I wanted to write this on the right day, but I never had the time. So happy belated Valentine's Day, my fellow fangirls (or fanboys. I don't judge). A little Jack Frost x Reader fluff. I'm probably going to make myself barf with this. It's most likely VERY AU to your regular life. It's based off of the way things are for me with a bit of a twist (ex: my mom's not in a coma), just because of the way my inspiration struck. So enjoy and keep an open mind!

I'm planning on doing a few more chapters of this, but it will be rather short because I've already taken on too many writing projects, so…

And if you liked this, I may do other Jack Frost x Reader work in the future, but I'm currently working on a sequel to the movie, which I will be posting soon enough, so stay tuned.

You walked from your bedroom and into the kitchen. It was later than you'd usually be ready by, but you were buying your lunch today, so you didn't have to rush. You prepared a quick breakfast of cereal and poured yourself a cup of coffee, sitting down at the breakfast table, alone in the slight darkness of the early morning.

Your solitude didn't last long. Soon, your two dogs scampered into the room, followed by your stepmother, clad in your father's bathrobe.

"Morning." You greeted her sleepily. She'd only been around for 5 or 6 years, but she was like a mother to you.

Your mother wasn't actually dead, though she may as well have been after the accident. She'd been in a coma since you were 9 after a car accident caused by an icy road.

You hated winter after that day.

You lived in Canada, in a place where snow rarely fell, being a 180 to the typical stereotype. All you got was the low temperatures, stinging winds and the stupid ice your mother's car slipped on.

It was too cold to snow most years. There would be flurries in the spring and fall seasons, but rarely anything in the winter.

"Happy Valentine's Day." She smiled at you, carefully pouring food into the dogs' dishes. She liked this holiday, but that was probably because your father was a major romantic, as was she.

That was one of few things you and him didn't have in common.

Today was something else you hated. The couples and their PDAs all over the place. Most of your friends had lunch dates for today. You'd been asked, but you hadn't really known the guy, so you turned him down, assuming it was a joke or dare of some sort. Which it was.

You nodded in response as she looked at you.

You looked out a nearby window and saw slate grey clouds covering the sky.

"Looks like it might try to snow today." You groaned. Your stepmother looked outside and nodded, sympathetically. It had snowed the day of your mother's accident, too.

You finished your meal in silence.

"Is dad ready yet?"

"No, he's running late. He'll be out soon, though."

You rolled your eyes when she wasn't looking and put your dishes in the dishwasher. He was always late getting up, and he drove you to school most mornings. So you were typically late or cutting it close.


You sat in your homeroom, barely having made it to school on-time, reading a book, trying to ignore the couples around you. Your best friend, also single, sat to your right.

However, she found Valentine's Day cute.

"Did you hear about Ross and Ally? They're so adorable! I saw him giving her flowers in the hallway, they're so perfect together!"

She went on and on about different couples you both knew of, not noticing that you were trying to read. She was the only other one of your friends who didn't have a date today, so you guys were going over to a local coffee shop for lunch together.

Her boyfriend was on a family vacation, so you guys were hanging out today while your other friends were with their Valentines.

Your teacher entered as the bell rang, not wasting a second on what was surely going to be the most boring lecture in the history of [your least favourite subject].

The bell rings again. You must have dozed off because your first period of the day was over already. The loudspeaker crackled as you gathered your things to head to your next class, which you and your friend shared as well.

"Messages in the office for…" you tuned out the voice of the secretary, fairly certain that you wouldn't be getting anything for Valentine's Day.

"[best friend's name] and [your name]." she concluded after the long list of other unfamiliar names.

You frowned slightly in surprise. A message for you? You and [best friend's name] proceeded to the front office.


You blinked as you were presented with a bouquet of winter roses. You ask the secretary who delivered them but she shook her head.

"I don't know, dear. They were on the counter this morning with a note next to them. It was the strangest thing. I didn't even hear the door open."

You exited the office as [best friend's name] walked up to you, a smug look on her face.

"[Your name]'s got a secret admirer, huh?"

You blushed slightly.

"Y-yeah right, it's probably some kind of sick joke…" you stammered, embarrassed.

She waggled her eyebrows at you suggestively as you jokingly pushed her away.


You and [best friend's name] walked down the sidewalk.

Sure enough, it was snowing today.

Fluffy white flakes landed in your [hair length] [hair colour] hair and stuck to your eyelashes as [bff name] babbled on about how adorably romantic your secret admirer must be, as she had for the past couple of hours. You were almost ready to push her off a cliff out of irritation when you neared her house after school. You'd be spending the afternoon together since your dad couldn't pick you up until after work, like every day, and you lived with him out in the country, which was too far to walk from school.

"Hey [bff/n], can you shut up?"

She glared at you, not in a joking way but also not in an angry way. The kind of way only a friend could glare at another friend in an "I'm totally gonna kill you" way.

"I'm hungry" she says as you walk through her door. She removes her wet boots and walks over to her fridge and you do the same. You pull a snack from inside and sit at down on the couch, making yourself at home, as usual.

She grabbed another snack for herself and joined you, sitting on the other couch across from you. You stare at each other in silence, purposely making each other feel uncomfortable. She cracks first.

"…So who do you think it is?" she asks, sheepishly.

You pick up a remote and throw it at her stomach, hitting her directly in your target.

"What? You can't tell me you're not curious." She coughed

"At the moment, I want to kill them because they made you so annoying all day." You laughed at her, though there was some truth behind your words. She sensed this.

You were both silent again.

"Hey did you understand that new thing in [least favourite subject]?" she asked, picking at her fingernails.

"Honestly? I fell asleep…" you laughed.


"Hey [your name], can you let the dogs out before you go to bed? And make sure you watch Molly, she may wander off or something." your stepmother asked, sleepily, before going to bed that night.

You nodded and turned back to the TV. As your stepmom left, the dogs stayed and stared at you expectantly. You sighed and looked at them.

"You guys need to go out?"

Mac spun in circles and wagged his tail as Molly whimpered slightly. She was old and almost fully blind. You pitied her, thinking her to have a low quality of life, but your family insisted that you shouldn't judge someone else's life.

You rolled your eyes as you stood up, pausing your movie, and walked down the stairs and to the side door, pulling on your boots and stepping outside with the dogs, where the snow was still falling.

You growled in annoyance as the wind whipped your face not once or twice, but three times.

Jack Frost nipping at your nose…

You frowned as you pulled out your [music listening device of choice]. You didn't even have any Christmas music on there, let alone your least favourite carol. It was playing an unknown track.

"What the hell?" you muttered under your breath.

You never got an explanation for the track, which vanished as spontaneously as it appeared, seconds later.