close.

Unexpectedly, pudding melted into a soft embrace with Yuki. She shifted herself so that she was sitting between his legs looking out to the ocean. Her small hand interlocked with his.

'I'm glad I have you here Yuki.' She exhaled 'Apart from Taruto, you're my best friend ever.'

For a few moments they sat in utter silence. Listening to the hush of the waves.


'Yes yuki?' Pudding looked up into his eyes. Bewitched by their pure beauty.

'There's something I want to ask you.-

(Present time)

'Kisshu, will you stay with me forever?' Ichigo whispered before gently kissing the green haired cyniclon on the lips.

'Always Koneko-chan.'

The couple smiled to each other. Sharing the most special moment of their lives. How could they have lived without one another?

'I'm so happy I have finally found someone that means so much to me. All those months fighting-then without each other for five eternal years. I couldn't have lived without you, strawberry.' Kisshu whispered into her ear before placing gentle kisses along her jawline lovingly. He adored her scent. The sweet, bewitching scent of strawberries and cream.

'I never want to lose you again Kisshu. You are my life.'

Kisshu paused kissing her making Ichigo suddenly nervous.

'Kisshu?' She inhaled softly.

'Ichigo, I cannot express my pure love and worship for you. You are my life. My Koneko-chan. I want to be at your side for eternity. Grow old with you. Have children with you. Die at your side. Please-

Kisshu lowered down onto one single knee.

'Momomiya ichigo will you-

(present time)

'What is this Pai-san?' Lettuce asked as she picked up an un-human device belonging to Pai's

'Oh, I made that Lettuce-san, it is a-'Pai began to deeply explain everything about the meaningless invention.

Soothed by his deep voice lettuce stared into the deep purple/charcoal slanted eyes of the eldest cyniclon. His voice was like a piano softly playing a lullaby. Ever so exquisite and beautiful.

'Lettuce?' Pai paused for a moment to look at the green haired mew who immediatley turned peony pink with embarrassment.

'H-h-Hai p-pai-san!?' She flustered nervously. As per usual. A well-known trade mark of the innocent intellectual mew's.

'You are so attractive when you do that.' He whispered. His lips twitching into a small smile.

'Will you-

'Be mine?'

'Marry me?'

'Kiss me?'

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