I've always wanted to write a Spitfire fic and this was suppose to be a one shot, but it turned into a chapter fic. I don't know if I got all the terms for hockey right, but I really tried my best of doing it.

Well anyways, this AU is about Artemis trying to fit in to her hockey team, but it's not always as easy as that. And there's also going to be family problems up a head. And again THIS IS AU! (alternate universe)

Disclaimer: Young Justice is too astrous for me to take over :( so no, I don't own it.

Skating On Thin Ice

Part 1: Meeting Someone New

Artemis was gliding through the ice with her ice skates. Sweat was beading through her forehead. She's been practicing with her hockey stick, puck, and the net. She's been like this for hours now, but she still hasn't given up.

It's not like she has a choice because her dad kept pushing her. He's known a lot from his accomplishments, but now he wants his kids to succeed too. He didn't get any sons, but he had two daughters. He was mostly known as "Sports Master."

She thinks it's kind of annoying, but she loves her family and she can't just put them down. And plus, the award money they give out is helpful for her family. Her mom's been in the wheelchair and Artemis just wants the best for her mom because she also has to take medications which worries Artemis a lot.

"Come on, little girl! Keep going! You're going to be the best hockey player in the world, but you need to practice a lot!" Lawrence's voice was booming around the hockey rink. Artemis was use to it, but that didn't mean she didn't think it was annoying.

Sometimes, his words of encouragements aren't always the best. Artemis stops to take a breath, "I-I think it's almost time for dinner."

Lawrence looks at his watch, "Fine, go to the locker room and change and we'll head home."

Artemis nods and heads to the locker room so she could get out of her practice outfit.


They finished eating their food and it was Artemis's turn to wash the dishes. Paula usually opens the mail at this time while she's sitting in the counter. And Lawrence would be watching some T.V. Artemis was almost done washing the last dish.

Paula looked at the envelope in her hands and her eyes and mouth were wide open. She ripped the top of it and took out the letter. Artemis went by her mom's side while she wipes her hands, "Who's that from?"

She whispered slowly, "Jade."

Jade left them a long time ago because "Sports Master" pushed her too hard. She couldn't take it anymore, so she just left. Jade hated the fact that she was leaving Artemis, but she kept quoting, "Every girl for themselves."

Sometimes, it was rare to see Jade's letters. And plus, they had to make sure "Sports Master" didn't see it at all. Jade still does some sports professionally, but she does it with another coach which bugs her dad's mind a lot. Although, they were pretty sure that was the point.

Paula reads it carefully while Artemis reads it beside her mom's shoulder. The whole letter had something to do with competing at some international sports event that she was chosen to go. They were excited for her, but they knew that Lawrence was going to find out about this soon.


Artemis wakes up early in the morning to jog around the block and then she has to go to school. She goes around her normal route. It doesn't usually take her this long too, but she likes the peace and quit. Although, it didn't stay like that for long.


She crashed into someone. She didn't know who and her head was already spinning, "Watch where you're going!"

Artemis tries to look up and see who this person just randomly hit into her. It was a guy, with red hair, green eyes, and freckles around his cheeks. He was also holding a milkshake in his hands, but some of the whip cream got on his nose.

He tried to help her up, but she resisted, "Sorry, I was drinking my milkshake."

"So? Couldn't you see me jogging?"

"Couldn't you see me walking?"

Artemis rolled her eyes while she tried to clean some dirt off her shirt and sweat pants. "It was obvious I was going this way. You would've at least warned me, Baywatch."

"B-baywatch? What?"

Artemis knew she would be late for school soon, so she had to go now, "Wipe your nose. I have to go now."

Wally wiped something off his hand while he saw the long blond girl run farther from him, "Ewww, this was on my nose the whole time?"


School was easy for her since she was a smart young girl, but she had to work harder after school and get her school work done. Of course that was easy since she does most of her homework around lunch time. Although, sometimes there's this annoying little bird that makes her stop her work.

"Hey Artemis," Dick Grayson sat next to her, "did you hear what happened last period?"

Artemis Crock was too mesmerized with her math homework that she didn't have time to hear what he had to say. Dick noticed this so he waves his hand in front of her face, "Arty to Earth? Can you hear me?"

She tried to push his hands away, "Dick, I'm really busy right now."

"Fine, but Zee wanted me to tell you that she was planning on another "girls night out" again and apparently I have to pay for it because she's helping me babysit some of my siblings."

Artemis teased a little, "You mean your adopted siblings."

"Yeah, yeah," He looked at her again, "so are you coming?"

She turned her head off the hard equations and looked back at her young friend, "Coming to what?"

"To the girls night out, but don't worry because I won't be there. Also, Megan and Raquel are coming."

"Sorry, but I'm super busy this whole week and my dad already caught me the last time I went out."

Dick only nodded, "Okay, just tell them if you're changing your mind."

"Thanks," she goes back to her homework.


She was going with her dad today to a different hockey rink that she might have went to before, but just didn't remember. Artemis was still confused to what was going on, but she just rolled with it.

She carried her bag that had all the equipment around her shoulder. They walked into the hockey rink and you could instantly hear some players play hockey as the puck was being hit around a lot with the hockey stick with grunts that followed it.

Artemis was following behind her dad. She definitely hasn't been here before. The both went to Coach Canary while she watched her team on the sidelines on every move that they were making.

"Canary, this is my daughter."

Coach Canary turned around and saw Artemis, "So you're the new rookie that wants to play in my team this year."

"Me? Play in your tea..."

She was cut off because Lawrence wanted to speak for her, "She's not a rookie. Artemis is an experienced hockey player and she's going to be a good asset to your team."

The long blond haired coach eyed Artemis for a second and then puts her hand on her chin, "I can believe that."

"So does that mean she's in?"

"I have to see her on ice first."

Lawrence pats Artemis's shoulder, "Show them what you got, baby girl."

She nodded slowly and then she saw Coach Canary point to the locker room around the corner. When she got to the locker room she puts on her elbow pads, shin pads, hockey pants, shoulder pads, gloves, socks, a jersey that she was just given a few seconds ago, a helmet, and her ice skates.

She didn't know what team she was on, but she hopes that she'll be good enough.


Artemis skated to the other team. Her long blond locks were swaying on her back. She could tell her dad had already left. Coach Canary gestured Artemis to come closer, "Team, this is Artemis."

The boys started mumbling to themselves. Artemis noticed that there were only boys in the team and there wasn't even any girls at all. She didn't feel comfortable because she wasn't use to playing with them. Artemis started to miss the old days when it was just her and Jade skating together happily.

One of the boys raised their hand. Canary smiled, "Yes, Conner?"

"Miss Dinah, she's a girl."

"Yes Conner, we all know that."

"But this is a guys hockey team."

Canary crossed her hands, "I'm part of this team and I'm a woman. You can't just judge people by their gender, Conner."

All of them grew silent. Although, a big distracting noise caught their attention. Wally came speeding in, "I'm here coa-woah!"

Wally tripped on something and fell down. Everyone went to the side. Wally's equipment fell down with him. All the guys started laughing.

Artemis recognized him when he was getting up, "Baywatch?"

Wally looked up, "Hey, you're that runner girl."

Coach Canary butted-in, "It's a good thing you guys know each other. Artemis is going to join the team."

"Yeah and..."

Wally started to get confused, "What? She's the replacement for Roy?"

Dinah sighed, "No, Roy isn't replaced. He could still come back if he wants to. Artemis is just our new team member."

"But she's still taking his spot as the left wing!"

"Yes, I know, but Artemis is going to be your new team mate and you're going to get use to it."

Wally grumbled while putting his stuff back in the bag. Artemis just knew they weren't going to get along easily.


Coach Canary dropped the puck between Kal and Logan (Kaldur and L'gann). Kal had the upper hand and hit the the puck to the player that was on the right wing. Artemis tried to catch up. The puck was coming her way while she tried her best to not get squished by the big guys.

As soon as her hockey stick came in contact with the puck, lots of the guys started slamming her onto the wall. Even though Artemis looked like a fragile little girl, she didn't give up easily. She was the daughter of "Sports Master".

The rest of them had already gotten the puck from her while she tried to get up. A certain hand reached out for her. She looked up and it was the right wing player. Artemis normally doesn't trust random people because that's what she's been taught a lot from her parents, but she took his hand.

When she was back up on her skates she said, "Um, thanks."

He cackled and took off his helmet, "You look distraught, Arty."

Her jaw almost dropped, "Dick?!"

"The one and only."

"Wh-what are you doing here?"

He coughed trying to gesture something, "My dad owns this hockey rink and team."

Artemis felt like face palming. They knew they couldn't talk right now because they were still playing hockey, but she knew he would have to explain more about it soon.

Artemis started to push the guys away to get closer to the puck. The blond Vietnamese could tell that not that much of his team mates enjoy having a girl around in their team.

Well, that's the beginning! I don't know if it's good enough for your liking, but I'm really trying hard with Spitfire since my writing is use to Chalant. Although, I hope you enjoyed it.

I want to thank Laura *wink* for the name of the story. I seriously like the title of "Skating On Thin Ice".

I hope that you guys will stick around for chapter 2 :D And I'd like to hear what you guys think, soooo...