Chapter One- Attack of 'The Marine Defenders'

Kisshu lounged on his chair waiting irritably on his own waiting for his greatest warrior-and also his right hand man-to arrive. They needed to discuss a plan to evade an expected attack from their hostile enemies, the Marine Defenders. 16 years ago the Marine defenders swore bitter revenge for the passing of Deep blue. They were too blind to see him in his true light. As for Kisshu, pai and Taruto -after returning to Cynoph to restore it to a stable and content planet- they were praised and rewarded to the highest extent. Kisshu -being the leading light of the small threesome- was promoted to leader of all Cynoph. Taruto and Pai were made guardians of the land and were to run their army to protect it from any harm. Other races from across the planet of Cynoph praised and rejoiced that their planet was restored to its former glory. Other than the cyniclons there were three other races: the Okina inu race -dog like humans that roamed the land, the sora no tori race -an angelic race of beautiful winged cyniclons that wandered the skies and finally the yamaneko race-cat like humans that reigned the night. All four races joined together in one society. It was all owed to the three heroic cyniclons.

There was a slight rapping at the enormous oak door carved with strange patterns.

'Come in.' Kisshu called.

The door opened swiftly to reveal a 14 year old okina inu. He had piercing blood red eyes surrounded by midnight black lashes. His hair was long and charcoal grey; it reached his shoulders and his bangs messily flicked over his eyes. He had floppy red and black wolf ears tipped with a grey similar to his hair that stuck out on a slanted angle. He had a soft, playful face and when he smiled his fangs glinted and his bewitching eyes scrunched up in a cute and friendly manner. He wore: an open, slightly ripped vest that showed his toned stomach, black, above knee shorts, a ripped black cloak, red fingerless gloves, white leg wraps and a long sliver sword with a black leather handle engraved with the Japanese wolf symbol. He had several light cuts all over him and he wore no shoes.

'Sorry to keep you waiting Rīdā Kisshu-sama. I finished my training late.' He barked apologetically scratching his ears sheepishly; He went over and bowed low as a sign of respect before himself in the chair just in front of him.

'You're forgiven Katashi.' Kisshu flashed his trade grin at his right hand man.

Yes, Kisshu still had the same personality even though his appearance was different. Even at the age of 30. His forest green hair was loose and it pointed jaggedly in every direction. He wore a black and green outfit similar to Pai's and a black cloak that billowed out behind him. He was no longer skinny and puny but he was built with muscles that practically burst out of his arm wraps. The thing that didn't change about him was his eyes; His eyes remained the glitteriest golden colour anyone had ever seen. They were a striking liquid gold that melted anyone under his gaze.

But despite his flirtatious, carefree attitude toward people he was consoled by the gnawing pain that chewed his heart unendingly. That pain, was Momomiya Ichigo.

At the age of 16 Ichigo had got married to Masaya. This thought tore at Kisshu every day of his solitary life. The same year they were expecting a baby girl. She was called Anasutasia. When Kisshu last seen her (what do you expect for a Ichigo stalker like Kisshu) she was just a tiny baby in the arms of his love Ichigo. The tiny baby –who was no bigger than a doll- had feathery red hair and indulgent chocolate brown eyes. The exact copy of an infant Ichigo. From the moment Kisshu saw her he instantly fell in love with her. When the time was right he vowed to love her and treat her like a loving daughter of his. That was his soul resolution.

'So Kisshu-sama, I believe we are both here to discuss our next plan against the marine defenders?' The wolf boy shook his head despairingly.

'Well, we have predicted they are to attack soon and retrieve the mew aqua and we want to prepared for when that time comes. My brothers, general Pai and general Taruto, have been informed and are to prepare their armies for the outbreak of war.' He cleared his throat. 'We need your race to help us defeat the marine defenders. After all, you are my greatest warrior are you not Katashi?' Kisshu broke off with a smile.

Katashi barked in approval for his complement.

'Aye Kisshu-sama, and our race will gladly help. As it is for the sake of our planet.'

All of a sudden, a cyniclon with opal hair and luminous flame orange eyes burst into the room bawling for Kisshu-sama. It was his secretary, Miowa. She was the exact image of a desperate, flailing fish out of water.

'Kisshu-sama, the marine defenders are attacking the village! Please come quickly! General's Tart and pai are-'

She was cut off. Inaudibly, she fell to the floor face first. Lifeless. There behind her stood a shady all-to-familiar figure with a large crystal blue and white ran at the ready. Its bladed edge was glistening with streaked blood. Katashi's piercing inflamed eyes bore into the figures skull. Nearly burning holes with his death glare. Kisshu had abruptly stood up. His face was solid and his eyes cold.

Into the silence he spoke. 'Ryota…'

(Scene change)

Several days later on earth,

The 14 year old girl slipped beneath her silky bed sheets. The clock showed 11:45pm so she was extremely tired. All her weekend homework was finished so for the next two days she was free to do whatever she wished. Before snuggling down into the jasmine scented pillow she read her last text and smiled. It was from her parents on a visit to England; it read-

To our darling daughter Anasutasia, may you have sweet and pleasant dreams we miss you very much and we will see you very soon! Until then my darling,

Mother and father x

She sighed happily and snapped her phone shut. Her mother and father 'Masaya and Ichigo' were in England to see how their project team were doing. Something to do with better ways to save the environment? She yawned stretching her arms out and laid her head down shutting her coral blue eyes. Her long maroon hair wafted out on the pillow in beautiful silky locks.

She was the exact image of her mother but with different colour hair and eyes. She was extremely athletic and smart like her father. A perfect mix of each.

Turning to her side and curling up, she slipped away into unconsciousness. Her breath heavier and heavier.

The window shot open spontaneously. A shaggy, grey haired wolf boy clambered through the frame and stood over the sleeping form of Anya. He hoisted his skewered grey cloak back up on his shoulders and picked up Anya bridal style. Subconsciously, Anya started speaking to the boy even though she was still deep in her sleep.

'Where are we going, mhhhhh.' She mumbled.

'We are going to Cynoph. Master Kisshu needs you Anya-chan, chow wow!' He eagerly whispered into her ear climbing out of the window frame once more.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Kay…' Her head tilted to the side and she continued to half snuffle half snore. The wolf-eared boy found this very adorable. Holding her in one arm he scaled up the wall to the roof then roof jumped until he was directly beneath a familiar space ship. He reached into his pocket and got out a communicative device.

'General Pai, I've got her –chow!'

And so this is where Anya's story began.

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