Pikapiiii- Hello and welcome to Tokyo mew mew's behind the scenes! Myself *bows* and other host's/hostesses will be sneaking up on the cast of Tokyo mew mew and will be observing what they do off screen. First off all, I'll be paying a visit to our first character along with Katashi (my OC) for the first time!

Katashi- Chow! Hello beauties! *winks at audience*


Katashi- So, who are we stalking first?

Pikapiiii- It's not stalking its technically called observing...*searches through list* and our first victim is none other than the infamous braniac Pai!


Katashi-I wonder what he's actually like? *scratches hair*

Pikapiiii-Well that's what we are here for! Let's go! *teleports with Katashi to where Pai is*

Victim target one- Ikisatashi Pai

Katashi- Atchoo! Its dark and its dusty in here.

Pikapiiii- Seems like we are in the ikisatashi's base. And we are in the vent above Pai's room. Ooh! Here he comes Shhhh...

*Pai opens door and walks in locking the door behind him*


Pikapiiii- Hey Katashi look! He's got lettuce posters all on his wall...

Katashi- I know! Even lettuce plushies! How weird!

*Pai walks in front of a large lettuce poster and talks to it*

Pai- Oh lettuce, you are looking so beautiful today... *carries on*

Pikapiiii- SICK! What a weirdo!

Katashi- I totally agr- What the...!? He's actually kissing the poster! Man and I thought Kisshu was creepy but dude you can't get any worse than this!

Pikapiiii- What about the time you stole Anya and-

*glomps pikapiiii's mouth shut*

Katashi- For one, it was an order and two, she was so cute and she was asleep so she-

Pikapiiii- Whatever dude, you kissed her!

Katashi- BUT PIKA-Oh my god what on earth is Pai doing now!

*looks through vent*

Pikapiiii- Well that's... Disturbing.

*knocks on door. Pai quickly flies over*

Pai- Who the fuck is this! I told you not disturb me while I'm working on experiments!

Pikapiiii&Katashi- LIES!

Taruto- *mumbles through other side of the door* But pai! Kisshu stole-


Pikapiiii- Harsh... So that is basically what Pai does in his spare time... He speaks and does creepy stuff to a lettuce poster and shouts at poor Taru-Taru...

Katashi- Hey I've got an idea! *Whispers in pikapiiii's ear*

Pikapiiii- Brilliant! I'll go and get Taru-Taru!

*Teleports outside Pai's door*

Taruto- Hey pikapiiii what are you doing here? *sniffs and wipes away tears*

Pikapiiii- Well, we are here to watch Pai and what he does in his time off air of Tokyo mew mew. We, that's me and Katashi, heard him shouting at you for nothing and we want to pay him back for that!

Taruto-He deserves that! I don't know what goes on behind that door. He says its science experiments but trust me I doubt that's what he does...

Pikapiiii- Urgh, you really want to know?

Taruto- Not really but go on...

*pikapiiii whispers in Taruto's ear*

Taruto- ...I think I'm scared for life...

Pikapiiii- I share the same feelings-_- Anyway me and Katashi need to tell you the plan on what we are going to do to seek our revenge! Let's go!

Taruto- Hai!

*teleports back to Katashi in the vent*

Katashi- My eyes are burning from watching him! What a creepy guy...

*all looks down through vent gap*


Pikapiiii- Annyywwaaaaay... Let's tell you what's going to happen-*tells Taruto plan*

Taruto- Brilliant! Okay let's go and get you ready and we will come back when he's asleep!

Pikapiiii- Hai! C'mon guys let's go!

*several hours later*

?- Pikapiiii...

*pai wakes up*

Pai- Lettuce?

?- come here pai...

*Pai gets up and follows the voice. He ends up in the darkest room of the ship*

Pai- Lettuce, are you here?

*lettuce walks up to Pai*

Lettuce- I've been waiting for you pai...

*Kisses Pai passionately*

Pai- *moans* oh...lettuce...

Katashi&Taruto- *in vent above* Oh boy here it comes *snickers quietly*

Lettuce- *Walks back into shadows* Follow me Pai...

*Pai walks into shadows*

Pai-Lettuce? Where are you going?

*something grabs Pai's ankles and drags him into corner*


*He cowers in the corner kicking his legs. A flash torch lights up showing the face of the grudge*

Grudge- *screams demonically*

Pai- *Screams like a high pitched girl and burst's into tears running out of the room*

*light flicks on showing Taruto, Katashi and Pikapiiii ripping off the grudge mask and green braided wig*

Katashi- Oh my god! I can't stop laughing!

Taruto- He nearly wet his pants! The look on his face! You're a real sport for putting on a show like that! It will serve him right!

Pikapiiii- I'm up for anything! Need me to pay someone back, I'm your girl! *winks*

Katashi- So now we know what Pai gets up too behind the scenes *shudders*

Pikapiiii- Too right! That has scarred me for life...

Taruto- I agree!

Pikapiiii- Anyway, I hope you liked stalking Pai! Take it away Katashi!

Katashi- Pikapiiii will be wanting volunteers to guest in our behind the scenes! Please don't hesitate to ask! Taruto?

Taruto- We also need ideas and people who we need to spy on! Okay, please do pm pikapiiii and she will use the ideas without hesitation! It would be much appreciated!

Everyone- Until next time! *all waves*

Grudge mask on floor- *Whispers* don't forget to review and share...

Everyone- *Screams and runs away*