Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Chapter six - There's nothing like us

Hello! Sorry it's been so long! :'( Anyway I thought I'd do this writer thingy here for effect (Idk the name of itT-T) this will be written from Kisshu's point of view. Enjoy :)

I was proud to see she had completed her training. She had become so strong. Now, I was setting her out into the dangerous world of Cynoph to retrieve the mew aqua. What am I thinking? With the short space of actually speaking to her I've grown a fatherly bond for her. I won't bare to see her get hurt. I swear if anyone hurts her I will personally kill them. That's when I'm well again of course. I chuckled at the stupidity of the small joke.

She had been packing for the journey with Katashi. I needed to go and wish her goodbye and give her something before she leaves. It was my most prized possession ever since I left earth.

I limped over to the shelf clutching my side as I did so. The pain was excruciating since I wasn't helped along by my maid. But I needed to see Anya so I carried on hobbling to the shelf. There it sat alone. Untouched. A small blanket of dust covering it. I could barely make out the shiny gold beneath the dust. How long had it been up there? 14, maybe 15 years? I picked up the red ribbon. The golden bell tinkled as I pulled it off of the shelf. It was Ichigo's bell. Before I left she had given it to me. I didn't want anything to happen to it so I left it on the shelf. I hadn't touched it since.

'What is it?' Anya asked, curiously looking at me.

'Close your eyes.' I whispered to her.

She closed her eyes just as I told her too. I took the bell from behind my back and wound it around her neck.

'What's this?' She asked, touching the golden bell that gave off a small tinkle.

'It's my most prized possession. It will give you luck whilst on your journey. Please take care of it. And yourself.' I placed a hand on her shoulder and looked deeply into her chocolate brown eyes. Painfully reminding myself of Ichigo.

She nodded and surprisingly hugged me tightly. I winced slightly but ignored the pain and hugged her back. After several seconds we parted from each other and smiled. Then I turned to Katashi.

'Take care of her for me. And yourself. I believe you will succeed. Do your best Katashi.' I pulled him in for a one armed hug. He hugged me back then gruffly let go trying to keep his cool.

'Hai, kisshu-sama! Chow!' He bowed to me.

We all walked to the door. It was saddening to depart from each other. To not see Anya again for a while...

Both Anya and Katashi walked down the steps of the front door. All of the servants and butlers plus Pai and Taruto were at the door alongside me bidding them goodbye and good luck. They all called out many wishes and farewells to them. I silently watched them walked across the long pathway to the faraway gate on the other side of the enormous garden. Anya turned around and caught my gaze. She smiled to me and waved with small tears in her eyes. But her sadness was covered up by a smile. A smile just like Ichigo's. Everything was like a De JA vu.

(IMPORTANT! Play 'nothing like us' by Justin Bieber. It's an important part of this chapter now!)

'All's I want is your happiness, Ichigo.' I crouched down on the floor in a low bow. My green bangs covering my tear ridden eyes.

'Kisshu...Thank you, I'll miss you.' She spoke softly.

I quickly looked up just as a tear slid down my face. She was on the verge of tears but was smiling none the less. Her smile was the most beautiful and captivating thing I had ever laid eyes on. It was heart-breaking to know that I was only going to be lucky enough to have her smile for my own for the very last time.

'Ichigo?' I quietly murmured. Surprised by her response.

She walked out from Masaya's grasp and crouched down in front of me.

'Don't cry Kishy! I want to remember you smiling for me; not crying, right?' She reached out her hand and wiped away the salty tear that was crawling down my flushed cheek.

'I-ichigo... I will stop now.' I smiled to her warmly 'Better?'

'Much better.' She laughed soothingly. It was like a bell tinkling in my ear. I wanted to cherish her sweet laughter for an everlasting life time.

Again to my surprise, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I returned the hug equally hard. She was so warm. So nice...

'Kisshu, we have to go now.' Pai interrupted my moment of complete bliss with the worst news I would ever hear in a lifetime.

We let go of each other and shared a sad gaze. Her doe eyes were locked with my golden ones. We both stood up together. I quickly looked around me. Taruto was hugging pudding who was sobbing into his shoulder; Pai was silently smiling at lettuce who was suddenly rushing into the aliens arms; the rest were all standing side by side watching sadly and waiting for us to depart.

'Goodbye kisshu.' Ichigo spoke into my ear before pecking my cheek. Then I felt her press something into my hand. It was her precious neko bell. And it was for me to keep.

Inside I was bursting with joy. But it was shortly drowned out by hearing everyone saying goodbye and best regards to each other. Wordlessly I let go of her and walked toward the entrance of the ship. I turned around to see everyone waving and ichigo in Masaya's arms sobbing inconsolably. The door then shut and we teleported to the control room. Pai and Taruto sat in the two poilet seats and fired up the ship. It awakened with a roar and a jutter. The whole ship shook and powered up ready for take-off. I went over to the window and looked down at everyone. They were all waving to us and calling their goodbyes like a group of birds with only one sad song. I locked eyes with Ichigo for the last time ever. This was it. Telepathically I wished all the best for them. Then I mouthed to Ichigo 'I love you my Koneko-chan.'

Before we started plummeting into the atmosphere she mouthed back to me-

'I love you Kisshu. For always.'

That was the last time she ever saw me.

I broke away from my silence and enthusiastically waved to the pair of them.

'Goodbye and good luck!' I called to them.

And that is where our journey starts.

'There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me. Together through the storm. There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me. Together. There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me. Together through the storm. There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me. Together.'