'What if I'm not the hero? What if I was the bad guy?'~Edward Cullen, Twilight.

Chapter one - Everything is so human?

'I'll teach you something good.' Kisshu whispered. Blood gargling in his throat. He wasn't going to make it.

Slowly, he raised his blood stained lips to her soft, strawberry ones. Inch my inch the gap between them was closing. Her face was a mask of horror. She was frozen to the spot as the alien who saved her life died painfully and mercilessly in her arms.

He was so close. Just centimetres away from her lips. With one last breath that fell ragged from his mouth he collapsed with a dense thump against the stone floor. Before he slipped into the numb void of darkness, he heard a heart-wrenching, blood curdling scream that dwindled down to a faint whisper then to silence.

Kisshu's rich, golden eyes flashed open to the sound of a piercing alarm screaming for him to wake up. With a heavy fist he slammed it off then stared about the room he laid in. From faint memory of stalking Ichigo this seemed to be a bedroom. It had walls that were painted different shades of green with pictures and posters hanging from them. The room consisted of: One single bed draped with black and brown sheets, a desk, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a brown carpet and a door that lead to a normal, gleaming white en-suite including a bath. After investigating this, kisshu slumped back into the bed. Shocked and bewildered.

'I'm supposed to be...dead?' He muttered out.

A hand scrabbled under his pyjama vest and lifted it up. Not a mark was left from when deep blue stabbed his chest heartlessly. This was all so strange. Too strange to get his mind wrapped round it all.

'Kisshu! Your brothers are leaving for school soon, so hurry up!' A female voice called to him from downstairs.

'Oba no hanabira?' Kisshu gasped out.

His eyes darted toward the wardrobe. His school uniform hung on the outside, washed and freshly ironed. Kisshu stumbled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to do his morning business and get dressed. Something was telling him to go along with this whole eerie thing. One particular question- out of the millions of them-kept badgering him. Why was he alive?

Eventually, he trudged downstairs into the hall fully dressed. His bag and shoes were at the door along with two more bags and two more pairs of shoes. Kisshu walked past this all and practically fell over when he entered the kitchen. His auntie-who had been living on Cynoph in the torturous conditions before he died- was chatting to Taruto and Pai who both were wearing the exact same uniform as him.

'Oba no hanabiro! Taruto! Pai!' Kisshu exclaimed before running into a shameless hug with his auntie whom he hadn't seen for nearly a year.

'What's up my dear?' She asked the poor green haired alien boy that clung on to her like a small helpless child again. Her voice was hushed and very soothing. She had long, coppery brown hair that fell past her shoulders gleaming like a chocolate waterfall. Her eyes were a bewitching shade of gold that made hearts melt under her gaze. He skin was young and smooth and her smile was the most caring and comforting thing anyone ever looked upon. She was truly the most beautiful auntie anyone could ever wish for.

'I-I...why are you here? Pai, Taruto, how come you're here! You're unharmed! Where's Ichigo and the mews?' Kisshu babbled relentlessly.

'Hush kisshu darling. It must have been a bad dream. Please calm down.' She cooed to kisshu rubbing his back.

'Kish, are you feeling okay?' Taruto asked. That was definitely strange.

Pai stayed mute, slowly turning the pages of his book. Still uncaring as ever. However his brow had furrowed and it seemed like he was deep in thought. That was definitely normal.

'I-I guess s-so.' Kisshu managed to mumble out in reply to Taruto's anxious question.

What's going on?! He thought to himself.

'Here have a chocolate brownie kisshu, it will make you feel better. Now chop chop to school my darlings and I will see you later, sayonara!' She smiled at the three children.

'Sayonara!' They all bade her. Kisshu's voice was shrill and high pitched. He had decided to go along with this escapade just to see what's going on. That was his best bet.