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Skating On Thin Ice

Part 14: Epilogue

6 Months Later

Wally finally got his good name back. It was a little bit strenuous, but well worth it. Dick had invited him to play a little BioShock Infinite to celebrate the first day of spring break.

They tousled around while eating some of Alfred's treats that he made. Some of Dick's siblings kind of barge in sometimes and try their best to get on their nerves, but later on it dies down.

"No dude, go over there," Wally instructs his ebony haired best friend while tapping on the T.V. screen.

Dick swipes him off, "No, I have to find Elizabeth."

They stare at the game for some time seeming as if hypnotized by the rectangular sized screen. Wally's pretty much munching on the six sour straws in his mouth until Dick looked at the corner of his eyes and asked, "You okay, Wally?"

The red head smirks while his mouth was still full of sweets, "I think I might get diabetes when I grow up, but I've never been better," he swallows it all down, "it's okay Dick, you don't have to worry about me anymore."

"That's good."

There was a little moment of silence with faint music from the video game. Wally finally said, "Thanks again by the way."

Dick pauses the game by going to gun selections, "For what?"

Wally was a little bit faint, "For calling the cops that night. I didn't know it was you until I put it all together."

Dick puts a hand on Wally's left shoulder, "No problem, dude. I'm here for you."

Wally puts a hand on top of Dick's hand that's currently joining with his shoulder, "Dick, I know that you're my best friend, but right now I feel like we're lovers from a soap opera scene."

The young Grayson smirked, "Well thanks for killing it, bro."

They both laughed and kept playing the game. It wasn't until Wally got a text, "Hey, I just got a text from Arty. I gotta go now before she starts complaining about me being slow."

Richard laughed, "Well, that's kind of ironic."

Wally puts on his shoes, "I know right."

"Make sure you give her a big smooch," Dick laughed.

Wally rolled his eyes before going out the door, "See you later, lover!"

Yup, that was definitely going to trigger a teasing montage from his brothers.


Artemis was stretching her bow out a little as she notices Wally jogging towards her. His jog quickened and soon he was running, she noticed that his freckles were bouncing a little. Wally grabs her by the waist and kisses her lips; softly and intently.

Once they broke off, Artemis took one of her arrows and scanned it, "So did you get in."

"Yup, I'm running track!"

She smiled at him and continued looking at the arrow's tail and glances at her target. Wally queered, "So how's daddy dearest?"

She laughed, "Still a douche at a lot of things, but he's really trying. Jade said that she might even come next week."


"Yeah, might. It's a better answer than before."

Wally laughed, "I bet it was colorful."

Artemis laughed, "You should've heard the phone calls."

They laughed for a little while and then the red head said, "I want to see you shoot, Arty."

She raised her eyebrow, "Stop calling me that."

He had this toothy grin, "Never."

She rolls her eyes and gestures for him to come closer to her. He looks a little confused, "What?"

"Come here."


"Well, you came here for archery, so you're going to do some."

"I came here to watch you do archery."

"Come on, don't be a baby, baywatch, " She smirks at him.

Wally finally sighed, "Aye-aye captain, what do I do?"

Artemis already had her hands on the bow and her fingers laced on the string and quiver. She directions him to put his hands on top of her right hand and left hand on her shoulder, "Focus on the target."

They both let go.


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