You guys are gonna wanna strangle me right now for not updating, I know, and I'm really sorry! I've been getting a lot of help for math, and I've been stressed out over some…personal issues, but because of these things, I've been under too much stress to handle and still write (plus something I'd rather not share with you guys), but I'm going to try to find the time.

You lay awake that night. You were staying in Burgess for the night- the Easter celebrations went on longer than planned. Your thoughts were on the odd white-haired boy.

It wasn't anywhere near possible. You'd been sleeping for a lot of the drive and had still been drowsy, that had to be it. There was no conceivable way for the boy to fly away.

He didn't really exist.

The thought in itself was all too confusing. This was hell.

You knew he had to, but you knew you couldn't have really seen him.

You groaned and pushed your face into the pillow, then realizing your older cousin, who you were sharing the bed with, stirring from your movement. You didn't want to wake anyone, so, carefully; you pulled yourself from the bed and manoeuvred yourself through the darkness of the room. There were 4 of you in that room, since a lot of your family had gotten drunk and couldn't drive home.

You stood awkwardly in the hall. You didn't want to wake anyone across the hall, either. You eventually decided on the living room.

You stopped outside Jamie's door, hearing him speak.

"Okay, look. You and I are obviously at what they call a crossroads."

You quietly pressed your ear against the door.

"So, here's what's gonna happen. If it wasn't a dream, and if you are real, then you have to prove it. Like, right now."

You blinked. You knew he still believed in that fairy tale stuff. You didn't want him to give it up. You started to panic, still managing not to make any noise.

You heard a floorboard creak. You lifted your head, muffling the sounds of what Jamie said next.

"Just me."

You heard your aunt from down the hall.

"What are you doing up?" she stage-whispered.

"Couldn't sleep." You responded in the same hushed tone.

"New place?" she asked, a slight smile creeping into her voice. You nodded.

You heard shouting from inside your cousin's room. You pressed your hear back up against the door, you aunt mirroring the movement.

"Jamie? Who are you talking to?" she asked, her smile still evident.


He hesitated.

"Jack Frost?" he almost sounded unsure. You blinked.

"Okay." She laughed.