Pikapiiii- Welcome back to behind the scenes everybody! *bows with a flourish*

Katashi- We have a guest appearance with us today! Give it up for Kori-luna-rose16!

Kori- Ohayo!

*Audience applauds*

Katashi- Hey pikapiiii, is Aoyama Masaya actually with Momomiya-san?

Pikapiiii- Um I have no clue what so ever! What about you Kori?

Kori- Nope! I'm clueless. I don't know whether their relationship is staged or actually real!

Katashi- Why don't we investigate?

Kori-Who are we investigating?

Pikapiiii- None other than Koneko-chan! ^-^

Katashi- Naw! She's cute, chow!

Pikapiiii- KATASHI!

Katashi- Naw Pikapiiii-chan you're my number one girl always! Chow!

*pikapiiii hugs Katashi*

Kori- Ahhhhhh let's go and see Ichigo then *awkwardly sweat drops*

Pikapiiii- Okay team let's go!

Katashi- What should we call our team?

Pikapiiii- TEAM NEKO NYA! ^-^ In your face okina inu!

Katashi- you're not a neko... You're a Pikachu girl! You have Pikachu ears and tail; not neko ears and tail! Chow!

Pikapiiii- So...T_T

Kori- Team Luna for the win!

Katashi- chow...? Hey, wait! Team chow! Chow! ^o^

Pikapiiii- How about, team pika-neko-Luna-chow, for the win in your face, chow!? All of our ideas put together for a name and motto!

Kori- Great!

Katashi- Chow, c'mon let's go now!

Everyone- Hai, go team pika-neko-Luna-chow, for the win in your face!



Victim target two- Momomiya Ichigo

Pikapiiii- Hey look we're on the roof of Ichigo's house!

Katashi- Ahhhhhh

Kori- Why does he look so happy?

Pikapiiii- The breeze feels magnificent up here. It's luxurious to the likes of us because feels great in our hair and ears, Ahhhhhh...

Katashi- Chow...

Kori- Look, there's Ichigo! She's leaving the house! *Points to Ichigo who's dressed perfectly for a day out*

Pikapiiii- What's with the fancy get up? She must be meeting Aoyama! That's if, if she is actually with him of course!

Katashi- Wh-what! Where's Momomiya-san?

Kori- she's over there! She's heading for the park

Pikapiiii- With my neko reflexes we should get there easy peasy *Sticks tongue out in determination*

Katashi- For the final time you're not a neko! To be precise you are an electric mouse!

Pikapiiii- So! I can still have my neko reflexes!

Kori- *face palms*

Katashi- You get used to it Kori-chan, chow!

*Pikapiiii starts roof jumping after Ichigo*

Kori- It's quite amusing! Bless her :')

Katashi- Let's head off after our wanabe neko, c'mon Kori!

*grabs hold of Kori and roof jumps after Pikapiiii*

Pikapiiii- Hey slow coaches we are nearly there

Katashi- I'm no slowcoach! I'm trying to be gentle with Kori the poor thing! She's only a human! She's not used to doing stuff like what we do, chow!

Kori- I'm fine really!

Pikapiiii- That's cool! Anyway, she's gone in now! Let's follow her!

*the three follow Ichigo who travels into the more less habited part of the park*

Katashi- Where on earth is she going?

Pikapiiii- oh my goodness!


Kori- Its kisshu!

Pikapiiii- And he's taking Ichigo-san through a teleportal thingy ma-bob!

Kori- I don't think she's going anywhere on earth Katashi...

Katashi- C'mon less of the puns Kori-chan; let's go and rescue her, team!

Kori- Hai!

Pikapiiii- Quick before the portal closes!

*ichigo and kisshu disappear through rippling portal momentarily followed by pikapiiii, Katashi and Kori*

Kori- That...was weird.

Pikapiiii- Tell me about it!

Katashi- I'm not feeling so good... *throws up in a nearby bush*

Kori- *pats his back*

Pikapiiii- Katashi, you okay bud?

Katashi- I'm okay now, chow! But where are we?

Kori- It's beautiful to say the least!

Pikapiiii- I agree!

Katashi- Me too! It's like a paradise, chow

(It was a huge valley lush with emerald vegetation. Tall trees bore magenta coloured fruits. An enormous waterfall cascaded crysiline water that flowed in a long river. The sky was dotted with billions of stars and the full moon poured its iridescent light over the cicada inhabited valley. Their gentle creaks sounded peaceful along with the quiet rush of water. This was an utter paradise)

Pikapiiii- I couldn't imagine any place of earth more perfect than this *sighs dreamily*

Kori- Hey, sorry to interrupt your day dream but who's that on top of the waterfall?

Katashi- There's two people...

*Pikapiiii shifts her keen eyes in the direction of the two silhouettes*

Pikapiiii- That's none other than Kisshu and Ichigo themselves! We need to investigate this. And fast!

*All teleport to a bush nearby kisshu and ichigo*

Kisshu- Welcome to paradise Koneko-chan.

Ichigo- oh kisshu! It's like a dream! I can't believe we are finally here... Oh kisshu

*Kisshu and Ichigo both kiss for some time. Pikapiiii, Katashi and Kori are in a stunned silence*


Pikapiiii- The fuck have I just seen!

Katashi- um well, ichigo sai-

Kori- no need for the logic! I mean woah! I didn't expect this!

*All three gawp at the two practically eating each others faces off. Ichigo eventually pulls away*

Ichigo- I love you Ichisatashi-kun *giggles*

Pikapiiii- Right that's it!

*barges out*

Pikapiiii- Put the cards down on the table! What the fuck is going on!

Kisshu- Pikapiiii! Why are you here!

*Ichigo's face turns red and her ears and tail pop out*

Ichigo- P-p-p-pika-pi-piiii!

Katashi- Busted!

Kori- You can say that again!

Kisshu- Who are you two!

Katashi- my lord! You don't know me!

Pikapiiii- *whispers* psttttt, he doesn't know you yet!

Katashi- *whispers* ohhh right...

Kisshu- Your some mutt and your some human!

Ichigo- KISSHU!

Kisshu- Sorry Ichigo-san!

Kori- I'm not a freak! I'm the only one who's normal here!

(Chibi Pikapiiii walks out 'to point out, Kori is a human. I'm half human half-pikachu, Katashi's and okina inu((big dog)) Kisshu's a cyniclon and Ichigo's half cat half human like me, so technically, Kori is the one in the right! But let's see who wins this little feud!')

Kisshu- I guess I can't say anything...

Kori- That's right you alien baka!

Katashi- I'm getting a feeling of a de JA vue here...

Pikapiiii- I agree, she acts like what Ichigo's part is...

Katashi- What do we do?

*Kisshu and Kori bicker on annoyingly, especially to Pikapiiii*

Katashi- oh no... *shuffles over to Ichigo* If I was you I would duck down, chow!

Ichigo- Why?

Katashi- Trust me...

Ichigo- Okay?

*both duck down to the ground. Pikapiiii starts sparking*


*electrocutes Kisshu and Kori causing them to faint*

Katashi- that's why we duck down if we agitate pikapiiii too much...

Ichigo- Kisshu-kun! *runs over to his twitching form*

Pikapiiii- He'll be okay, he annoyed me too much so I thought I'd shut him up!

Katashi- And Kori?

*pikapiiii snaps fingers and Kori returns back to normal health*

Pikapiiii- What about Kori? *winks*

Katashi- smooth, real smooth

Kori- what happened?

Pikapiiii- Nothing nothing! We should be getting back now!

Katashi- Hai! Leave these two love birds alone!

Kori- Hai!

*returns back to studio leaving kisshu to wake up with a smoke plastered face and hair standing on end*

Pikapiiii- I'd like to thanks Kori-luna-rose16 for joining our team for the day! Thank you hunnie bunch! *group hug*

Kori- Bye all! *waves and returns home*

Katashi- Okay on with the drill!

Pikapiiii- If you want to be a host/hostess please ask! I don't mind! You're always welcome! Katashi?

Katashi- Pm pikapiiii any ideas or characters we can spy on! The ideas will be much appreciated!

Katashi&Pikapiiii- That's al-

*singed Kisshu teleports in with a death glare. He summons up his dragon swords and advances toward pikapiiii and Katashi*

Kisshu- Don't forget to review and share before I kill these two major baka and tear them limb to limb! *chases after them*

Katashi&Anya- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *runs away screaming hysterically*

P.s, ignore any mistakes; ill tend to them ASAP!