Author's Note: I very easily could have made this sexually explicit, but I'd prefer to keep the rating down a little because I more prefer just the D/s interplay. Use your imaginations. Or write your own PWP fics.

Kenzi's heart beat in her ears as Lauren walked over and sat down beside her, across from Bo. Lauren had slipped on a robe like Bo, but she put it on a little more properly than the naturally seductive succubus-not that it reduced her sex appeal at all. If anything, what concealment the robe offered only served to enhance her looks.

And Kenzi, between the two women, was naked. She was exposed, lying over Bo's legs, about to be spanked. She was their plaything, and she'd asked to be there.

She felt Lauren's gaze rake across her body, sending waves of heat through her flesh. Kenzi supposed it was her karmic punishment for ogling Lauren earlier. Now Kenzi was on display for Lauren and Bo.

Lauren laid a hand on Kenzi's head and stroked her hair, like... Well, like she were a puppy.

Kenzi looked up at Lauren.

"Hey, Kenzi." Lauren gave Kenzi a friendly smile. She looked amused, like she found Kenzi's position entertaining.

Kenzi tried to ignore that. She just closed her eyes and leaned into that warm hand. She liked the display of affection. She wouldn't mind if Lauren pet her like that more often...

Suddenly, a hand slapped her ass with a loud crack, making her eyes fly open at the sensation.

Lauren snickered, but it wasn't her hand.

Surprised, Kenzi looked up at her owner.

"Kenzi!" Bo looked down at her with a cold, superior expression. "When someone greets you, greet them back!"

"Yes, ma'am." She trembled. "Sorry, ma'am."

"Apologize to Lauren," Bo instructed. "Ask her to spank you."

"Yes, ma'am." She slowly turned to Lauren, who just watched The Kenzi Show with the same amused expression. "Sorry, Lauren. Hey. Um, would you, uh, like... spank me?"

Kenzi's hair stood on end. This was like her collar-induced fantasies but real. She actually was getting spanked, and by both of them!

"Sure, Kenzi," Lauren said, breaking into a grin. "If you really want me to, here."

Lauren raised her hand forcefully, and Kenzi knew she was planning to spank her hard. She closed her eyes tightly, tensing in anticipation of the strike.

"Lauren," Bo said, clearing her throat. "I think this is Kenzi's first time."

"Oh," Lauren said, sounding apologetic. Her hand came down on Kenzi's ass with roughly the same force Bo used, still enough to make Kenzi gasp.

"Lauren just did you a favor," Bo said, tracing the outline of Kenzi's ass with her warm fingertips. "Thank her."

"Um... I... Th-thanks, Lauren," Kenzi got out, overcome by the sensations she felt. Pain mixed with sensuality, and she simultaneously feared and craved more.

"Now, let's get on with the real punishment." Bo raised her hand. "Kenzi, tell Lauren why you're a bad dog."

Bo just called Kenzi a dog in front of Lauren. Humiliated, Kenzi slowly turned her head to look up at Lauren. "...I went through ma'am's things and stole my collar."

Bo smacked Kenzi's ass twice as hard as before. "Bad dog!"

"Ow! That fucking hurts," Kenzi said without thinking. She regreted it instantly. It didn't hurt enough for her to actually try and stop it with the safeword, and she knew her complaining would just earn her more punishment. Shit...!

"What hurts is how completely undisciplined you are." Bo spoke with exaggerated harshness, theatrical and sexy.

"She's a spoiled brat." Lauren's face contorted into a frown. "Kenzi! You show respect to your superiors!"

"Yes, ma'am. Uh, yes, ma'ams?" She wasn't sure how she should address Lauren.

"What do you think?" Bo asked Lauren. "Do you want to own Kenzi too?"

Kenzi swallowed. Bo was talking about her like she was just property to which she could give anyone rights. She should be freaking out about this by all accounts, but she knew she was safe with Bo.

She asked Bo to be in charge, and it was... it was nice that Bo responded to that so enthusiastically. With the understanding that she wasn't just some human slave with no rights, she liked being Bo's pet. Bo talking about giving Lauren equal authority over Kenzi without consulting Kenzi on the matter was jarring as hell, but it was exciting at the same time. She waited eagerly to hear Lauren's response.

"Nah, I know I'd just end up getting stuck taking care of her. If I had to train her, I'd never get anything done. She doesn't even look like she's housebroken." She winked at Kenzi. "She's your pet, Bo. I'd just like to get the chance to play with her every so often, if that's okay with you."

"You got it," Bo said in a friendly tone. To Kenzi, her voice turned cold. "For the duration of your punishment, you will address Lauren as Dr. Lewis. She is the vet who will be helping you when you're sick. She is your owner's girlfriend. In every way, she is your superior. Is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Is that understood?" Lauren echoed, looking at Kenzi meaningfully.

"Yes... Dr. Lewis."

Kenzi didn't like that form of address. Though thinking of Lauren as her vet was-admittedly-pretty hot, calling her Dr. Lewis seemed too cold and impersonal. She'd come to respect Lauren as a sister slave in the Fae hierarchy. Technically, under Fae law, Bo still owned both of them. Lauren was like an older sister, keeping her safe and annoying the hell out of her.

On the other hand, what better way to subvert the oppressive Fae culture? Though she supposed Bo would continue to own them to keep them protected through the Fae legal system, none of them would play out the traditional Fae slavery narrative. Bo considered them all equal, and they were playing slavery as a sex game, with Bo owning Kenzi, and Bo and Lauren as equals. What a wonderful way to tell the Light and the Dark to go fuck themselves!

"Kenzi," Lauren-Dr. Lewis-said, "tell us, why are you a bad dog?"

"I went through my owner's things and stole from her." Yeah, Kenzi could see, when she phrased it like that, why Bo might be upset. She would apologize now... if they were still sisters. Now that Kenzi was a pet, she would submit to a spanking.

Dr. Lewis gave her another sharp slap. "Bad dog!"

Kenzi ducked her head, ashamed of being a bad dog. Her ass stung, and she wondered how many more were to come. Hopefully, not a lot.

"Kenzi," her owner now spoke, "do you understand how to be a good dog?"

"Obey you," Kenzi mumbled. "Obey Dr. Lewis."

"Well, yes, that's a start." Bo massaged Kenzi's ass where Dr. Lewis had struck it. It hurt, but it also relieved some of the soreness and felt good.

Kenzi moaned as Bo did a little scratching thing with her fingernails. Bo's touch was heavenly!

Dr. Lewis chuckled. She laid a hand on Kenzi's head and stroked her hair. "Obey this, Kenzi: Stay out of others' things and don't steal."

"Stealing is what makes you a bad dog," Bo emphasized. She gave Kenzi's ass a gentle squeeze and then-before Kenzi had a chance to prepare-gave her an even harder smack!

"Ah!" Kenzi jerked forward and, at the same time, thrusted her hips against Bo's legs. Somehow, that last smack both caused her hot pain and... arousal, deep inside of her. Holy Succubus Spanking, Batman!

Dr. Lewis laughed, withdrawing her hand so she could watch Kenzi. It was a particularly funny episode of The Kenzi Show this week.

Bo struck again, again, again-three times in less than a second! Each blow was made with exactness, hitting different parts of her ass, making sure her whole ass burned with equal intensity. "Bad dog!"

Kenzi wiggled her hips helplessly. She was clearly under some weird succubus spell, where pain was somehow channeled into her libido, and she felt hornier and hornier the more they spanked her. She shifted, grinding against Bo's legs as she tried to compensate for the discomfort in her ass by pressing down against Bo. She knew there had to be relief in a new position...

"Kenzi, stop squirming!" Bo placed a soft hand on her back and pinned her in place with superior strength, but she had to keep her other hand available to spank Kenzi. Kenzi's legs were still free to, um, squirm.

Kenzi tried to stay still like her owner said, but it was hard! Her ass still stung, and she still felt horny.

"She's so cute," Dr. Lewis stage whispered to Bo.

"She's adorable," Bo whispered back. "A bit undisciplined, but we're getting somewhere."

"Kenzi," Dr. Lewis addressed her, "have you learned anything?"

I've learned Bo's and your spankings really hurt! Kenzi bit back what she wanted to say and said what she figured they wanted her to say. "It's bad to steal..." She sucked in a breath as her ass really started to ache. "It's bad to go through others' things. I'm a bad dog."

Bo spanked her even harder! It felt like getting suckerpunched, a spike of unneeded pain. But with it... With the pain, Kenzi felt a spike of pleasure. In some strange way, it was the touch of a very-experienced lover.

Kenzi moaned. She would have lurched forward with the impact, but Bo held her securely in place. All she could do was wiggle her hips and hope Bo would touch her that way again. Owie.

"You are a bad dog." Bo nodded. "That's why you're across my lap. Repeat your lesson."

Okay, Bo was going to hit her again. She was reluctant to subject herself to that kind of pain again, but she also wanted Bo's sensual spanking... "It's bad to steal. It's bad to go through others' things. I'm a bad dog."

To her surprise, Dr. Lewis spanked her this round. She struck twice, hitting each cheek. "Bad. Dog."

Dr. Lewis knew what she was doing. Her spanks were almost as sexy as Bo's, both striking her deeply and making her moan.

Kenzi trembled, trying to stay in place. She wasn't able to keep herself from moving, just a little.

Beneath her burning ass was an itch she couldn't scratch. And she felt like she could scratch it by grinding against Bo. She settled for wiggling her ass.

"Kenzi, I told you to stop squirming," Bo said mock-harshly. She struck.

Kenzi thought she yelped in pain, but she heard herself only moan from pleasure. Sparks danced in front of her eyes, and she couldn't help but squirm. She was horny as fuck and needed release. "Please..."

"Please, what?" Bo smiled down at her teasingly.

"Please, ma'am," Kenzi amended.

"Please, ma'am, what?" Bo pressed. "What would you like me to do?"

"Fuck me." Kenzi gasped. "Please...!"

"You're in no position to be making demands," Dr. Lewis said sternly. "Why should either of us cater to your wishes?"

"Because... Because..." Kenzi couldn't think of an answer. She was just a pet being punished, not an equal partner in a threesome. She couldn't demand; she could only take what she was given.


"...You shouldn't," she said, looking up at Dr. Lewis. "I don't deserve it. I'm a bad dog."

"She's learning." Dr. Lewis smiled. Her palm connected with Kenzi's ass in a loud smack.

Kenzi squealed, biting her lip. It stung like a bitch, but it also carried a bolt of pleasure that shot through her body. No, her owner and Dr. Lewis wouldn't fuck her, but they would do this. She had a sneaking suspicion Bo wanted her to ask for it in order to come... and she would. "I'm a bad dog."

Bo struck hard and fast, giving her pet pain and pleasure at once.

Kenzi whimpered. Her ass burned. She wanted to stop... but... She didn't really want to stop being the pet, and she did want to come, so... She glanced at her superiors' grinning faces and closed her eyes. "I'm a bad dog."

Dr. Lewis struck. Searing fire melded with blissful sensation lanced through her body.

"I... I'm a bad dog."

Bo spanked her like an expert-which, of course, she was-cupping her cheek and digging in her nails. She massaged and scratched her in a way that made Kenzi moan and want more.

"I'm a bad dog! I'm a bad dog! I'm a bad dog!"

They spanked her in an even rhythm, taking her closer and closer, until finally Kenzi's brain exploded with ecstasy...

She lay panting across her owner's legs while her superiors stroked her hair. It was surprisingly gentle and caring after such an ordeal, and she relaxed into their hands. "Oh my gods..."

"Does she mean us?" Dr. Lewis-Lauren-wondered.

"Sure," Kenzi allowed. "Why not?"

They were like gods to her now. They controlled her life. They could make her feel great happiness or pain, or both. She had to appeal to them to get them to treat her well. But they weren't evil gods. They were fun, sexy gods. She would worship at their altars voluntarily, and life would be good under their divine judgment.

"You did well, Kenzi," Bo said. "You did really well."

Kenzi smiled. She liked the idea of making her owner happy with owning her. "Well, I'm certainly not going to steal from you guys ever again."

"Us?" Lauren stopped stroking. Her hand tightened on Kenzi's hair. "Am I to take it you stole something from me, Kenzi?"

"Um..." Kenzi bit her lip. No, no, no, this couldn't be happening! Her ass couldn't take another spanking!

Bo pulled her hand away. "Answer her, Kenz, and you better tell the truth."

"I, um, yes," Kenzi admitted. Fearing more spankings, she hurriedly tacked on, "But not lately, and only some junk you wouldn't miss."

Lauren was still for a moment. Abruptly, she yanked Kenzi's head back by her hair, making her squeal. "Have you learned nothing?"

"Easy!" Bo took Lauren's hand and gently separated her from Kenzi. She smoothed Kenzi's hair back into place. "It will take time to train her properly. She's not used to being respectful of others' boundaries. She just needs to be constantly managed with a firm hand from now on."

Kenzi nodded. Yeah, it wasn't her fault. She wasn't used to not stealing. She just needed... Wait, what?

"And as for you," Bo directed her attention at her pet, "you will return everything to Lauren, apologize to her profusely, and can expect a nightly punishment-to be decided on by Lauren-until such time as Lauren is satisfied. Do I make myself clear?"

Kenzi winced. Her ass throbbed. "Yes, ma'am."

"Thanks," Lauren said to Bo.

"No problem," Bo replied. Wrapping her arms around Kenzi, she then lifted her up and set her down gently on her feet in front of them. "Hey, watch this. Kenzi, sit! Stay!"

It was embarrassing, but Kenzi wanted to be a good dog. She dropped to the floor in a sitting position. Her ass complained immediately. She wanted to move, but Bo clearly told her to stay...

Bo and Lauren smiled as the latest episode of The Kenzi Show played before them. Kenzi shifted her weight back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position, but each was as painful as the last. Kenzi worried it would be like Tamsin said, and she wouldn't want to sit for weeks after her spanking.

"We could have sex now," Lauren suggested, her eyes glued to Kenzi, "and she could just sit there and watch."

"We could do that," Bo said. She leaned over and kissed Lauren. "Or she could join us. Your call."

"Hmm..." Lauren smiled at Kenzi and crooked a finger, beckoning her over. "I think she should learn how to pleasure us. It's an important skill for a submissive fuck toy like her."

Grateful, Kenzi stood and hurried over to Lauren. She could no longer deny that she was into Lauren, and she was eager to resolve the mounting sexual tension between them. She went in for a kiss.

"Not so fast." Bo grabbed her chin before she made contact and pulled her to face Bo. She squeezed Kenzi's cheeks and pushed her mouth into opening for her. Bo put her lips to Kenzi's and pleasure filled her as a glow of transferred chi once more connected them.

Bo wasn't feeding this time, though. She pushed energy back into Kenzi. Kenzi felt stronger, more aware, like she just downed a double-shot white chocolate mocha latte with no foam, and the soreness of her spanked ass faded into nothingness. It was twice as awesome as being fed on, and being fed on was wonderful in itself.

The glow faded, and Bo pushed Kenzi away. Bo looked exhausted, like she had just run a marathon. Kenzi realized that Bo must have given her some of Bo's own chi instead of just returning Kenzi's.

Kenzi was touched. "Thanks, ma'am."

Her owner smiled. "You can thank me with your actions. It'll be dawn in about eight, nine hours. That gives us time for you to learn some basic techniques for pleasuring women. Pay attention; you will be graded on your performance."

hough Bo intended to leave at dawn to continue chasing after the goblin, the effects of her spent chi mixed with Kenzi's fast learning to make her fall asleep in Lauren's arms. She woke hours later in the tangle of bodies. She would have liked to stay there forever, but she had things she needed to do. Kissing Lauren's cheek, she gently woke her up.

Lauren grumbled until she saw Bo and remembered. "Oh, Bo, that was some night."

"It was," she agreed. "Listen, I've got to get back to Trick. He needs my help with this goblin... and I need to talk to him about Kenzi."

At the sounds of her name, Kenzi began to stir. "...Mmm, what?"

Bo quickly laid a hand on her arm and released pheromones to influence her behavior. "Shhh... Go back to sleep... Dream about pleasuring me..."

With a lustful grin on her face, Kenzi drifted back to slumberland.

"Is everything all right?" Lauren looked concerned.

"I don't know," she said honestly. "This Fae/human thing is so messed up, and I've been ignoring it, but I can't anymore. If Trick can't accept that humans are people..."

"Bo, I don't want you to ruin your relationships with Fae over us," Lauren said. "The way we're enslaved is... It isn't right, but Fae think it's normal, and they can be really nice people besides that point."

Bo blinked. "Kind of a big point..."

"To humans it is, but Fae don't think about it very much." Lauren shrugged. "And it's such a cornerstone of Fae culture that it's absurd for them to think it's anything other than the right thing to do. Bo, you're not going to get far arguing with Fae about it, and you shouldn't burn bridges over it."

Bo thought about that for a while. "If Fae culture can't exist without enslaving people, maybe it doesn't deserve to exist. Maybe the whole thing should come toppling down. If I have to topple it myself to keep you safe, I swear to you I will."

Lauren studied her. "If you make yourself an enemy of both the Light and the Dark, both of your humans are as good as dead. Don't do anything rash. Oppose our mistreatment if you will, but don't advocate abolition in public. Stay polite."

Bo opened her mouth to say she would never be polite on this issue, but Lauren was right. Instead, she said the phrase she had Kenzi say to her to indicate Bo's superiority over her. She wasn't truly Kenzi's superior, though, and nor was she Lauren's. Lauren needed to know that Bo would never see herself as Lauren's owner. "Yes, ma'am."

Lauren seemed to understand. She nodded. "Good Fae."